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Spirit Speaks: August 2018

Speak to us…

It is the struggle that so many of you are experiencing right now that grieves us even from where we see you. This struggle is not necessary for you to live your lives nor to live your lives well. We encourage you always to seek the light and to fill yourselves with this eminence that will allow you to move through the universe less burdened.

Life itself seems to reflect the darkness of which we so often speak and this darkness is the struggle. Your doubts, your insecurities, your fears; no matter how often we have spoken of these things to you, they still emanate their tentacles of derision throughout the matrix of your existence. Part of the illusion you are working from is that you can act from the narrative of the victim and still carry the light. While this is partially true, its complexity is one in which the action of the victim naturally diminishes the light and creates a greater burden for you to carry and to work through. Nothing happens in your world without your permission, so being a victim is always the illusion.

We remind you once again, there is the Light and only the Light. Why this seems so simple and yet so complicated in your world we are amazed. Hold onto your ideas of goodness and do not be distracted by the emissaries of darkness and all that they project in your world. By trying to identify these minions and call them out into the open for punishment, you only weaken the fabric of your own internal (and reflective external) makeup.

Struggle and the desire to right wrongs creates the fabric of strife and the actions of fighting against the ideas of darkness. While these are altruistically indeed good things to struggle against, they are actually the feed materials of lessening your strengths and internal powers of light. Fighting for what was done is an illusion of correcting past wrongs, fighting to create a new future is also an illusion. There is no way you may fight in either of these spaces without feeding the darkness and aligning with what its need to destroy the light is really about. And, since it can never destroy Light, it can only destroy that which fills you with light and lessons your own powers. 

There will be many more opportunities to practice seeing the struggles and fear for what they truly are in the months and years ahead. That is the way of your world. You are eternal and need not fear the darkness but the darkness should always be weary of you. 

 Blessings In Light,


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