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Rainbow Quartz

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(Also known as Andalite)

Rainbow Quartz is the newest India discovery from earlier this year. It was very difficult to locate for purchase, but I was able to find a supplier of this delightful mineral just before the Denver show last month.

Rainbow Quartz grows much like Spirit Quartz from Africa. But, where Spirit Quartz grows as multiple small amethyst terminations around one single quartz crystal these new quartz clusters grow as small terminations or multiple terminations around a piece of quartz or black coral. The points have full multi-colored faces that have not been treated or changed in any way. Each cluster is unique and different in its appearance and the faces reflect pink, blue, green, violet and yellow light emanations. This is not the refraction of light we are used to seeing called rainbows in other crystals; these are multi-color flashes off the very surface of the crystals themselves.


They are pure J-O-Y!

These crystals speak to us of transformation and the coming Light that we have been seeking. Their message is to remember that no matter how hidden or covered up the light may seem it is always there for us to discover, use and share.

Rainbow Quartz also asks us to care for ourselves, reminding us to not be neglectful or stubborn in nurturing ourselves. They ask us to bring the fun into our lives and set aside any drudgery on a daily basis so that we can remember our origins of open-hearted love and joy.

Place one on your Heart Center to feel the happiness and love that the planet is sharing with you. It is true bliss of the highest nature.

Place one over your Third Eye Chakra and allow your inner seeing to blossom and awaken into what the Universe is bringing to us now.

Use two, one at the front of the body and one at the back, loosely ‘sandwiching’ the body. Start at the First Chakra, hold the two clusters about 1″-2″ away from the body for 30-60 seconds. Slowly sweep the crystals up the body, stopping at each chakra to energize, clear and renew it.

* –  Anandalite is the trademarked name from Robert Simmons of Heaven & Earth , LLC.

Raspberry Quartz

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Raspberry Quartz is surrounded with silver, gold and platinum vapor and can ground your client instantly when placed firstly on the base chakra and secondly on the sixth chakra. This stone can be grounding and stimulating simultaneously. Resembling its name as an opalescent red/purple, you can use it with garnetruby or clear quartz for base chakra clearing and activation.

Raspberry Quartz is a Metallic Quartz Crystal – Whenever we change an original form into a new form, without compromising the original’s integrity, and harmonic is created. This expresses the Fifth Dimension within the Third Dimensional reality. Each crystal will naturally hold the properties of the metals to which they are bonded and can focus energy up to ten times more powerfully into the cellular structure than a clear quartz crystal.


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Rhodizite is a small stone with great power and potential. Reflective of our own human qualities, this little powerhouse resonates with the Third and Crown Chakras. It both adjusts and strengthens confidence and personal power. Rhodizite is a perfect mineral vehicle for working with into 2012.

The amplification of the new life energies we are all experiencing is reflected in our stone and mineral friends. Rhodizite is one of the amplification stones for the Mineral Kingdom. One Rhodizite is good… two or three are even better. It seems that the more Rhodizite you hold, the more powerful they become. This stone magnifies whatever it is working with. If you don’t have a large generator to send out messages of peace and love, then let a Rhodizite create the energy of a generator with only your programmed hand-held crystal.

Used in this way, you can place Rhodizite onto a prosperity grid, or tape several onto the several stones around your meditation space. The magnifying vibrational properties and enhancement to its surroundings make this little mineral a true powerhouse of great possibilities.

This is one of the rare stones that does not need to be cleared as it circulates the energy in and around itself to recycle stagnate or negative energy and move it through the energy fields. An 8.5 on the hardness scale, Rhodizite is considered a complex mineral of borate containing potassium, cesium, beryllium, aluminum, boron, and oxygen. It most often forms as a rhombic dodecahedron and is usually colorless, white or yellow.

For healing, think Rhodizite. Weak chakras stagnate chi, or chronic illness can all be corrected by placing a small piece of Rhodizite on the weakened area, or by wearing it in jewelry or in a pouch. Consider further enhancing your psychic abilities by placing a small Rhodizite at the Sixth Chakra center. Program an Aventurine for health, and use a Rhodizite to amplify the program. Since this is a time of creativity and instant manifestation, having only one small Rhodizite with you daily will create more possibilities than any of us can imagine.


Rhodochrosite combines the emotional authenticity of the color orange and the loving warmth of pink to create a rich, warm pinkish-orange stone that merges these two energies. Placing love and compassion above the emotional needs of the "little self" at second chakra and to watch over the personality at third chakra.


