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Tangerine Quartz is quartz crystal with iron phantoms, inclusions or encrustations. It is currently being mined in Brazil, however some specimens have also been found in Madagascar. Currently these specimens are unpolished and greatly unappreciated since they have only recently surfaced.

Tangerine Quartz balances the heart, both physically and emotionally. When used in meditation of the Heart Chakra, or worn at the Heart Chakra, it will give a sense of relief and expansiveness from the limitations of fear and lack. When placing Tangerine Quartz over the heart, it gives one a sense of warmth and welcome. When shared with another person, or animal, it can clear the relationship of limitations and bring a more enlightened perspective to stagnant conditions.

Because of its orange color range, it is also successful in stimulating the second chakra for greater clarity of emotions and increased sexuality. Tangerine Quartz can help align the inner and outer worlds, or the physical body with the auric bodies, helping to ground the Higher Self into the Third and Fourth Dimensions.

Tektites are the result of meteorites hitting the earth and with intense heat, melting the silica, and forming a glass like structure. Although not technically a metal, tektites are certainly the by-product of metallic activity and are here to remind the Star Children that we can make our home here as easily as we can with the stars. I’ve found that placing tektites over the second chakra eases the anxiety, creating a sense of coming home.

Tektites are a metallic mineral. Using metallic minerals in your private healing practice or in your meditations can be quite stimulating and detoxifying. Many of them are bio-electrically enhancing and will add to any environment.

We have been extremely blessed with the surfacing of beautiful quartz crystal points from the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet. These crystals are unique and always one-of-a-kind.

Tibetan Quartz is one of the specialist minerals available to us at this time of our spiritual development. They hold the secrets of the GodHead, Universal Memory, and they bring higher knowledge and information regarding healing and spirituality.

Different and unique from Brazilian and Arkansas quartz, Tibetan Quartz measures at 720 Angstrom units and contains a very powerful “OM” vibration. Even though they vibrate at a higher frequency, they emit a softer, gentler vibration than other quartz. Kirlian photography shows that, when cleansed, these crystals can emanate the total color spectrum, and can be applied to all energy medians for stimulation and cleansing and used for the healing of all chakra centers. And, because it holds remarkable memory patterns that are available to anyone patient enough to listen, meditation and dreamtime work is enhanced. Tibetan Quartz is an excellent crystal to use as a personal hand held piece during meditation or worn as a supportive crystal ally. Wearing a Tibetan Quartz Crystal can induce a total centering of the self and, when seriously meditated upon, it will open the sixth and seventh chakras to produce an energy conducive to channeling. They can also be used to facilitate fasting and abstinence.

Most of the Tibetan Quartz available through The Crystal Matrix are phantomed with carbon crystals, and many are also hydrous with small pockets of water and air bubbles. We haven’t seen anything like these for quite a while. Also available are Master Crystals with the configurations of Double Terminated crystals, Channeling crystals and Dow crystals.

Tiger Eye is a quartz mineral embedded with fibrous materials. As a pseudomorphic stone, it has transformed from the blue or green fibers of asbestos in quartz. This original material is naturally tinted blue and called Crocidolite or Hawk’s-Eye. Tiger Eye’s golden coloration is created by iron oxides within the once fibrous Crocidolite. It is the reflection off these microscopic fibers that creates its chatoyancy, or cat’s-eye effect. The red, or mahogany, Tiger Eye has been heated and is not natural.

Tiger Eye reminds us that the core self remains intact while change or chaos move around us. It creates stability in new experiences and vibrations. Uniting the golden light of heaven with the stable, rich brown vibration of Earth, it helps the physical cells register the higher vibrations and helps strengthen the light body as it connects to the chaos of the physical. It also creates clarity and a much needed dialogue between the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies within the physical.

Tiger Eye is symbolic of integration. As you work with this stone you open to an understanding that transformation is on multiple levels and multiple times of your being-ness. Each level, each dimension, each reality is in total relationship to one another, and yet completely individual. Here is a simple stone that expands an understanding of integrating physical perspective into Divine Purpose. Work with several stones to allow these multiple levels that each may have a voice in the reality in which you’re working. Tiger Eye can assist in grounding the spiritual into a partnership with physical purpose, and physical purpose into the spiritual.

