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August Stones of The Month : Larimar & Obsidian

Connected directly to Atlantis, Larimar is exclusive to the Dominican Republic. Comprised of hydrated silicate of sodium and calcium, it shows as a soft blue, green, white with red hematite dendrites. Larimar’s focus is on earth healing, and the balance of the mental and emotional bodies. During times of change, Larimar soothes emotional stress, and creates new opportunities. Its internal vibration is as an aid to humanity by raising consciousness to the new, higher vibrations.

Larimar assists the solar plexus (3rd chakra) in readjusting from the Atlantean mistake of disconnecting 2nd and 3rd chakras to allow the mental (3rd) to act independently from the 2nd. Full personal power insists on all chakras acting in unification. Larimar is here to help this unhealed dilemma. This unification of self, extends outwardly to relationships with others.

Larimar eases any conflict or battle between mind and emotions. Larimar softens the new, higher electro-magnetic particles to connect with the Guardians of Light, who control the manner in which light interacts Earth and her evolution and Galactic transformation.


Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass created by the rapid cooling of viscous lava. Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones to clear a space, pull out negativity, or eliminate old patterns of thought or ideas. If you are no longer using old energy – or wish that you weren’t – Obsidian is the best stone for the job. Obsidian will hold the energy you have released, so you must cleanse this stone on a regular basis to keep it as an active member of your mineral arsenal. It is also a great grounding stone to use as it stimulates the Root (First) Chakra helping it to connect with the Earth Star Chakra deep in the Earth’s core. Grounding at this level will assist you in remembering your own unique Earth history and why you have chosen to reincarnate at this time.

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