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Sapphire is a corundum (part of the ruby family) and is a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. While the Blue Sapphire is the most commonly recognized stone of this mineral family, it also grows as pink, green, violet, yellow or clear. Sapphire gives its ‘breathe’ to our physical condition. While it can be a calm and unassuming stone, it has a power and inner strength that is automatically transferred to anyone using or wearing it.

Sapphire clears toxic physical conditions, especially helping the lymphatic system and lungs. It facilitates the electo-magnetic flow of the body and units the brain and nervous system. When someone is uncertain of receiving or accepting Light into the body, Sapphire can help by using it as an elixir to spray onto the skin, opening up the cells to greater acceptance of its environment.

Blue Sapphire derives its color from titanium and iron. While blue stones are not usually associated with the heart chakra, this is the exception. This stone helps you to connect with the flow of love connected to your inner self. While opening the heart to its inner guidance, it dissolves fear, hate and anger.

Blue Sapphire opens the crown chakra (7th) and activates the brow chakra (6th) creating a gateway for the acceptance of more Divine light into the body and your life. Bringing in more Divine light allows for greater amounts of joy and peace to emanate for your being. It can be used at the throat chakra (5th) for accelerating communication and giving pure voice to thoughts. Inhale your inner wisdom with this stone, as it gives clarity to your truth and confidence to what you express.

Pink Sapphire is one of the highest vibrations of love that any stone or mineral can hold. As with Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire aligns you with your own self love…the ability to recognize that inner love, to believe this energy is from and about yourself, and to know that you can rely upon this inner love during times of misunderstandings or conflict from the outside. This inner love can then be translated into the work you do and the relationships you experience in creative and definite ways.

Pink Sapphire helps you to feel supported within all universal energies of love. Its energy will ground your earthly heart into a stabilizing force during transformative experiences.


The Scepter Quartz Crystal is recognized by the naturally formed crystal that is formed around a rod of either quartz or a secondary mineral, at its base.

They can symbolize the power held by the high priest or priestess. Another of the harmonics stones surfacing at this time, they unite the spirituality of the higher realms with the healing energies from deep within the earth. They activate the power within to work with external, third dimensional action. Scepters remind us that we are all co-creators with the Divine, that we are the king/queen of our lives.

Wherever you wish to integrate a more balanced power in your world, a scepter will be willing to assist and show the way to that personal power. They also remind us that we are not alone in our endeavors. Deep within our hearts, deep within any situation, there is always support for our actions.

Used as personal meditation tools, quartz crystal scepters show us how to reach into the heart of the matter, the heart of any situation, the heart of a disability. They will show the way into the heart of any problem to reach for the solution.

Quartz Crystal Scepters are available as Madagascar Amethyst Quartz Scepters, Nevada Smokey/Amethyst Scepters and Brazilian Quartz Crystal Scepters with Feldspar encrustations.


Scolecite is found as radiating groups of slender, striated prismatic crystals and as more resilient, polished hand-held pieces. Growing primarily in India and Pakistan and infrequently in Iceland and the US, it is composed of hydrated calcium aluminum silicate. It is part of the zeolite mineral family and is found as colorless white, pink, salmon, red or green.

Scolecite shows us the nature of our lives and of the universe. Because it can intensify flow, it is can make more light available. Unlike other light crystals, Scolecite’s energy when first held, is smooth and rather gentle… it is one of the most seemingly subtle crystals to be encountered.

Scolecite supports the heart in transforming old fears into trust, old beliefs into true remembrance, and permanently bringing love into your life. Scolecite shows you the separate paths available for each person and the numerous choices available to you, while still holding each person or experience within one solid base.

You can place Scolecite by your bedside for more directional dreams and astral projection. It will help lull you to sleep and also activate your dream-space. The key word here is balance; use Scolecite for opening yourself up to greater creative and intuitive abilities while acclimating to greater responsibility for the outcome of events. Scolecite will help your transformation – make sure you are prepared for the result. Looking innocent and innocuous, this mineral is anything but. It is a very powerful mineral holding the memory of original light. It has the ability to work with most other minerals to accelerate and magnify their own natural effect.

Working with Green Calcite, it electrifies any blocked physical area, creating better flow in healing.

Working with Amethyst, it will intensify amethyst’s cleansing affect for the sixth chakra, clearing out the tendrils of confusion left from an over active third chakra doubt and control issues.

Working with Moldavite, it will create an enhanced opening of the brow chakra improving natural intuitive skills. (This last observation needs to be used with great caution, as it can create an over-activity of the brow chakra and lead to headaches. If you decide to try this, do so slowly and patiently.)

