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Labradorite is a type of feldspar crystallizing in masses and tabular crystals. It ranges in color from white, yellow and grey. Its most brilliant and colorful range shows patches of peacock blue, coppery red and dusky gold labradorescence. Along with its wide color range, Labradorite also has a wide range of metaphysical properties.

Yellow Labradorite creates a soothing backdrop to some of the more intense stones, such as Moldavite, Phenacite, Danburite or Aqua Aura Quartz. The spectrolite version, with its blues and greens, protects the aura and helps to keep the aura clear, balanced and free from energy leaks. Current, changing, revolutionary times require a strong and clear auric field.

Being with a piece of LabradoritAn earth stone that helps communicate with Source; holds original earth-soul wisdom; inspires higher understanding of immortality; aids psychic development as it relates to earth’s potential; friendship stone; balances the mind; can bring total awareness; releases stress and enhances a sense of deep peace. Treats bones, depression, dizziness, eyes, headaches, hearing, insomnia, throat, parathyroid, and the pineal gland.


Associated with the fifth and sixth chakras.e is like visiting another galactic star system. It will support your inner destiny so that you can fully utilize the many gifts you chose before birth. In fact, Labradorite creates a stronger intuitive connection with all Star Systems. It will bring the intuitive mind into a deeper connection with the intellect. The subconscious mind is strengthened and supported with the use of Labradorite and your inner messages will become clearer and more concise while using it.

It can symbolize both the sun and the moon, so it is in perfect balance between the dark and light and brings understanding to any duality in your life. Balancing between dark and light will create a greater resiliency to any changes you encounter. It will also leave you feeling positive during any negative experiences and support you energetically when you are feeling overwhelmed with how much is still unfinished in your life. Labradorite is one of the few multiple-use stones for any occasion and any situation. This stone can even help you relax for a good night’s sleep, leaving you feeling rested and invigorated for the new day.

Used as an elixir, Labradorite supports the endocrine system and stimulates the growth of pain relieving hormones.

Lapis Lazuli


An Earth stone that helps communicate with Source; holds original earth-soul wisdom; inspires a higher understanding of immortality; aids psychic development as it relates to earth’s potential; friendship stone; balances the mind; can bring total awareness; releases stress and enhances a sense of deep peace.


Treats bones, depression, dizziness, eyes, headaches, hearing, insomnia, throat, parathyroid, and the pineal gland. Associated with the fifth and sixth chakras

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Also known as Blue Pectolite

Connected directly to Atlantis, Larimar is exclusive to the Dominican Republic. Comprised of hydrated silicate of sodium and calcium, it shows as a soft blue, green, white with red hematite dendrites. Larimar’s focus is on earth healing, and the balance of the mental and emotional bodies. During times of change, Larimar soothes emotional stress, and creates new opportunities. Its internal vibration is as an aid to humanity by raising consciousness to the new, higher vibrations.


Larimar assists the solar plexus (3rd chakra) in readjusting from the Atlantean mistake of disconnecting 2nd and 3rd chakras to allow the mental (3rd) to act independently from the 2nd. Full personal power insists on all chakras acting in unification. Larimar is here to help this unhealed dilemma. This unification of self, extends outwardly to relationships with others.


Larimar eases any conflict or battle between mind and emotions. Larimar softens the new, higher electro-magnetic particles to connect with the Guardians of Light, who control the manner in which light interacts Earth and her evolution and Galactic transformation.


If you are under stress, if you find yourself succumbing to the expectations of life or others, Larimar will help ease personal turmoil and ease these stresses. Larimar brings peace while not creating internal demands.


Use your Larimar in an elixir for restful sleep and pleasant dreams. Works well with Lazulite 



Calms and balances the mental and emotional bodies; relieves tension, stress, and anxiety wherever on the body it is placed; balances electrolytes, especially when you are being bombarded by higher energies; helpful in bypassing short circuits in your programming; relieves depression; stops obsessive thoughts.


