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Spirit Speaks: February 2020

Divine Mother hear my thoughts, hear my words, guide me…

     This virus, CV-19, is both an essential clearing mechanism and a necessary spiritual broom. You are us. We see no separation and yet you have forgotten the deep connection we have with you and thus you with us. Your devotIon to ideas is greater than your devotion to spiritual truth. 

Ideas arise from the realm of Physical Chakras, survival, emotion and ego. Spiritual truth arises from the 4th chakra of Divine relationship with your higher self and then the Spiritual Chakras of shamanic power, intuition and relationship with your guides and spirit teachers. 

     This virus washing your world is a cleansing of ideas so that truth may once again reign within you. How you react to this opportunity of clearing is solely up to you. We ask that you open your hearts rather than your minds during this time of challenge and discovery. CV-19 is as much an alien presence as a space ship for most of you. You are watching how heart and mind are in conflict. You are watching how the group, either reacts or responds to the idea of crisis. You are learning how you, the individual, responds or reacts to crisis. This sickness is here to awaken the sleeping molecules of compassion and kindness. While it is certainly affecting, and will continue to affect, the physical cells of each of you, it will continue to cleanse and assist the evolution of your DNA. 

     This virus will move through your people as quickly as it arose. If you remain aware and continue to develop your consciousness, this does not need to be a long lasting disease. Yet, in its lifespan, it will be deadly for many. Those that are the most vulnerable, both physically and emotionally, will be the most affected. The physically vulnerable are either those that suffer from emotional scaring that has translated into the physical by manifested diseases or those at the close of their lifetimes. This latter group will use this sickness an assistance in leaving the physical plain, and situations, in which they have found themselves. These are the ones you can assist. The emotionally vulnerable are those that have been previously damaged and have not yet found their inner strength to heal and replenish the spiritual blueprint set down before incarnating. These are the ones you can help teach.

     All of these beings are vulnerable and in need of your support at this time. You can best support them by not giving into your fears and the collective fears that are resonating so deeply at this time. This does not mean ignoring what is sensible and wise. This means looking at those most vulnerable and seeing how you can best assist them by practicing compassion and understanding and being sensible in the wake of sickness in the physical reality. Patience, kindness, compassion, these are all key words right now. 

     Ignoring another’s vulnerability by only viewing your strength is not compassion, it is spiritual arrogance. By ignoring another’s needs by only seeing to your own is egotism. You can each hold your spiritual truths and strengths by being conscious and respectful of another’s needs and fears. We emphasize, by not feeding those fears, but by being respectful of them. This respect will allow you to model what is the truth in this situation. Come always from kindness and compassion and show the vulnerable how to become less fearful and more consciousness to the truth of spiritual reality. 

     This moment is an opportunity to rest from the chaos of the old, and the selfish. It is an opportunity to let your old thinking be recreated and evolved. While the spiritual is everlasting, the physical is not. That means anything in the physical is not permanent. All things physical are impermanent and can be set to the side and removed or they can evolve. And this is that moment, that opportunity to see what does not serve you, the individual, you the group, and you, the collective. 

     The new term ‘social isolation’ is actually the isolation of the collective’s ego and a time for the individual to emerge rested, strong and awakened. Allow yourself to be awoken to your higher purpose, take this time to seek the infinite and take this time to find the recesses of compassion you each possess. 

Divine Mother of the Galactic Universe


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