This uniting of the physical world and the spiritual world is all about bringing the illusion of duality into a clearer light. Some of the newer Rhodochrosite specimens have even altered from what you may be used to seeing. These new pieces have the deep rose color of the inner heart and call to mind the Mary Magdalena energies of compassion with service and healing for all beings.

Rhodochrosite supports the heart and allows you to have a greater flow of love in your life and to share that love with others. Mistrust is the greatest obstacle to loving yourself and others, and Rhodochrosite is the stone to heal that mistrust. It helps awaken your heart energy to connect all of the soul's ideal parts that you may express your full loving potential. Love used creatively, has greater potential and fuller meaning when it is shared. It allows you to remember your original universal love connection and what love is... it has no boundaries, limits or rules.

A simple meditation (from Dorothy Roeder) is to "visualize the deep pink of this stone filling your heart, radiating out from it and filling your whole body with its warmth and light. Fill our aura with it and allow yourself to feel the love of all creation supporting your special contribution to it. Allow yourself to be loved and supported by its unconditionally."

Rhodochrosite helps to give balance to the awareness of duality and the effects it can have in your life and upon your person and awakening you to how this concept is an only illusion... as we are, and always have been, one. It can support the removal of any denial processes regarding new information and support an openness to receive these new concepts, ideas, and options that are appearing in your life.


This alone makes Rhodochrosite a very important stone to work with at this time of our planet’s transitioning. 

The passwords for Rhodochrosite are “I and the other are one”.        


Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 5.19.24 PM.png

Rhodonite promotes the energy of compassion and love. It opens your heart on the physical level and shows you how to be practical in love. It is a stone of community because it supports you in rediscovering the gifts you have for the good of all.


While Rhodonite, is not a newly discovered stone, it is one of the major stones for 2013. This is a year to adjust how you see yourself and the world; this is a year to dig deep within all that you are, that you might become whom you are supposed to be. And Rhodonite is the perfect addition to your mineral collection for this reason.

One of the strongest lessons of Rhodonite is that the giver is really the receiver. So, the more you share of yourself, the more of yourself you receive in return. The more your generosity is expressed, the more you will experience generosity. The more love you share, the more love you will receive. Rhodonite will also help you in developing any gifts that have been lying dormant within you. Using this stone will support how others see you and treat you. By awakening and using your gifts you will automatically bring more love into the world, this is one of the strongest gifts that Rhodonite brings to you. Use it wisely.

This stone brings you peace. And it knows that love unites all things. It is a very feminine stone. Rhodonite adds strength to feminine energy and ideas allowing this energy to be united with the masculine. This stone reminds you that Earth is complete in her sharing and this indiscriminate gift is one of the lessons she shares with us in total love.


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Rosasite is a carbonate mineral-rich in copper and zinc. It forms as radiating fibrous clusters and botryoidal globulars in encrustations; with a Mohs hardness of 4. It often grows with red limonite and was originally discovered in Italy.

With its blue, green and bluish-green coloration, it is a stone of the Higher Heart. Here it supports the communication with Higher Heart and the expression of Divine purpose that Higher Heart conveys.

Looking beneath personal desires or aspirations, Rosasite supports the expression of deep spiritual law. Use your Rosasite to connect with the higher self’s original purpose, and access spiritual memory. Meditation with Rosasite will help you to locate your own personal mantra of devotion and focus. You can place a piece of this unassuming mineral by your head at night for assistance in discovering personal mantras.


Mantras (a sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation, or as incantation) will become your personal pathway to the truth for supporting your planetary journey as spirit incarnate. Ask yourself before going into sleep: Why am I here? What is my forgotten purpose? How can I strengthen my purpose? How can I better complete my spiritual mission? Any, or all, of these inquiries, will help to open the unconscious pathways to discovery.

Rosasite strengthens your relationship with meditation and spiritual focus. It helps you in recognizing whom you are, accepting those spiritual concepts, and supporting the physical actions to complete your life purpose. These tenets are many times beyond human consciousness, and Rosasite can awaken these deep awarenesses.

Not only can Rosasite calm the emotions, it soothes the soul by strengthening your faith in the Universal Perfection Ideal. As the planet continues her acceleration, personal mantras, prayer, meditation, and distance healing are all becoming essential in staying calm and focused throughout our days.

Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is pink quartz, ranging from pale pink to a deep rose color. It derives its coloration from titanium, iron or manganese, depending on location. Most often found growing in slabs or masses, it will occasionally grow in crystal form as clusters of tiny pink terminated crystals.


