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Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass created by the rapid cooling of viscous lava. Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones to clear a space, pull out negativity, or eliminate old patterns of thought or ideas. If you are no longer using old energy – or wish that you weren’t – Obsidian is the best stone for the job. Obsidian will hold the energy you have released, so you must cleanse this stone on a regular basis to keep it as an active member of your mineral arsenal. It is also a great grounding stone to use as it stimulates the Root (First) Chakra helping it to connect with the Earth Star Chakra deep in the Earth’s core. Grounding at this level will assist you in remembering your own unique Earth history and why you have chosen to reincarnate at this time.

Obsidian is a natural part of the planet as created by volcanic activity. It is actually volcanic glass. Besides its clearing energy, it also holds the Pelé energy of Earth’s depths to help release through fire and rebirth. It reminds us that even as old thoughts and patterns are released, space is made for new potential and future growth.

Obsidian is also protective during sleep time or during meditation. You can sleep with one to help release negative subconscious patterns. It is also excellent in front of a window whenever you have unwanted disembodied visitors or entities. Many people report the total elimination of hauntings when they place a rough piece of Obsidian by their doors or windows… no more bad dreams.

Many seers prefer using a Black Obsidian sphere for scrying rather than clear quartz. An Obsidian sphere is very powerful and accurate visions can be formed through their use. However, because of their quality to help release negativity, you must be clear and free from your own past beliefs and fears to use this type of sphere comfortably. The best Obsidian spheres to use for this purpose are called Peacock Obsidian. These special pieces are noted by the swirling in the layers seen on the surface caused by being vigorously stirred by molten lava. They are both useful and beautiful.



   Mahogany Obsidian is a natural glass obsidian that has inclusions of Magnetite or Hematite creating the mahogany-colored patches in it. This is a very protective stone, perfect for people who feel vulnerable to psychic or energy attacks. Mahogany Obsidian is often used as an aid in the decision-making process. It is not just grounding, but calming and allows for good decision making. It can bring strength and vitality during times of need. Use it to her eliminate energy blockages



    Midnight Lace Obsidian is a rare beauty from the Caucasus Mountains in Russia. It integrates the shadow and the light in this “lace” patterned dark and light volcanic glass. Its lacey pattern was caused during the initial volcanic flow and creation of the volcanic glass. This stone creates its own sphere of privacy and seclusion. Midnight Lace Obsidian effectively shuts off the outside world influences so one may concentrate and focus on the situation at hand. This stone is able to transmute the in-between. It is very helpful for people who are locked into seeing reality as only shades of black and white, right and wrong, good and bad. Midnight Lace will help you see the wide range of possibilities and answers that are available in any situation. It also imparts the sense that a higher solution is in affect and readily at hand. It can also block psychic attacks and provide a balance of your emotions during times when diplomacy is needed over aggression. Midnight Lace Obsidian may be A supportive energetic-ally during a crisis situation providing quick answers and results.

Let yourself enjoy the beauty of Obsidian and the power being grounded by having a piece of this mineral in your mineral arsenal, you will be glad you did.


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Onyx is one of the traditional stones for grounding and for protection and should be in everyone’s healing bag, or set of healing tools. You can carry this stone in your pocket to keep your mind clear and your thoughts focused. It can also be used during times of stress and to assist in controlling high blood pressure due to stress or worry.

Because of its low physical vibration strengthens and stabilizes, Onyx can be used to assist during childbirth. It can also be used to stabilize female problems and to balance out high emotions during monthly menses.

Onyx can be used to balance some of the higher vibration stones such as MoldaviteDanburiteLabradorite, and even Moonstone. When used in conjunction with Moonstone, it helps ground the Light Body into the physical for later activation at the proper time.

This is a dependable earth stone and helps you feel supported by mother Earth during transformational times such as we are experiencing now. Your emotional body feels soothed while your physical body feels harmonized using this stone.