Blue Hawk’s-Eye (Crocidolite) is a visionary stone of projection and insight. It helps you understand your own Divine Blueprint and how your spiritual potential is an integral part of healing Earth. Working within the subconscious, it opens the mind to spiritual advancement and human potential. It can also dissolve mental rigidity and perspectives or insights that have crystallized.

The red Bull’s-Eye can provide healing energy for the physical body. It will support the blood and other healing work with crystals by anchoring the Divine Blueprint. While other stones will be used for their specific healing purpose, the Bull’s-Eye will support the physical blueprint and your abilities of healing.

The chatoyancy each stone shows is a reminder to us that transformation is a constantly changing experience of light and dark. That transformation is possible is in our own reflection.

Somewhat resembling an oil slick, this stone is the brother to Opal Aura Quartz. Where the Opal Aura Quartz is soft, gentle and resides in the greater beauty of 14th Dimension, Titanium Quartz (quartz in a titanium vapor coating) resides in the shadow of silence and darkness. Not a stone to be used without great care, it can, and will, remove negativity and obstacles from wherever it is placed. Holding the directness and power of a quartz crystal, this transformed mineral can now direct its energy into the shadows and release obstacles while transforming them into the opalescent light of the higher dimensions. Titanium Quartz is definitely a must, but use it with caution.

Titanium Quartz is a Metallic Quartz Crystal. Whenever we change an original form into a new form, without compromising the original’s integrity, an harmonics is created. This expresses Fifth Dimension within Third Dimensional reality. Each crystal will naturally hold the properties of the metals to which they are bonded and can focus energy up to ten times more powerfully into cellular structure than a clear quartz crystal.

The most prized Topaz is a prismatic crystal with parallel striations and distinct terminations. It also grows in non-crystalized or non-terminated large mass formations. Its color range is clear, blue, pink, gold, brown, and rarer pale green, and red. It is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Burma, Australia, Japan, Madagascar, Africa, the USA and Mexico. The identity of “Mystic Topaz” is a man-made stone of colorless topaz artificially treated.

Topaz is a stone of possibilities. It embodies the ideal of success and confidence. Liberal in nature, it holds the energy of the bigger picture along with the smaller individual parts of the whole. Whenever you need to view the macro and the micro, this is the mineral to use.

Topaz is a stone of manifestation and adheres to the laws of attraction. If you direct your thoughts through the gentle colors of Topaz, it can etherically conduct those thoughts to the object you are directing it towards. It is literally the conductor of the message. As a master conductor, it can move through the energy not only from you to an idea or object, but from the universe into third dimension.

For one giving the gift of topaz, it is symbolic of fidelity and love. It can be used to calm an individual’s hot temper, improve weakened vision, relieve asthma attacks, and bring sleep to those inflicted by insomnia.

White, or clear, Topaz is a supporter of all work of a Divine or spiritual nature. It supports and manifests the essence of higher dimensions. Where you are, the Divine is present, and this stone reminds you of this ideal each time you use it. Sleep with a White Topaz to access higher dimensions and spirit guides (10th -12th chakras). Then, use the stone to meditate and create your day with higher purpose.

A Blue Topaz is excellent at the Throat (5th) Chakra for opening and clearing blockages and to help the voice verbalize what wants to be manifested or to create what is desired.

In healing, a Topaz can be placed on any chakra or part of the body to direct health. Use a Champagne Topaz to correct and heal an overused Sixth Chakra. By placing the Champagne Topaz crystal, point down, onto the Third Eye, the chakra receives a clearing and cooling wash of healing energy.

Golden Topaz can be used as a consciousness builder and for energizing during stressful times or situations. This mineral can also be used to stimulate a spiritual state, and also for business. Remember not to let the ordinary business of the day distract from your spiritual growth.

Imperial Topaz, orange-brown in color, can be used for emotional clarity and creating true emotional response in trying situations. It is a great stone to use during meditation and sleep to dream yourself into right being.

A stone of many colors and uses, Tourmaline is truly harmonious, reminding us of family connections and memory. It also reveals how humans are part of a much greater community with all sentient beings on the planet.

Tourmalines have long been know to have pyroelectricity (from heat) and piezoelectricity (from pressure, or rubbing) and were used in olden days to collect metal, paper and dust shavings from hard to reach spaces. Metaphysically, Tourmaline also works as an electrical transmitter, carrying cosmic information through its striations directly into the earth, and carrying energy away from its wearer.