Good during a transition for ensuring positive change. Relieves the source of dis-ease in the body. Works on allergies, joint problems, exhaustion, menopause, radiation; balances the endocrine system. Associated with the fourth chakra.

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Lithium Quartz



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Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral with opaque, light and dark green banded mineral forming in masses, rosettes, botryoidal configurations, compact fibrous laminated structures and in rare forms of stalactites and needle-like crystals. Found worldwide, most of the specimens come from Africa, the Ural Mt., Russia, and parts of Arizona, New South Wales, France, and Israel. Used since ancient times, Malachite was inlaid into Egyptian headpieces, and pulverized into powered for paints, healing powders and make-up.

Malachite has multiple uses, thus it is a stone of transformation on many levels. It can be used to change situations. While this stone is considered a good heart chakra stone, Malachite can be used in clearing and activating all the chakras. It can be used for clarifying the emotions and for recalling any negative experiences that someone may have undergone, in particular, past life experiences. Self honesty is a key factor with Malachite. Supporting you to look deep within any condition, action, or situation.

It can also be used as a scrying device while in deep meditation to find insight of mental, physical or spiritual conditions. Use your Malachite for locating the root causes of aforementioned conditions, including repetitive or chronic conditions that are connected to past life overlays. It imparts a affect of responsibility and takes the user from any belief of either being a victim or of acting as a perpetrator, both of which are old, unnecessary beliefs.

Since Malachite is not translucent, but reflective, it can absorb its environment. You can use your Malachite with herbs and plants to infuse them with more intense healing energies. You can use your Malachite to absorb disease from the body by placing it on the part of the body you wish to release from disease. Because it is absorptive, remember to clear it by smudging, running Reiki energy through it, or placing it on a selenite slab, but never salt water as it is a soft stone and can be unstable. Then, recharge your mineral by placing it on a quartz cluster for 3-5 hours, and/or placing it in the sun to recharge even more.

Malachite is a good stone to use for business and financial security while in business. Its multi-colored variations and ribboned appearance reminds us that there are many layers to any situation and many levels open for us to work upon. Nothing is given to us as only black and white good and bad. Every situation is one of multiple layers that, with patience, we can unwrap and use as a spiritual lesson for growth and personal development.

Using Malachite as a spiritual geiger counter to lead us to the next discovery along the path will ease the journey. Because this is a mineral of deep proportions and possibilities, always sit with your guides and spiritual assistants before working with Malachite to ensure this is a good time to start the endeavor of self discovery and growth. Ground yourself into the realities in front of you for the best outcome with this stone.

Malachite grows with Azurite and with Chrysocolla, and many times will show the properties of both.

When growing with Azurite, it can be used for healing Higher Fifth Chakra, the spiritual equivalent of Fifth Chakra. In meditation, focus stimulating Higher Fifth by filling it with Azurites deep blue color, and letting the Malachite release any stagnant energies blocking your abilities to express your spiritual truths.

When growing with Chrysocolla, use your stone as a focal point for healing planetary discord; bringing peace to hostile regions, support for cleaning oceanic oil spills, and correcting erratic weather patterns.

Malachite is a rich and seldom utilized mineral that every crystal aficionado and crystal practitioner should have in their collection.

Mangano Calcite

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.18.55

Mangano, also known as pink calcite, is a recent find for us from Peru. It looks like the clouds at sunset with its pale pink surface interspersed with paler pink and white lines. Everyone that has seen it loves it!

Where rose quartz is used for healing childhood hurts and sorrows, Mangano is used on the heart for reuniting the soul with the Spirit. This stone will definitely be the fifth heart chakra stone for your lay-outs or for personal use. It is most helpful for the Indigo child in your life, and for the person who has always felt a disconnection with life and the Earth.

Mangano is here to bring the missing pieces back together in a loving and gentle way. For we universal travelers, the Star Children, this stone is like coming home.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.21.34


Moldavite is created from outer space dust and gases combined with Earth gases at approximately 25,000 miles per hour. As a meteorite hits the earth at an angle, it is launched back into space taking Earth debris with it before hitting into the Earth and melting the Silica Dioxide and Aluminum Oxide in the immediate vicinity of impact. Holding both outer space and earth elements it is an inter-dimensional stone and connecter to our star brothers and sisters.