Onyx is a Chalcedony, in the Agate family and has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. This stone is also used to connect into the planet at the Earth Chakra that connects humans to all earth relations and creatures.


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Oh those beautiful opals! 

    Opals have long had a reputation for mystery and bad luck. The mystery is real...the bad luck is an old wive's tale. 

    Precious Opals are fire in water and hold the vibrancy of all the color frequencies in one package. Precious Opals are the most widely used in jewelry and are found in Australia. White Precious Opal carries intense spiritual energy that can only be described as being in the Divine Light. This stone reflects all the higher dimensions leading to the 14th. Because it works on the emotional aura, it can intensify either the positive or the negative emotions for each of us. Precious Opals will ask you to let go of any unhealthy energies you may be holding onto, propelling to into the higher dimensions and beyond. 

    Common Opals are found as white and brown (Oregon), and pink and blue (Peru) and have no “fire”. Common Opal vibrates at a lower vibration than its more exciting cousin the Precious Opal. It has a more soothing effect on the emotions and doesn’t stir things up. White Opal purifies the energy field and cleanses and rebalances the etheric body. It can also attract angelic helpers and high spirit beings. 


    Pink Opals is wonderful for healing the emotions and balancing the Heart Chakra. It helps when doing past life regression & integration to resolve painful memories and holding compassion for past deeds in all areas. 

    Blue Opals helps us sleep and retain our dreams. It is wonderful for promoting an open Throat Chakra and communicating with kindness and deliberation of purpose. Peruvian in origin. Stimulates communication and helps to voice thoughts more clearly; gives courage and supports the freedom of speaking your truth; enhances visionary abilities. Works on the throat, thyroid, and parathyroid. Associated with the fifth chakra.

    Brown Opals support the emotional body of the aura and help lift feelings of depression by creating more life force and creative energies. They can also create self-control to any sense of isolation you may be experiencing. They are used mainly for First and Second Chakra work.       

      Opal Aura Quartz is enhanced with silver and platinum vapor. This stone resembles a soap bubble reflected in sunlight. It shows all the colors of the rainbow in an opalescence of clarity. It is amazingly gentle and sweet. When placed upon the Heart Chakra, it emits the energy of kindness and compassion – immediately. Opal Aura Quartz can be used with any of the pink stones for multiplying their energetic properties. Used with Aquamarine or Blue Topaz, it will multiple the beauty these stones emit to the Heart Chakra, the clarity of expression at the Throat Chakra and the beauty and peace of vision at the Sixth Chakra. Anywhere you use this stone will give you an added presence of peace and beauty.

Opal Aura is a Metallic Quartz Crystal – Whenever we change an original form into a new form, without compromising the original’s integrity, and harmonics is created. This expresses the Fifth Dimension within the Third Dimensional reality. Each crystal will naturally hold the properties of the metals to which they are bonded and can focus energy up to ten times more powerfully into cellular structure than a clear quartz crystal.


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Pearl has long been associated with royalty, Christianity, June weddings, graduations, and sweet sixteen birthdays. Considered exotic and romantic (and natural or non-cultured Pearl is still expensive) Pearl is connected to the depths of the mysterious seas, found randomly within the heart of large clam-shells. Pearl is actually Aragonite (calcium carbonate) arranged in concentric layers around a small nuclear body. This originating nuclear body can be a grain of sand, mud, clay or other organic material introduced within the shell. The main difference between cultured and uncultured is that the nucleus has been artificially inserted into the shell when creating cultured Pearl.

Pearls are very balancing since they speak to us of the equal values of the etheric and the physical realms. Its spherical shape reminds us of perfection and the inclusiveness of the continuation of all things within nature and the heavens…true oneness at its finest. It is harmonious because it brings Light as iridescence and symbolically shows the Christ Light manifested into the physical reality.

Pearl blends the animal and mineral kingdoms through its simple make-up and thus is helpful to humanity in helping bring peaceful resolution between the humans and the animals by providing us with that sense of oneness. It helps remind us of our own animal nature and the connection between all living, sentient beings. It helps us to be more kind and loving to all of our relations.