Please see also Black TourmalineIndicolitePink TourmalineGreen Tourmaline, Watermelon Tourmaline, and Tourmalinated Quartz

Black tourmaline has always been one of my go-to stones if I find myself in an area of aggression or anger. Wearing a Black Tourmaline crystal with termination (point, or termination, down) has been a strong protection amulet that I highly recommend. The deflective energy of the stone helps in averting negativity from entering the aura; it can also aid the release of any negativity from the aura of the wearer that might be harmful to others.

Energetically, Black Tourmaline has successfully transmuted its energies from the physical (200 years ago) to the emotional (30 years ago) to the spiritual realms (present time). This mineral not only works with the physical dimensions, but it currently supports the light by working in companionship with minerals like Selenite and Quartz, but it actively works in conjunction with Topaz and Aquamarine to draw greater energy of light rays and higher consciousness to the planet.

By wearing, or carrying, a piece of Black Tourmaline with an Imperial Topaz or an Aquamarine you will help clear the Higher Self, and guide the I AM energies into your being.

Using an Aquamarine (point in, receiving side) and a Black Tourmaline (point out, giving-side) you can clear the aura of any negative residue while drawing in the Higher Self for clearer communication of what is coming to you.

Using an Imperial Topaz (point in, receiving side) and a Black Tourmaline (point out, giving-side) you will open the passageways to the I AM Presence. This conscious invitation toward the I AM Presence will bring greater communication with your own Divine Nature. You are now weaving higher light forces into the aura, and your environment.

Both of these activations are what we currently need and Tourmaline is the transformative mineral grounding these higher frequencies. (In the last 30 years, I have only seen Quartz transform and transmute in this way. It is very exciting!)

Green Tourmaline grows in shades of pale yellowish-green to deep greens almost black. These darker specimens will easily show their color when held on it side up to a light. Green Tourmaline is found in Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of the United States and Africa.

Green Tourmaline is a mineral that strengthens the energies of masculine and feminine. The balance this mineral brings can be related to the energies of action (the masculine) and feelings (the feminine). This balance brings inner strength and healing to its wearer.

Where Pink Tourmaline heals the heart on an emotional level, Green Tourmaline strengthens the heart and chest area from emotional grief, loss and sorrow. It will assist the wearer in seeing the past for what it was rather than continuing to embrace old resentments. The illusions held through resentment are an old vibration of waiting for the one believed to be the offender to find enlightenment and consciousness. Actions are not always in alignment with individual consciousness. With Green Tourmaline you can gain the strength to embrace the realization of full empowered responsibility in life.

This empowerment can also show the wearer their relationship with the physical engagement of the planet. Green Tourmaline connects you to your life walk as well as to your heart and its continual flow.

Pink Tourmaline is a gentle, soft colored, light pink, not to be mistaken for its sister Rubellite, a rich, dark pink stone with red overtones. Pink Tourmaline also tends to be more translucent in appearance rather than the more transparent Rubellite.

Pink Tourmaline works with the heart chakra embracing its memories of Divine safety and the possibility of love. It has a calming affect due to its lithium content, and helps the wearer to relax in stressful situations.

This soft and gentle stone reminds us to be kind; to be gentle; and to be compassionate with all sentient beings, especially ourselves. It is a happy stone that seeks to awaken us to all we may be resisting. No matter the trials you may be experiencing in your life at this time, beneath the surface of your life their is always joy waiting to rise to the surface. Pink Tourmaline resonates to this joyful vibration. It is naturally happy and friendly; and when you wear this stone, or carry it, you will find it is easier to keep your heart open to life.

Pink Tourmaline can bring balance to the feminine energies. By showing each woman courageousness, this stone guides the receptive female nature within us all. Using this stone supports you to remain gentle in your courage and loving in your confidence. Pink Tourmaline naturally gives balance to the female and male energies.

Pink Tourmaline reestablishes your true nature of being free and joyful as you were born to be. It is important to remember who you were meant to be… a soul filled with light and joy and love. Free from worldly obstructions and limitations. Remember the innocence of childhood before the world intruded upon the soul and the psyche. This is the energy of Pink Tourmaline.