Moldavite invites you to open up the channel to alternate spiritual levels and teachers on multiple levels and to Source Itself. Continual work with Moldavite will raise your frequencies higher and higher and will activate the chakra system and pranic tube to a greater ability to hold higher and more vibrant vibrations as well as activating and clearing the nervous system for greater physical potential.


Yes, Moldavite invites you to fly, but remember, Soul Purpose is to raise the Earth’s vibration to Ascension frequencies, so consider your healing in alignment with the Earth by using Moldavite with some grounding stones like HematitePyriteObsidian, or even Amethyst or Rose Quartz.

Used over different chakras, Moldavite accesses and transforms different polarities and alignments, (See “Crystal CoCreators”) but one of the greatest transformations is its ability to assist the heart and solar plexus chakras into accepting new connections with the whole. Many people have reported intense physical reactions for a month or two when first bringing Moldavite into their field. We have found that sleeping with your Moldavite, as well as wearing or carrying a piece, will ease the struggle of any blocks or resistance to being part of the whole and the experience to unlimited love you may have. Sleeping with your Moldavite allows the unconscious mind to negotiate any resistance the conscious mind has created through beliefs of fear and limitation.

Used with a Quartz Crystal, Moldavite will ease its way into the cellular system and Herkimer Diamonds enhance Moldavite’s effects of flowing light into the cells. This is a great combination for anyone with unique DNA formations or physical anomalies that we are seeing more frequently now. While these combinations will intensify Moldavite’s purposes, they are truly powerful and essential for Light work on the planet at this time.

Moon Jewel Jasper

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.24.49

(Aka Ocean Jewel Jasper)

Moon Jewel Jasper is also referred to as Ocean Jasper or Orbicular Jasper. Mined in Madagascar, they come in a full spectrum of colors and color combinations. Many of the specimens have beautiful quartz druzy inclusions. Grown in block formation, the mined stones are cut into unusual disks, spheres, and eggs. Each one resembles a small universe or a planet from our own solar system.

No matter the coloration of your Moon Jewel Jasper it is a stone much like the inner strata of Mother Earth… varied, complex, unifying, tough, enduring. This mineral reminds me of the Mandelbrot Set formations that show how order and chaos converge into perfect harmony. This mineral will support anyone while they move beyond where they are or what they believe, helping them to unify the whole and show the world their inner beauty… no matter what.

Because of their unusual color combinations, this mineral can be used at any chakra in multiple ways. The brown and pinks at the first or fourth chakras for bringing in grounded loving-ness. The blue and violet could be used at the fifth, sixth or seventh chakras for clarity of intention, vision or for calmness and peacefulness. The green and red at the first chakra for healing old patterns and grounding. Or you could place a yellow and green one at the third chakra for strengthening the idea of personality.

Because very little has been written about this mineral, you can experiment with its uses to find how it best works with you and your clients.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.28.02


Moonstone is a spiritual stone residing in a physical form. It has successfully assisted us in our deep need to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of who we are. In fact, more women are able to hold the power of their nature while still being in a gracious state and more and more men are comfortable and sharing their feminine sides. This realigning of the masculine and the feminine has moved humanity closer to the time when we can feel fully in our spiritual power…safe to be intuitive, able to manifest at will without fear of repercussions and able to give and receive unlimited love.

Moonstone is good for use during the birth process and for easing female problems. Place it in your pockets after ovulation to ease any difficulty with your monthly flow. You can place a dish of tumbled Moonstone on the nightstand on each side of the bed to maintain marital balance and harmony, and that dish of Moonstone will also aid in your intuitive and clairvoyant nature while you sleep.

Moonstone is a balancer of the emotional body. Wearing a Rainbow Moonstone will not only bring you peace, but it will remind you of balance the emotional body with the heart in preparation for the Christ Conscious Ascension process humanity is preparing for during the current Shift.