Working with Clear Quartz, it directs the focus of any program you place into it, giving more direction and elevation.

Placed with Selenite, Scolecite will become more directional and its intent will become softened.

Scolecite and Danburite work together in opening the heart for the important dialogue with your higher self and your angels. You created this lifetime to travel in the vanguard of earthly transformation – the experiences will continue and you must be prepared to understand all of them when you remember the importance of your choices.

Use Scolecite with Rose Quartz Crystals to open pathways of healing of akashic (or historical) heart memories. Healing the akasha is an important process for individuals and for those whose path is as a forerunner for planetary change.

Scolecite with Green Apophyllite lifts heaviness around the heart, heals the heart chakra and creates a permanence of those healings.

Scolecite improves the abilities of almost any stone you use it with. Experiment, but remember that Scolecite is very powerful regardless of its appearance.


Selenite, a form of gypsum, grows in striations of hydrous calcium sulfate. It is found as ice clear, fishtailed V’s and phantomed. It is kindred to humans in that we are both strongly composed of saline solution. Water, in its truest sense, alters the nature of physical matter. Stones and minerals with a high water composition hold the ability to alter physical matter and physical reality easily and permanently.

Selenite marries spirit and matter into a peaceable and unified field. Because of its striations, it will strengthen, energize and channel high frequency energy through the body of the crystal, effecting the Emotional Body of a person’s aura. This stabilizing affect will bring an erratic person to calmness and will awaken or replace those unstable feelings with true emotions. An excellent stone in past life trauma, Selenite aligns the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies, giving the recipient the ability to transmit the higher octave essences into human physical expression. Selenite attunes us with our own Christed Heart Consciousness. Just stroking a Selenite wand brings peaceful feelings and a sense of true well-being. Selenite is definitely a good stone to have in your healing pouch.


Seraphinite derives its name because of its resemblance to feathers due to its chatoyancy. Some specimens show strong down-like feathery growths growing into longer “flight feathers”. The most interesting Seraphinite is generally dark green in color exhibiting strong chatoyancy. It has a hardness between 2 and 4 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It is found exclusively in Siberia, Russia.

Seraphinite brings peace to stressful situations created or caused by personal fear. Its appearance reminds us of the angels and it is a good stone for connecting with the angelic realms, your guides and spiritual teachers, and provides the receptive state needed for channeling. Its name is literally derived from the word seraph, or seraphim, meaning six-winged beings. It is helpful for relaxing tension and stress. Seraphinite puts negative thoughts and emotions into perspective, and it can connect you with personal potential and purpose. Seraphinite can help align the “light body” with the physical body. It is a stone to unite the Heart Chakra (4th) with the Crown Chakra (7th) in absolute unity. Finally, Seraphinite nurtures and supports the Divine Plan at all levels.


Serpentine grows in fibrous, plate-like layers, masses and occasionally crystalizations where the original hexagonal structure was replaced by serpentine. It is most usually seen in the green, white and sometimes lavender but also ranges in color of green-black, brown-red and brown-yellow. Often times Serpentine is exported and sold as “new jade” when in its translucent form.

Serpentine is a gentle and tender stone, beneficial for pains of the heart and of the emotions. Many times our wounds are so deep and painful that gentleness is much more effective than using a stone of power. How often do we still try to force our way with an outcome? Or try to neglect our healing with the compassion we so dearly need? During this time of such great emotional upheaval and emotional sloughing, the use of Serpentine can be most helpful.

We have two beautiful varieties in the store right now. The first was newly discovered last year in Peru and has pyrite inclusions. Referred to as Dragonite. This form of Serpentine holds the harmonic vibrations Serpentine, pyrite and hematite. While Serpentine heals the emotions, pyrite provides a breakthrough of the emotions and a shield from many negative emotions and hematite balances and clears the mind for greater mental attunement. Quite a brilliant combination.

The second variety of Serpentine holds the usual light green with white and lavender inclusions. Just holding it eases emotional pain and confusion.

Serpentine also supports the balancing effects of other crystals. It is an old energy that has helped humanity for many cycles and it is particularly helpful while moving through transitions. While Serpentine holds the ideal on a vibrational level and assists us into our ideal patterning, it will clear the confusion resulting from trying to use higher energy to soon or in too great a quantity.


Originally discovered in the Shattuck mine in Bisbee, AZ, Shattuckite is a rather soft mineral [3.5] found in copper mines alongside TurquoiseChrysocollaMalachiteAjoite and other copper-based minerals. It grows in both fibrous and granular formation. It forms from light blue to deep blue shades.