Traditionally Pearl represents truth, faith, charity, and spiritual knowledge. To hold the “Pearl of Wisdom” was thought to bestow upon the bearer the highest form of Divine Love and warranted the person with not just responsibility for sharing the knowledge, but trust that the person knew through their Higher Self they were capable of sharing on all levels. Pearl opens the heart and allows openness and alignment with the whole. Pearl also helps integrate more electrical or dynamic crystal energies.

As an elixir, Pearl makes the bones less brittle and strengthens the nerves, especially those associated with the kidneys and the brain. It aids digestion with its calming effect and clears the mind. It is a great elixir for aid in understanding motherhood. It is highly recommended for emotional difficulties, giving them balance and flexibility.


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A pseudomorphic jasper with asbestos inclusions, Peitersite is a metamorphosed [folded and stressed from the earth] blue and gold Tiger Eye in Quartz. It has the same chatoyancy [waving, iridescence] that is seen in the yellow and brown Tiger’s Eye. But, rather than the earth and heaven connection held by Tiger’s Eye, Peitersite holds angelic creativity.

Peitersite knows the memory of the angels, who centuries ago, focused love into this stone to help humanity use divine creative potential on Earth now. This stone also holds the calm and joyousness of the angels and can help dissolve the confusion and fear resonating upon Earth at this time. Use Peitersite to support the hope and solution you know is in your future no matter what the news is showing or telling you.

If you are releasing deep emotions, this is the stone to bring calm to any emotional outbursts. Named the ‘Tempest Stone,” it can show the emotional body of how to stay grounded in the flow of your life. Peitersite is known to unite the Solar Plexus [3rd Chakra] with the Third Eye [6th Chakra] to create a communication of personality with intuition. More importantly, it also creates a strong bridge between the Solar Plexus with Spiritual Throat [Higher 5th Chakra] to help you voice the spiritual changes that can be manifested through conscious awareness.

This is a true “New Age” stone to carry for support and wear for intuitive inspiration as the Earth changes accelerate and finally settle.


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Peridot was held in high esteem by the Egyptian Pharaohs and was one of the original stones on the Breastplate of Aaron.

Green ice and cool tones best describe Peridot. It can be used to “cool down” any heated situations involving the ego. Its unusual lime green color combines the yellow of the 3rd chakra and the green of the 4th chakra to unite the focusing of your Heart’s Desire with your intent. When you connect your thoughts with your desires you have the potential for unlimited outcomes.

Lime is one of the Higher Spiritual colors being used today in both intense healings and in 4th Dimensional Transitions.

Peridot can be used for the support and strengthening of the liver, stomach, heart, and lungs. It assists in the deflection of outside influences and can be used as a protective physical auric shield after a chakra cleansing, balancing or alignment.

Phantom Quartz

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Phantom Quartz Crystal shows the clear delineation of another completed crystal inside the major crystal. Many times you will notice several (I’ve counted up to 30+ individual crystals housed in one) complete crystals inside one another.

In geological terms, the first quartz crystal stopped growing due to lack of a mother, or SiO2 feed, solution. During this rest time, cave dust settled upon the original crystalline structure (i.e. quartz crystal). When the mother solution was reintroduced into the cave, rather than a new and separate crystal-forming (the most common process), the mother solution reformed over the original crystal, entrapping the cave dust or dirt and giving the crystal a ghostly look, thus the name “phantom”.


A secondary mineral may intrude into the once dormant solution adding a secondary mineral atop the original crystal formation. This occurrence creates a harmonic crystal representing both the quartz and the additional mineral. Lithium quartz is a prime example of this type of growth. This process of regeneration and rebirth, as we discover with Phantom Crystals, can happen many times within a single crystal.

This rare occurrence reminds us of how often we, as souls, are reborn into this world…carrying with us the original soul imprint with added soul “dust” into our present incarnation. Occasionally, during this rest period, a secondary mineral will form atop the original crystal. This type of Phantom Crystal could show the inclusion of lithium or asbestos neatly showing on top of the previous crystal.