Moonstone is good for mild depression and can be used as an elixir for a nervous stomach. It can help you focus on the positive aspects of change and calm your energy and soothe the energy field. It can also be used for anxiety, asthma, and insomnia. It can successfully be placed on any chakra.​

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.36.06


Morganite is a pink colored beryl ranging from rose to pink to a pale honeyed-pink. It crystallizes in masses and prismatic crystals, sometimes vertically striated or terminated in small pyramid-like faces.

Strongly related to Emerald, this heart-centered stone initiates the feminine self to fully embrace happiness and to feel the strength of feminine beauty and wisdom. As you release antiquated guilt of the feminine, you heal the karma connected to many lifetimes, Morganite helps this healing and in the activation, cleansing and stimulation of the heart chakra.

Morganite can make life seem more worthwhile. It has a very loving aura and it is good for women recovering from abuse and for men wanting more balance in their feelings. It is also an excellent stone to bring spirituality and (re)balance into relationships… sexual and racial.

It also supports the feminine to express its power and independence. This is different from imitating men, this is the spiritual consciousness of remembering innate feminine power.

Morganite can be used, in massive form, as a powerful stone to use in medicine wheel ceremonies to provide the expression of brotherhood and the unity of humankind.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate is not technically an agate but a chalcedony, part of the quartz mineral family, with inclusions of dark green dendritic minerals. Dendrite has a feathery appearance and rather fay energy, so moss agate is an excellent stone to connect with the fairie kingdom and to work with angelic knowledge. Use your Moss Agate for connecting with the elementals, what they have to teach humanity and how you can awaken your own elemental nature.

Carry a Moss Agate to produce calmness during stressful times. And, place this stone over the heart for emotional ease and a sense of calm. Moss Agate can stabilize your physical system after an illness and create a stronger sense of self-worth after personal trauma.

This is also a stone that reflects creation, so use it for creating abundance, enhancing love and spiritual expansion, and promoting self-confidence.

USES: Birth (lessens pain), Immune System support, rebalancing depression, creating abundance.

Nirvana Quartz

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 10.46.37

Indigo Gabbro

Nirvana Quartz, or Ice Crystals, is a more recent mineral discovery from the ice glaciers in the Himalayas. Found above 18,000 feet in receding glaciers, these crystals resemble the surrounding jagged ice sheets and irregular crevices. A complete quartz crystal but with deep recesses and contours, they have been hidden for centuries.

They grow in two colors, white and pink. The pink color is derived from microscopic inclusions on or near their surface. They are as unique in appearance as they are in their spiritual properties. These Ice Crystals are unifying in their ability to bring past, present, and future together at one time… Now. These crystals are brilliant in their ability to unify the heart and the intuitive centers of sixth and seventh chakras. The pink variety is for work with the heart chakra and the white variety is for working with the spiritual cap chakras. Used together, they act as a memory of the infinite connection of heart and spirit/mind.

As with all spiritual things upon the planet, these crystals are definitely here to help us remember our own unique spiritual nature. That nature we have also buried deep within the crevices and jagged pieces of ourselves. And, since Now is the only time we truly have, Now is the perfect time to work in the unification of our lower and higher natures. We are presently incarnating our own enlightenment – body, mind, and spirit- and the Nirvana Ice Crystals are here to assist us in this process. These crystals remind us of our original blueprint for human correction during this time of change and ascension, in consciousness and energies.

This unification is also a remembrance of gentleness and strength. The Nirvana (meaning enlightenment) Ice Crystal helps us form the potential that we have buried within our delusions and illusions from the past memory of what we believe. Truth and belief are not always the same and these crystals awaken the truth from within.

Use these crystals in pairs of one white crystal and one pink crystal during meditation. Begin with the pink at the heart and the white at the third eye or crown and then, when intuitively guided, exchange positions. You will find a sweet, calmness move through you as your meditation continues. Allow these crystals to help you to remember the gratitude of trust and potential while releasing the old stagnant limitations of fear, doubt and violence.

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