It is a great stone for understanding and communicating with Spirit. It can be used to open one’s third eye and develop the psychic channel to hear one’s guides and teachers. It does not create the communication between the worlds rather it enhances and enlarges the communication channels that have previously been established. Used in a similar way as Lapis Lazuli, this stone develops the clarity of “hearing” into the other realms. And, as with Lapis, has the very profound ability to protect the seer during channeling. It acts as a shield for protection of the physical body from unwanted outside sources that might be lurking.

In its deep blue incarnation, Shattuckite also works well with Phenacite, Natrolite and Lazulite works well to enhance your intuitive nature and develop the third eye chakra.

In its lighter blue colors, Shattuckite works well with Blue Lace AgateLarimar, and Chrysocolla to awaken and support the truthful nature of the throat chakra. It also supports you in seeing the truth of what is being said, both by you and other speakers before the words are spoken.

Shattuckite is also deeply developed as a protection against excessive radiation during radiation treatment and should be placed on the body after such treatments and can also be placed under medication during an undergoing process of western medical procedures.

An excellent ‘spring tonic,’ Shattuckite can be used as a rehabilitating general elixir.


Found in only one place near Lake Omega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West Russia, the mineral Shungite is a semi-hard black amorphous coal like material composed of more than 95% carbon. Regarded as a “wonder stone” it is said to kill and absorb everything that does harm to people and to concentrate and restore everything that is useful.

Shungite receives its healing power from one of its elements, fullerenes – a globular hollow molecule consisting of several dozens of carbon atoms. When fullerenes, a special molecular formation, were discovered in Shungite a few decades ago, it became a sensation. Fullerenes, absorbed in our body, behaves as the most powerful and most long-acting antioxidant as a means to fight free radicals. Scientists who have investigated Shungite unanimously declared it is a miracle mineral. The discovery of the fullerene was a real breakthrough in nanotechnology and was declared a sensation of the 20th century. The scientists who have made it received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996.

Currently Shungite attracts many scientists, manufacturers and politicians as a promising material for solution of many complex environmental problems and improvement of the environment in the modern world. Today, doctors have great hopes for fullerenes.

Shungite exhibits unique shielding effects against harmful electromagnetic radiation of any origin such as computers, microwave ovens, TV sets, mobile phones, etc. Shungite shields against electromagnetic radiation of high and ultra high frequency. Shungite is a help for headaches, stomach pain, spots on skin, aches in a back and others. Shungite water helps ones who struggle with various illnesses, the general condition improves, nervous pressure is removed, and the inflow of energy is sensed. It is easier to obtain a steady remission of chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and metabolic processes. Shungite pyramids are a shield for hazardous radiation. (Scientific investigation shows that pathogenic and electromagnetic radiation causes heart diseases and up to 60% of cancer diseases.) Also, substances from fullerenes can slow down the activity of the AIDS virus.

The unique healing properties of Shungite, and Shungite natural water sources, had no scientific explanation for a long time. But these properties were so evident that medicine has recognized the healing properties of Shungite water, even without finding out how exactly it works. You can place your Shungite crystals in 3 liters of water for 48 hours – only in a glass container [not plastic]. It is recommended to drink at least 2-3 glasses of Shungite water a day to cure or prevent digestive, muscular or neural system illnesses and to increase circulation of blood. The water will be cleared and will become biologically active. The Shungite stones can then be placed in sun light every month and replaced every 6 months. The stones can also be cleared and charged by putting them outside until they are dry and then placing them on Selenite every third or fourth use, to cleanse and recharge the Shungite.

In closing, Shungite is: a natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity with regards to many serious illnesses and suppress the development of many allergic diseases; a sorbent, purifying air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and from excess of free radicals; a catalyst, which ensures decomposition of organic substances sorbed and restoration of the sorption properties; a carrier of wide range of micro-elements and biologically active substances, intensifying biological processes in the bodies of human beings and animals; a material, actively interacting with electromagnetic fields of different nature (anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geopathogenic biofields) and neutralizing their negative impact.

It possesses: absorbtive activity; the ability to absorb substances from the environment; bactericidal action; high level of adhesion, the ability to connect with any substance; anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic effects; radio shield properties; electro-conductivity; and the ability to absorb oxygen, and actively interact with it at the room temperature in water and in the air.