These Phantom Crystals can also help with inner growth while encouraging you to reach beyond your limitations. This is my favorite type of Phantom Quartz Crystal because of its many uses while investigating past lives and reincarnation.

This type of quartz crystal is an excellent meditation tool for delving into your multifaceted life or the past lives of a client. If you do not have one of these excellent meditation tools in your crystal arsenal, now might be a good time to begin your collection.

Phantom Quartz Crystal is considered a Master Crystal because of its unique ability to represent the separate and unique lifetimes of the one quartz crystal, it’s regressive properties and the ability of life after death.

Inclusion Phantom Quartz, Lodolite, is quartz imbedded with the formations of moss or another entirely different earth composition trapped within the main crystalline structure.

While the crystal is forming, there is a lull in the growth process. This lull could be many years, or decades depending upon the circumstances and conditions within the cave formation. During this lull, another mineral or element is introduced into the feed, or “Mother,” solution allowing the secondary substance to attach itself to the original crystalline structure. The quartz crystal now holds the energetic characteristics of the additional element while maintaining its original integrity.

If this is the type of Phantom Quartz you have, discovering what mineral substance composes the secondary element will help you decide the added qualities of your inclusion quartz crystal.


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Phenacite (also spelled as Phenakite) is a quartz-like nesosilicate with a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. It is found in Russia, Brazil, the US, Madagascar, Africa, and Norway. This little stone has such a high luster and clarity that when faceted it can be mistaken for diamonds.

Phenacite stimulates the Light Body by emanating pure clear light. It is an important stone for aiding your higher consciousness and assisting with the current ascension process we are experiencing. While an individual stone may be smaller than a cherry seed, each is incredibly powerful and direct in its ability to open the third eye and crown chakras. This little stone seems to both soothe and stimulate the higher chakras. It acts like an inner planetary vehicle for opening inter-dimensional doorways for inner journeying, travel, and understanding of sacred geometric formations. Because it has the ability of prefrontal lobe stimulation, it can help develop prophetic visions and support remote viewing.

There are variances in the Phenacites from different locations… The Brazilian Phenacite [more plentiful] is very direct and strong in its higher chakra focus and stimulation. The Russian Phenacite [becoming rarer] not only works with the higher chakras, but it seems to have a deeper vibrational base and engages and stimulates the entire light body. Wearing Phenacite jewelry can keep you in a state of constant higher awareness.

Phenacite is one of the Synergy Twelve Stones [Robert Simmons] including MoldaviteDanburite, Azeztulite, Herderite, Brookite, Tanzanite, Satyaloka Quartz, Natrolite, Scolecite and Tibetan Tektite. These twelve stones are in a group that support the reaching of higher intention for planetary healing and conscious awareness.


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Prehnite is found in Australia, Africa, and India. My favorite is the Australian because of its pale butter yellow, translucent appearance found as tumbled stones, carvings and in jewelry. The Indian variety is found as pale green clusters growing with stilbite inclusions. Both varieties are lovely.

Prehnite has an expansive effect. It allows you to connect with whatever you may not recognize in your life or what you do not wish to recognize about yourself. Thus, it helps you to expand beyond your current mindset.

This stone resonates at the Higher Third Chakra level due to its yellowish-green vibration. Combining mental consciousness with the heart’s ability to love, this stone teaches us to think before we act and speak kindly to all we meet… whether in this dimension or another. Using Prehnite as a teacher of conscious patience is a valuable asset to any mineral collection. Prehnite will also calm the ego while supporting the personality’s desire to follow the heart’s messages.

Prehnite doesn’t recognize the physical world as being a unique or different reality from the spiritual levels, and it allows you to blend multiple vibrations and levels of consciousness. DNA structuring is supported by Prehnite as it helps move out cell negativity and clears the emotions.

