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  • Patricia Asheme


~CELESTITE~ Celestite ranges in color from a beautiful light blue, to white, with some yellow and orange overtones. Celestite is part of Angelite, Anhydrite and as the flower shapes in Chinese Chrysanthemum Stones. The most beautiful Celestite comes from Madagascar. Celestite represents the emergence of a new kind of spiritual strength. This clear stone is best used for spiritual can work with it to access your shamanic warrior and for becoming the spiritual knower. Where the shamanic warrior forges ahead diligently seeking their path by exploring, testing and challenging the alternatives of the world around them, the spiritual knower accepts all the paradoxes – light & dark – good and bad. They gain strength in the constant balancing of the whole - of who they have become and in the evolution of humanity. Celestite supports the Higher Heart’s position for compassion and equanimity. From this sacred place, we are able to see the world through clearer eyes and a more vulnerable experience. We may try denying our vulnerability due to old fears of being hurt or rejected, denied or abandoned, but with Celestite’s help, we can lift out of the lower consciousness of ego and fear to the higher concept of love and wholeness. Celestite brings us to the spiritual precipice of The Fool in the Tarot. The Fool’s position of walking off the edge of the world is two-fold: one, it is the position of total innocence, and two, it reminds us that in innocence we are fully protected and embraced when we place our hand in that of the God-Head...we can do anything with trust. Bring Celestite into your world today and be supported by the angels and spirit helpers. Used at night for sleeping, Celestite is wonderful for astral travel, to bring inner peace, and to enhance dream recall. It is also excellent when placed at the Throat (5th) Chakra for clarity in communication. It can be used for perfecting all the chakras and for bringing equilibrium to the etheric and auric realms while in the physical. Most often found in geode form, you can place a chosen piece at your workspace to uplift your spirits and help your communicative skills at work or at home. Pb

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