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October Stones of The Month ; Lapis Lazuli & Malachite


Connects to 5th Chakra (Throat/Ear) and 6th Chakra (Third Eye)

An Earth Stone used to help communicate with the Source. Holding original Earth soul-wisdom. Inspires a higher understanding of immortality. Aids psychic development as related to Earth’s potential. Friendship stone. Balancing the mind and bringing total awareness. It releases stress and brings deep peace.


Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral with opaque, light and dark green banded mineral forming in masses, rosettes, botryoidal configurations, compact fibrous laminated structures and in rare forms of stalactites and needle-like crystals. Found worldwide, most of the specimens come from Africa, the Ural Mt., Russia, and parts of Arizona, New South Wales, France, and Israel. Used since ancient times, Malachite was inlaid into Egyptian headpieces, and pulverized into powered for paints, healing powders and make-up.

Malachite has multiple uses, thus it is a stone of transformation on many levels. It can be used to change situations. While this stone is considered a good heart chakra stone, Malachite can be used in clearing and activating all the chakras. It can be used for clarifying the emotions and for recalling any negative experiences that someone may have undergone, in particular, past life experiences. Self honesty is a key factor with Malachite. Supporting you to look deep within any condition, action, or situation.

It can also be used as a scrying device while in deep meditation to find insight of mental, physical or spiritual conditions. Use your Malachite for locating the root causes of aforementioned conditions, including repetitive or chronic conditions that are connected to past life overlays. It imparts a affect of responsibility and takes the user from any belief of either being a victim or of acting as a perpetrator, both of which are old, unnecessary beliefs.


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