While some people see Skulls as macabre, of decay and death, Skulls are philosophically and metaphysically seen as the seat of intelligence and a sign of strength, power, divinity and creation.  They have been used since ancient times as tools of enlightenment and renewal, reminding us of the impermanence of life, the connection that we each have to all living beings, and the power we can tap into by aligning ourselves with the ancestors. Ancestral connection may be of our loved ones, or an animal spirit ally.

Archaeologists have found skulls tossed in the Celtic sacred wells. The symbolism of water is of cleansing, purification and fluidity of emotions; and Skulls were seen as the seat of power. For the Celts, hurling a skull into a sacred well indicates an intent of cleansing the soul or renewal for the soul.

Tibetan monks have long held Skulls as holy objects, and some caves in the Himalayas were used as temples to store the actual skulls of revered monks and holy men. Visiting one of these temples allowed the devotee to access the knowledge of a holy man and thus gain spiritual knowledge.

Winged skulls can represent mortality beyond death and skulls are the main symbol of the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead” or Dia de los Muertos. This holiday is similar to “All Saints Day” when family and friends gather to pray for, and to remember, loved ones who have died.

Crystal Skulls are not a modern phenomenon. Ancient Crystal Skulls have many stories told about them, and primarily come from various tribes of South America peoples. Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls are the most common skulls found amongst the other old or ancient skulls. Crystal Skulls are classified as being in one of three groups, and these categories are:

– Modern of Contemporary: Skulls created in the last 100-120 years

– Old Skulls: made over 100 years ago to even 1500-2000 years ago

– Ancient Crystal Skulls: made more than 2000 years ago

The most important thing to understand about these Skulls is the positive effect that they have on the people who have had contact with them. Many people will attest to the fact that they are powerful tools to aid healing, but in particular have a strong effect on spiritual growth. Skulls are divination, transformation and healing instruments.

Most ancient skulls are made of clear rock crystal quartz, like Mitchell Hedges Skull, Max, Sha Na Ra, Synergy (whose earthly origination is a tiny village in the Andes and whose current caretaker is Sherry Whitfield), and Einstein (which weighs nearly thirty-three pounds and is under the care of Carolyn Ford).

Other skulls that may be ancient are not clear quartz, such as the smoky quartz skull named ET (whose caretaker is Joky va Dieten, found in Guatemala in 1906, though the Maya allege it came from the Pleiades); Ami, the Amethyst [Quartz] Skull (whose caretaker is now unknown, though its first known appearance was sometime between 1876 and 1910 on the desk of President Diaz of Mexico); the rose quartz skull, Baby Luv (whose caretaker is Joky van Dieten and may date back to 700 BC in Russia); and Amar, the possibly ancient, slightly smokey quartz, Tibetan Skull (used by Tibetan monks for healing and now in the care of the owner of CrystalSkulls.com)

What is important is that all of these skulls, and many other possibly ancient skulls, are all quartz (Si02), clear or otherwise. Quartz, more than other mineral, reflects, transmits, attunes, focuses, transforms, refracts and amplifies energies.

When using a Skull for meditation or grid work there are a number of considerations. Find a Skull that appeals to you. There doesn’t need to be a logical reason for your attraction to any particular Skull, but trusting your instincts is important. After choosing your skull, take it home to cleanse it (you can ask for more cleansing and charging information from the Crystal Matrix) and then program your new Skull by going into a meditative state. Fill yourself with love and mere with the Skull. You may also program your Skull with clear, simple intention for self-healing or divination.

Working with your Skull is a way to understand humanity. Because the skull shape reminds us that we use the brain to focus into three-dimensional reality and also to translate into a usable form what we get from Spirit. What we receive from Spirit often comes through the crown and third eye chakras, which are also represented by the skull; thus, there is an emphasis on using crystal skulls as portals or bridges to intuitive knowledge and deep meditation. Although the skull image certainly points to death, it also points to immortality. We are thereby reminded that our essence is immortality literally in the “face” of death. Lastly, the image of the human skull is carved from enduring stone suggesting both a passing over to another world while also being rooted to Mother Earth. This combination of opposites suggests two more metaphors/functions of the skull image: the crystal skull is thereby an image of Heaven on Earth, and also an interface, an intermediary, a portal between the two worlds.

There is a Native American legend of the thirteen crystal skulls. The basic notion of this legend is that the skulls hold all the information that, if when downloaded and decoded, would prove vital to the world’s survival in the advent of a global catastrophe. But the skulls’ knowledge may also further the evolution of the human species as that information is presumed to have done in the very distant past. According to the Legend, the skulls are now either buried or otherwise hidden; only when the Twelve are discovered and brought together with the Thirteenth Skull, the Master One, is such a revelation possible.

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