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Spirit Speaks: April 2020

Your species is doing well in finding its compassion. It is this that we have been concerned about for many decades.  Do not be either discouraged by, nor distracted by, those that are still not remembering who they are in the scope of Divine Purpose. There are more of you who are remembering than those that are still in blindness. Again, this is of non importance. Your focus must remain on the goal of enlightenment and not correction of mistakes to the actions of others. The corrections for others are not your job to correct. Each of these beings have their own angels, spirit guides, and ancestors who watch over them, as well as the part they must play to encourage others to be awake. So do you see? There is nothing to correct except your own frequency. When you can focus on that and only that you will be releasing each of these others to awaken.  The platform of dis-ease in which your people are participating is moving through its own stages of evolution. The stages of awareness, involvement, awakening, evolving consciousness and abandonment or transmutation are all moving towards transformation. Each stage of transformation is experienced by all living beings. You each transform in sentient form so that you may transform in spirit form. There is never a difference in the stages of transformative action. Transformation is both a noun and a verb for you.  Take your eyes off the end of the journey since you cannot project when this will be. There are enough beings who are trying to do that, and you do not need to participate unless you choose. Do not worry about this for yourself.  For those that have earthly struggles of survival we ask that you contribute time and resources to aiding them. Work locally so that the global will be healed. Healing, as always, starts from within and moves outward in ever increasing circles of light and consciousness. The journey is much longer than you are seeing so be at ease, this is merely a small stage of the whole. We say that the end of this specific journey will be neither close nor far, but it is taken exclusively from within. That, again, is the lesson.  We have been asking these same things of you for multiple lifetimes in your travels and many planetary incarnations.  We will speak of life on other planets… The ‘lifeless planets’ in your galaxy are in fact YOUR past lifetimes of planetary existence. And they are lifeless because that is how your species has left them. Once thriving, once whole, they now stand as testament to the actions of the past. Your attempts to see life there in magical ways is merely an attempt to remember what your lives were like once upon these planets. Earth, is your final destination on this present  journey. It is the journey of compassion and soul awakening. It is the fourth representation of consciousness and you must reflect on how you are participating in the experiment. If this lifetime does not correct itself, this planet will indeed go the way of the other homes you have known. We remind you, this is neither sad nor un-sad, it merely is. To bring life to any galaxy is a blessing of all those who participate. This is you practicing your God-Self, nothing more. Your experience of all that is (w)holy is the creation of each galaxy as you experience it.  Be aware… Be kind… Be conscious… Be the creative force in the universe.  We are watching and embracing you all. Divine Mother of the Galactic Universe


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