The new vibrations are asking Pink Tourmaline to engage with Moldavite. Putting these two stones together is a celestial and earthly activation of all the best of what we know, conscious and unconscious. Uniting the heart with the mind, this combination seeks to transform the unknown into the known and the known into pure joy. This is a joy for all to experience and to share. Pink Tourmaline asks you to engage with your life in a way you have never thought possible and with Moldavite pushing the possibilities forward, you are ensured of success in your endeavors.

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Tourmalinated Quartz is a multi-faceted stone that carries the dual energy of both the quartz and the tourmaline growing within it. As a rule, the term “Tourmalinated Quartz” refers exclusively to quartz crystal embedded with Black Tourmaline [Shorl].

The significance of the combination is that they harmoniously enhance and strengthen each other’s healing properties. Quartz, one of Earths most common minerals, is the great amplifier and director of the mineral kingdom. Quartz, with its piezoelectricity, is easily programmable and one of the best minerals to have in a healer’s collection to direct healing energy and move through any dis-ease blocks. Black Tourmaline deflects negativity, both yours and anyone in your area. When found together, you have a powerful purifying mineral that can effect the environment. A Shorl Tourmalinated Quartz can help neutralize high levels of radiation or electromagnetic energy [radio waves, microwaves, and cell phone masts] that may cause stress to your body or the body’s systems. It is best to keep one of these crystals by your computer or atop a television to neutralize unwanted electromagnetic waves.

Tourmaline embedded in Quartz is also found with Green TourmalinePink Tourmaline [Rubelite] and even Watermelon Tourmaline. Most tourmalines commonly grow in the same pockets, or caves, as quartz so it’s not that rare to find them growing in each other.

Green Tourmaline connects you to physical life. It benefits all things that live and grow, including the heart and the heart chakra. Keeping Green Tourmalinated Quartz near a plant, in your garden or your home, will enhance the plants regenerative properties. Keeping Green Tourmalinated Quartz near your body can harmonize and stabilize the physical heart. Holding one of these minerals can ease tension and assist you in meditation, which is always beneficial to any stressful situation. Green Tourmaline tends to hold a more yang, or masculine energy, while Pink Tourmalinated Quartz tends to hold a more yin, or feminine energy. Watermelon Tourmalinated Quartz holds both the yin and yang energies and brings a sense of wholeness to this healing process.

Remember, all tourmalines have their own special healing properties and placed in quartz, you are able to program these properties for what you desire from your mineral helpers.


Turquoise, the traditional birthstone for December, is a light blue to sky blue to medium green stone found in copper and silver mines. It is a hydrated copper aluminum phosphate and grow as microcrystalline masses or nodules. It has a hardness of 5 – 6.

Turquoises’ coloration depends on the amount of copper (creating green) or zinc (creating blue) growing within the turquoise. It is not considered a ‘New Age’ stone but resonates with the older earth energies and that of Atlantis. When it appears in your dreams it symbolizes a connection to the memories of Atlantis and Lemuria. Its history follows the transformation of the earth itself.

Known in the Native American culture as the Sky Stone, it is seen as a gift from the earth, and a reflection of uniting the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

Its energies bring a sense of peace, transforming negative vibrations of fear into the understanding of the rightness of you world; and transforming the exclusion of the light into inclusion. Turquoise has a calming and stabilizing affect on the emotions. It helps your mind to remember what it has forgotten from the past. It can help you to resolve and realign any misuse of the knowledge of power that may have been abused in the past.

It is an absorptive stone and can be used to help release toxic heavy metal accumulation, and to draw our radioactivity in the body. It is also associated with the chakras, but mainly the throat chakra (5th), the Higher Heart (higher 4th), and the Naval Chakra (2nd). Turquoise is especially helpful for any chakras damaged in the past by misuse of power. And, it can be used on directly on the chakras, on the meridians, and for the subtle energy bodies.

Because it can attune to the physical body, it is powerful in maintaining the connection between the upper and lower realms during deep meditation, astral travel, and vision quests. It literally helps you to stay grounded during spiritual work.

Some of the traditional sources state:
– Turquoise is a good luck stone
– If you see the reflection of the new moon in this stone you will have good luck
– You will be protected from evil.
– Pray and throw a stone into a river for rain.
– Protects against all evil when given in love.

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