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Spirit Speaks: January 2018

Speak to us of what is coming for the next year…

   Social conditions are on the mend this year. Do not judge, but allow the struggles of hearing to happen. As much as conditions have been torn apart, they can now begin to mend and realign. There is still more hostilities within the US, still division, but the majority of disclosures for how and what people think beneath the surface niceties has been broken apart. This allows for a few pockets of unrest to escalate in the middle states...Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. They must reach a peak and in order to begin to heal. Remember, we previously said these changes and divisions are necessary so that people can decide what it truly important to them. Some will choose greater wealth and others will choose humanity and service. This next decade, and truly this century, is about how to align with the higher self, the heart and serve humanity from an open and truthful way.

  The ‘white supremacist’  you have seen are manufactured by those people who would rule your world for  exclusive gain. These tools of harm will always come to the surface when monied powers want to create unrest and fear. Your people are smarter than you might give them credit and the majority will not follow blindly, but rather see the truth within themselves and gather together as bands of light. 

   You must each hold the example of how to stay focused. Even now you are seeing the absurdity of some of the radical actions and while some might rally around the ideas of separation, again they are the few. This is a time of healing and expansion. Let this expansion occur. Remember, you do not need to be the one in charge or in control of all, this means neither the ideas nor all the people. Lead by example rather than by fear or manipulation. Manipulation does not least not for long. 

   All hostilities are manufactured by those that choose control and follow the way of greed for those that have been raised on fear and lack. It is the way of your world that has long needed to be healed. Again, you are in charge of your life. You may come and go as you please. There are neither restraints not expectations placed upon you. 

   There will be a surge of money and then a fall. As the political arena faces itself, the monies that have supported these institutions will have no base and no where to go. All those that have sacrificed what you have called humanity for their small greed and immediate gains, will be balanced out into less than what they had before the changes last year. ALL THINGS STAY IN BALANCE ONE WAY OR THE OTHER...this is the fact of the universe. 

   Comets swing far out into space and re-circumvent the universal reality back to their origination point retracing their path. This is true of all things within the universe. There are no exceptions. What you are experiencing now is an immediacy that has never been apparent before. The repetitions and rebalances have been centuries in the making. Your current events are a repetition of events 200 years ago, and then 300 years before that. What is different this time is the choices you each have, each individual, each country is making conscious choices if they so choose.

   While you are watching your small country, there is still unrest in many parts of the globe. Do not forget to focus your consciousness and light on these places also. You have been enraged by ‘borders being closed’ yet forgotten the people trying to enter from afar. Keep you eyes on those people as the ‘closed borders’ are but a distraction to strip you of your consciousness. 

    Your political system is falling apart. It has been doing so for several decades but the system has been so strong, and the illusions built around it, that you have not seen the inequalities so loudly before this last year. While you may have seen them, they were easy to overlook. This is not so much from republican or democrat or visa-versa, but rather the shift from greed to inclusive, dishonesty to honesty, unkind to kind, neglect to heart felt service. When you are asked to share your voice (vote) look for these qualities. This last year has empowered to many to step up into positions they would not normally undertake. This is the way that consciousness expands itself. It expands in little ways that ripple out into larger change.

    Yes, your president will be impeached. But each of you must focus on the end goal, not on him or his party or their actions. Rather focus on the results of what you want to see manifest in you lifetime and you your children’s and great-grans-children’s lifetimes. In the same way you might do affirmations for a new job or a new car, the same must be done for these you know as politicians and other unconscious ones. Focus on the end result of inclusion and kindness. Your country has ample supplies to aid all living beings and yet to maintain the cap of finances the abundance your country has been stifled. 

   This is easy to see in its inequality from many foreign nations yet you do not/have not opened your eyes to see the same actions or results in your country. Killings and human disregard is happening not only on foreign lands but in your country yet it is disguised as racial inequality and fed as fear. When you stop eating from this spoon of lies you will begin to truly see the world and your country as it is. Then true change can finally occur.

     We ask you to inquire where can you help and how can you open your eyes to seek and then see the truth?

    Globally each country is learning how powerful it is in its own right. There is no large singular entity nor grand father figure to correct mistakes or save any country from itself. This is a powerful lesson each country is having to learn and each country will arrive at its destination stronger than it was a year ago. Many countries have believed the same lies as you as individuals and their citizens have believed. There are no saviors only powerful spiritual individuals that when en-massed together become as one. 

   So many are watching your planet and the growth of its citizens. You ask for disclosure and yet it has all already been disclosed. It is being kept from you by the same people who keep the fears and untruths alive.      

   Again, focus on what you want to see and you will see it. Be open to receiving the truth and you will be rewarded. While those outside this sphere are here and available to both help and hinder, they will not be able to be fully amongst you until the citizenry understands they are just as ‘bad’ and just as ‘good’ as each of you within each country or town. They are not your saviors, but citizens of the universe just as you are and fallible and reckless and wise just as you.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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