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September Stones of The Month : Clear Quartz & Schorl ( Black Tourmaline )


Quartz Crystal is one of the most common minerals on the planet. It has been the darling of the New Age for a number of years. Because of its numerous growth formations and its multiple geological regions, Quartz is one of the most versatile and well-loved stones in the mineral kingdom.

Quartz Crystal is nature’s natural transmitter. It will “pick-up” or mimic whatever energies it is around and it will collect the energy in its environment.This mimicing is known as piezoelectricity. It can gain more clarity in a loving, joyous environment and it can become cloudy and dark in a negative, fearful or angry environment. This effect, which is the capacity to transform vibrations into an electrical current allows the user to transfer thoughts (good or bad), intention or vibrations into the Quartz Crystal. The clearer and larger the Quartz Crystal point, the more amplified its transmission ability.

​ As well as using your Quartz Crystal for personal meditation and energy work, you can also place one in your home or office for re-balancing the environment, activating & clearing corner stagnation and much, much more.

​ Cleaning your Quartz Crystal is essential to good crystal use or crystal healing therapy. The standard technique is to place your Quartz Crystal in sea salt or kosher salt water for 36-72 hours. The strength of your solution and length of time submerged will depend on the energy corruption to the Quartz Crystal. You can also try my favorite cleansing technique, distilled water with lavender essential oil to clean and refresh your Quartz Crystal.

​ Different formations give Quartz Crystal different properties or attributes. And each formation is unique unto itself and the location in which it grows.

  • Quartz Clusters

  • Faden Quartz

  • Candle Quartz

  • Herkimer Diamonds


Black Tourmaline

Schörl has always been one of my go-to stones if I find myself in an area of aggression or anger. Wearing a Schörl crystal with termination (point, or termination, down) has been a strong protection amulet that I highly recom

mend. The deflective energy of the stone helps in averting negativity from entering the aura; it can also aid the release of any negativity from the aura of the wearer that might be harmful to others.

​ Energetically, Schörl has successfully transmuted its energies from the physical (200 years ago) to the emotional (30 years ago) to the spiritual realms (present time). This mineral not only works with the physical dimensions, but it currently supports the light by working in companionship with minerals like Selenite and Quartz, but it actively works in conjunction with Topaz and Aquamarine to draw greater energy of light rays and higher consciousness to the planet.

​ By wearing, or carrying, a piece of Schörl with an Imperial Topaz or an Aquamarine you will help clear the Higher Self, and guide the I AM energies into your being.

Using an Aquamarine (point in, receiving side) and a Schörl (point out, giving-side) you can clear the aura of any negative residue while drawing in the Higher Self for clearer communication of what is coming to you.

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