Most usually mined in Brazil, it was first discovered in Maine. The finest examples of Rose Quartz are from Madagascar and have a rich, deep pink coloration, many times showing with what is referred to as “stars”. These stars, also known as asterisms, are created from microscopic rutile needles within the Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz contains great sweetness and gentleness, unlike any other stone. It is the first of the Heart Chakra stones to begin the healing process of the heart that holds childhood scares from deep emotional wounds.

Rose Quartz is one of the most written about stones in the mineral kingdom. It has been prized since Egyptian times and used as a skin beautification tool, powdered and used as an elixir to calm The mind, and implanted in the body for the strength of character. Even the Romans valued Rose Quartz as prevention for wrinkles and to encourage a clear beautiful complexion.

Rose Quartz draws love and peace to the heart. It is valuable for healing wounds of the heart. Everything flows to and from the heart, and placing a Rose Quartz at the heart during times of stress soothes and eases anxiety and allows you to take a deep breath you may not have realized you were holding.

An excellent stone for healing childhood grief or hurt, Rose Quartz will begin to comfort the inner child and strengthen a sense of self-love. Creating a strong experience of unity, this simple and beautiful stone helps you to realize that when you are separated from yourself, you are not in love with your Self.

Rose Quartz opens the dialogue of deep love for yourself, your loved ones and the community you live in. With Rose Quartz in your life creating positive circumstances of care and hope begin to build and manifest everywhere.

Use Rose Quartz for healing depression, grief work, loneliness and a sense of lovelessness. Use it to initiate love, creation, joy trust and forgiveness.


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  Ruby, a form of corundum, ranges from a clear, deep, raspberry red, to a more opaque star ruby frequently that is cut as a domed cabochon and reflects a six-pointed flare effect, or star, on its surface. The rarer variety is a flawless deep red that is considered more valuable than a diamond. Natural, or rough ruby crystals that grow as octahedral, are the most common.
     Ruby creates a direct connection to the Creator and as a helper for locating the Creator within yourself. Use this stone to connect with your creative potential and for the possibilities for love and its creative flow. Ruby connects us to Divine Love; reminding us we are the expressions of Universal Love. Connecting in this way ensures our position of being the love we see in the world.
     Ruby supports the opening of the Heart Chakra. It can protect the user against emotional congestion and can stimulate the emotions of love to make stronger, truer emotional connections to others. Ruby heals and balances the emotions and will help our ability to express love.
    Honored throughout history as the royalty of gems, it was once considered the perfect wedding stone. Because it was associated with love, marriage, balance, and royalty, the ancient Egyptians also extolled this stone for beauty, love, physical protection and good fortune. In fact, it was considered to be the greatest physical protector of all known gems. And, in Eastern legends, it was seen as a spiritual stone representing the beauty of the soul.
   Believed to contain the bloodline of humanity, Ruby often symbolized the sun. The Hindus believed it burned so deeply from within that it was even able to boil water, while the Greeks believed a carved Ruby could melt the wax when used for a wax impression seal.
    Ruby will stimulate and ground deeper mental concentration. A great stone for empaths, it shields and protects against unwanted emotional intrusions, psychic incursions, and can shield against electromagnetic waves. Keep one or two natural ruby crystals next to your computer or in your workspace to help block EMF’s. pb



Rubellite represents a kind of love that goes very deep. One that goes beyond the love that you share in your human relationships, and one that reaches out to the universe!

This stone will help increase the flow of your life force energies. You will feel your absolute best, and you will feel like you can achieve just about anything.

The energies of this stone can heal and nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.


It will remove anything that ails, worries, or scares you.

It will also harmonize your feminine energies to help you overcome your personal challenges.

This stone will help increase your desire to live, and it will foster inspired living and interaction with other people!

Rutilated Quartz

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Rutilated Quartz is clear or smokey quartz with gold, silver or black Rutile running through it. The Quartz holds the amplifying properties of clarity and direction, the Rutile holds the possibility of movement and cutting through adversity, in any form.

Rutilated Quartz is good for cutting through stagnation and indecision. It will help you to change directions with focus and purpose. Rutilated Quartz can empower personal identification by bringing the Golden Ray of the Crown Chakra into the consciousness of the Third Chakra personality. All this will allow higher energy to increase on the Earth Plain and in your life.

With Rutilated Quartz, you have the power to transmute negative patterns and beliefs into empowered, conscious action. You can activate will power, or just add extra energy into your life circumstances whenever you work with Rutilated Quartz. Can there possibly be enough of this mineral?

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