Besides working so diligently on the physical levels it can enhance the gift of prophecy and supports intuitive “knowing-ness.” Predictions dealing with spiritual growth or awareness are more accurate and trustworthy while using this stone. Prehnite can also be used in grid work and when seeking ET visitations.

It is unsurpassed as an elixir and can be sprayed over any chakra to help align with the eighth chakra. It creates relaxation and calming and can relax tired muscles and feet.


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Often referred to as “fool’s gold” because of its brassy gold appearance, Pyrite grows independently as a mass, as striated cubes, as dodecahedral crystals or as a replacement mineral supplanting many other minerals forming beforehand. It is a composition mineral of iron and sulfur.

Pyrite acts as an excellent shield and protective defense against negative energies. It may be worn, carried or used as a grid for aura protection and aura strengthening. This simple mineral has the ability to protect the physical body by creating a strong electro-magnetic grid in the aura to form a barrier against pollutants. This strong protective ability keeps away all forms of negative vibrations, and allay physical threats or danger.

Pyrite can help you see the reality behind the facade. Acting as a mirror or reflection of the truth behind experience, this mineral promotes deep understanding of what is being said or done. It will support the intellect and enhance the memory.

Pyrite, because of its shiny appearance and sunny disposition, is an excellent stone for feng shui placement. It holds optimism and energy, and it also radiates a strong energy of wealth and abundance. It can be placed in the home or office as a money cure or stimulant in your wealth corner.

Using metallic minerals in your private healing practice or in your meditations can be quite stimulating and detoxifying. Many of them are bio-electrically enhancing and will add to any environment.

Using metallic minerals in your private healing practice or in your meditations can be quite stimulating and detoxifying. Many of them are bio-electrically enhancing and will add to any environment.

Quartz Crystal


Quartz Clusters

Quartz Crystal is one of the most common minerals on the planet. Found growing with aquamarine and topaz, it can lead the way through a mine to gold or other precious minerals. It has been the darling of the New Age for a number of years. Because of its numerous growth formations and its multiple geological regions, Quartz is one of the most versatile and well-loved stones in the mineral kingdom.

Quartz Crystal is nature’s natural transmitter. It will “pick-up” or mimic whatever energies it is around and it will collect the energy in its environment.


It can gain more clarity in a loving, joyous environment and it can become cloudy and dark in a negative, fearful or angry environment. Its most useful and scientifically useful quality is known as the piezoelectric effect, which is the capacity to transform vibrations into an electrical current. This effect allows the user to transfer thoughts (good or bad), intention or vibrations into the Quartz Crystal. The clearer and larger the Quartz Crystal point, the more amplified its transmission ability.

As well as using your Quartz Crystal for personal meditation and energy work, you can also place one in your home or office for rebalancing the environment, activating & clearing corner stagnation and much, much more.

Cleaning your Quartz Crystal is essential to good crystal use or crystal healing therapy. The standard technique is to place your Quartz Crystal in sea salt or kosher salt water for 36-72 hours. The strength of your solution and length of time submerged will depend on the energy corruption to the Quartz Crystal. You can also try my favorite cleansing technique, distilled water with lavender essential oil to clean and refresh your Quartz Crystal.

Different formations give Quartz Crystal different properties or attributes. And each formation is unique unto itself and the location in which it grows.

Candle Quartz

(or Pineapple Quartz)

It is a Quartz Crystal Harmonizer from Madagascar, and it has the ability to direct the energy of the other stones placed around it. Candle Quartz is a positive stone and makes you feel good about yourself. It can also help in past life work and in accessing ancient memories. Here is a crystal that carries many voices, many lives, many souls, many choices. When placed upon the Heart Chakra, it gives peacefulness and the ability to think clearly.

Quartz Clusters 

Quartz Clusters are a beautiful formation of quartz. It is the foundation for

all other quartz crystals. Growing as a family of smaller crystals, the Cluster imbues not only the beauty but the power and strength of the quartz mineral family. Some Quartz Clusters form with several large quartz points, while others form of numerous perfect tiny crystals leaving a glittery surface.

