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Calcite is a rock-forming mineral with a chemical formula of CaCO3. It is extremely common and found throughout the world in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks. The most common form of calcium carbonate, calcite is known for the variety and beautiful development of its crystals. It is colorless or white and can become green, pink, golden, orange, yellow, red, blue, black or grey when other compounds blend with it during formation.

Calcite helps align the Divine blueprint at all levels. It helps align and connect the electrical energy of the soul into the physical body. It is a world teacher for all of humanity. It shows microcosmic awareness and the appreciation of the forces of nature. It opens new energy pathways in the brain (Golden & White) and heart chakra (Green) and integrates the entire system (Angel Wing).

Placing Calcite on the chakras, according to color matching, not only realigns the chakra, but amplifies the energy field of that chakra, and clears and adjusts the neighboring chakras. Calcite helps open up new energy pathways in the brain and heart chakras to aid in a full chakra system integration. When using at individual chakras, follow match the color of the Calcite to the chakra.

Overall, Calcite helps you feel joyous, light and peaceful. It stimulates creativity and helps to relieve compulsive behavior and emotional stress.

As an elixir, it enhances, strengthens, and electrifies the skeletal system and supports the bones. pb

- Clear: more electrical in effect, shows the nature of your soul’s energy, or light body, to utilize the light body better in the physical level. Helps to release feelings of unworthiness and acceptability in your life.

- Optical Calcite, “Iceland Spar”: shows you the double meaning of situations and of words being spoken. It is useful during times when communication or conversations are difficult. Can be used to clear the outer etheric bodies.

- Green: opens the heart and introduces better communication of thought and speech. One of the most electrically healing stones, balancing your life force and strengthening the cells. It can be used to rid the body of infection, and as a barrier against micro-organisms. (Use with Lepidolite and Quartz to eliminate candida.)

- Blue: use at the throat to integrate the heart and head by directly more light into the upper triangle of Divine purpose and intuitive communication.

- Pink: opens the heart to greater understandings of connection and purpose. Mangano (Pink Calcite) awakens our memory of Divine connection and purpose, healing thoughts and emotions of separation; helping us to see that separation is an illusion of ego and that we are always part of the whole.

- Yellow: establishes connections between mind and emotions; clearing the emotions through the Divine blue print.

- Brown/Red: Grounding yet maintaining the electrical stimulation of all Calcites.Use at 1st chakra to elevate 4th dimensional experience. The redder Calcites will stimulate creative energy and focus.

- Orange: assists your four bodies (spirit/mind/emotion/physical) to understand how they fit together. Helps to move you towards your goal of integration and wholeness.

- Honey, “Angel Wing”: simultaneously energizes and heals the electrical flow

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The Crystal Matrix Center

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