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Spirit Speaks: August/September 2019

Speak to Us…

Greetings Beloveds,

    So many of you are overwhelmed by the intense waves of light hitting your planet at this time. Again we stress, this is nothing to be concerned about, but rather an opportunity to conduct the stages of enlightenment and ascension in which you so gladly chose to participate. Your job, if any, is to prepare yourself for these energies by clearing yourself and preparing to receive the energies. You have done this multiple times in other lifetimes, you need only find the vibrations within to remember how it is done. So much is happening and so much is changing as we watch the immense undertaking you are within. So much is happening both within the planet and within the galaxy. 

    First, the planet…Earth is undergoing a massive reconstruction of her own cellular composition. Every 26,000 years or so, she changes her polarization's to accommodate the galactic changes. This has been talked about for the last 10-20 years and though you have undergone what was prophesied, the actual changes are still in the form of creation. Not only are you feeling the Galactic Light Energies, but your planet is undergoing these changes and participating simultaneously. This is no easy task and so she must, in essence, turn herself inside out. The way in which she does this is to recreate her resonance and the most affective way is to change her polarities. 

     Your climate changes are a direct result of these electromagnetic changes. Earth is literally heating up from the inside out. You have asked if human disregard for the environment is part of these changes; in a way yes, and in a way, no. Human disregard for the planet and all she encompasses is slowing down the human evolution but is speeding up, and in essence, assisting the planetary conditions of growth, evolution and change. Unfortunately, it is also slowing the human progress of mass evolution. For this we are saddened but see that each of you have choice and we respect that. 

    As for each individual, you are ready for the Galactic changes of Light pouring onto the planet. Know this and do not become either discouraged or afraid you are not up to the undertakings before you. You must remember that you are great beings of Light before you are human beings. It is this Light that a you are reacting to and your DNA knows how to adapt and accommodate these energies. Quietly sit with your selves to allow your cells to teach you how best to adapt and move forward.

    For those of you who are already awakened and conscious, we again ask that you do not judge those that are slower in their awakening. That is all that it is, a slower awakening. But it has no actual effect upon you who are aware. You are again being asked to maintain your own awarenesses and hold the Light for all others to awaken and assist with the changes. 

    While these planetary changes are occurring do you need to worry or ‘prepare’ for anything cataclysmic? No. You are needed more now than ever to be beacons of understanding, re-education and Light for those that will react with fear and misunderstanding. Be holders of consciousness and know you chose to be here to do these tasks.

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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