  Quartz Clusters are pure energy. They energize any environment in which they are placed. They can also purify an environment or stabilize it. Because they are formed from multiple quartz crystals, the entire Cluster has the same potential of programming as a single crystal, but on a larger scale. A Cluster can also be used as a repository for singular ideas, prayers, and programs. Simply write an idea or prayer onto a small piece of paper, and place the small paper(s) between two of the crystals in the Cluster.

  A small Cluster can be placed onto the top of the chakra to ‘snap’ it open when the chakra is entirely blocked. You can also place colored stones - rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine - into the crevices of the small Cluster to add to the adjustment of a chakra. A small Cluster can be placed onto every chakra to ensure that each one has the strength to support the chakra above it and below it.

  A medium to large Quartz Cluster can also be used to energize other smaller Clusters or individual crystals after they have been used in a healing session or during meditation. Crystals can become tired after use, whether personal or as a worker during a crystal healing session. They need to be cleared after use by smudging, soaking in a salt bath, or in a lavender bath for 24-48 hours. But, after being cleaned, a crystal should also be re-energized by sunlight, moonlight or by placing it into the crevices of its mother form…a Quartz Cluster.

  Besides its obvious beauty to the environment, a Quartz Cluster is one of the true gifts of the Mineral Kingdom.  



Quartz Flame

These unusual crystals are a new find from the third generation quartz miners and crystal cutters, the Venturini Family. The Flames are cut from whole quartz crystal points, both very clear and with rainbow inclusions, and from Citrinewith Rutile or Tourmaline inclusions and Quartz Crystal with Green and Black Tourmaline inclusions. Similar to the four-sided Marcel Vogel “water” cut crystals of the ’70s, these quartz pieces also have a slight twist or twirl to the sides giving them a “flame-like” appearance. The Venturini's have also cut some of the Flames with three sides making them even more trance-like inducing.

While Crystal Flames are not a particular mineral, they are wonderfully unique and a must-have for your crystal collection. Loosely held between the palms of the hand, we’ve found the Flames to instantly place the holder into a deep Theta meditation state, even dropping down into a Delta wavelength. This allows the holder to reach into their meditation with ease and without the mental clutter so often usual to the part-time meditator. While you may experience the feeling of being asleep, you are really so deeply, and instantly, in a trance state that you will find immediate clarity and a sense of peace. Everyone using the Flames emerged from their meditation feeling the day’s burdens lifted and completely renewed.


Faden Quartz 

Grows as flattened quartz, known as tabular crystals. It almost always grows with a double termination, or completed points on both its ends. Fadens have a white line or “thread” running through them. This ‘thread” occurs when the cavity the crystal is growing in slowly opens or stretches due to natural earth movement of the tectonic plates; the type that creates earthquakes and mountains. During this movement, the crystal is broken and then heals as its growth continues.

These crystals mirror our natural ability to self-heal and grow from our many life experiences. They show us that difficult situations are our teachers not our enemies. They show us that we are more beautiful and interesting from these many experiences rather than disfigured by them. They reflect the many choices we have been given to creatively put ourselves back together…to Re-Create ourselves as the Divine’s Image at each segment of our lives.

Herkimer Diamond


 is a generic name for an 18 faceted (6 sides) double-terminated quartz crystal discovered in and around Herkimer County, New York. Mined in the Mohawk River Valley since the late 18th century, are slowly reaching a diminishing amount. True Herkimer Diamonds, are not actual diamonds, but are known for their extreme clarity. They can also be found cloudy, smoky or even containing a variety of rare impurities. Impurities (rare and general) can include carbon or water. Herkimers form as clusters, scepters, enhydro (containing fluid inclusions), phantoms and bridge crystals. While the Herkimer Diamond has all the attributes of any clear quartz crystal, it is known as an “attunement stone”; you can use it to attune with another person or a particular environment.

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