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Danburite is a prismatic crystal that grows primarily in Mexico. It is also found in Madagascar, Russia, Bolivia, Burma, and Japan. At first glance, it can resemble topaz, but it can be identified by its strong striations running parallel to the length of the crystal and with chisel-shaped terminations. This beautiful stone most frequently grows as colorless and pink [Mexico], yellow or golden-white [Madagascar], and grey [Peru].

Danburite directs angelic light through its striations and out the prismatic termination. One of the strong heart chakra healing stones along with Rose Quartz that teaches you to heal, Kunzitethat gives you the expression of that love and Pink Tourmaline that gives you the safety to love, Danburite allows you to maintain your personal identity while in the world.

Danburite reminds you that you are no longer isolated from yourself or others. It opens the crown chakra and links that chakra with the heart. It also stimulates and clears the 8th [causal chakra] and 9th [stellar chakra] creating a strong dialogue of higher spiritual consciousness. It is considered a “Buddha Crystal”… a bringer of the aspects of enlightenment and love toward realization. This stone can promote faith and the comprehension of spiritual law.

Danburite enables you to be more patient. It is an excellent helper in times of need and can give you strength when you’re at your wit’s end. It allows you greater ease in traveling your path. It is here to help you know that you need no longer feel alone, confused or at a loss of who you are. It is helpful in bringing you into peace with all your relations, the earth, the elements, intergalactic beings.

Danburite is one of the Synergy Twelve stones and works towards our lessons of opening our hearts and minds to all beings.



Dianite gives one a stronger sense of self; time to attach to your bodhisattva self; remembering we are all ONE; your life purpose is important 



Works from unconditional love; helps integration of new information by making the mind more receptive; *aids digestion


Live in the moment! One of the best healing stones. Activates, opens and energizes the Heart Chakra. Great for eliminating lack; helps to relieve pain. Use in your abundance altar.


Elestial Quartz

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 9.13.32 AM.png

Elestial Quartz sometimes referred to as Alligator Quartz, represents the four elements of air, earth, fire, and water.

Earth ~ a quartz mineral comprised of silica and oxygen. It naturally amplifies its environment and is one of the most powerful healing tools. These healing tools choose their owners more than any other stone in the mineral kingdom.

Air ~ While stone is forming air occasionally becomes trapped within the feed [or mother] solution. The mineral hardens and traps the air pocket within the layers of quartz. Through time, and movement, the air is dislodged but the “pocket” remains within the mineral itself.

Fire ~ Quartz that has been heated or irradiated by the earth is called Smokey Quartz. The grey to dark brown coloration identifies this stone. It is a powerful stone of release, clearing, and protection.

Water ~ Growing in a more watery environment than normal quartz, Elestials will many times encase moss or other cave growth.

Elestial Quartz is a stone in harmony and balance within itself… this is its lesson to us. It is a powerful stone for meditation and contemplation. It holds many mysteries and visions. Let an Elestial become your teacher to show you the way to the next lesson along your path.

These crystals are also the representatives of your angelic teachers. Working with an Elestial can assist you in learning many lessons.

Because of its multiply growth patterns, it reminds us that there is always more than one way to view any situation. It also reminds us that any fragmented aspects of life can be made whole through love.



Emeralds are nourishing and supportive. Their twofold objective is to bring abundance into your life and to anchor that abundance into the Earth Plain and your life.

Composed of Beryllium, Aluminum, and Chromium Silicate, these Beryls exhibit a pure, rich green color with a slight bluish tinge, to slightly yellowish colorations. While the clear, or gem quality, stones are more powerful, all Emeralds will aid the unconscious in bringing abundance into your life. The darker colored stones have a greater ability to ground this newly held abundance.

Emeralds feed and balance the chakras, bringing health to the body systems and also strongly support the heart, in both the healing and energetic aid of the heart, and in promoting love and the security of love. In the past, this beautiful stone was worn by brides to secure faithfulness and longevity in the marriage vows. Emeralds can stimulate love and trust in love for its wearer.


And in the past, it was thought that this stone would change color or break if a lover was unfaithful.

While all stones work in conjunction with the wearer's participation, Emerald works from the Divine level, seeking your cooperation in assuming responsibility for your co-creative part in the Divine Plan. As it helps your movement through the various new levels of transformation you will want to take short breaks from using this stone to rest and integrate the personal processes.

This is also an excellent stone to use as an elixir for confidence in your abilities, to strengthen and align the body with Light, and to build new cell walls that are strong enough to contain the flow of these new accelerated energies you are forming together.

Faden Quartz

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 9.16.18 AM.png

Faden Quartz reflects the ideal, spiral crystalline Divine Plan of how evolution has adapted to Earth, her people and her potentials. It contains the seeds of Earth’s growth and spiritual evolution. Even if Quartz is found on other planets, for us, it perfectly mirrors that of DNA found in everything alive on Earth. It is representational of the basic form that Light takes when becoming physical matter. It is our reflection and mirror; it is our history and future records of all we are about to do. It reminds us to accept and become the Divine’s perfect vehicle to express Light as Love.

Quartz is also reflective of all the many variations of how humanity has combined with itself to create new thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and truth into our ever-changing perspective of who we are and why we are here in the Universal line-up.

Faden Quartz grows as flattened quartz, known as tabular crystals. It almost always grows with a double termination, or completed points on both its ends. Fadens have a white line or “thread” running through them. This “thread” occurs when the cavity the crystal is growing in slowly opens or stretches due to natural earth movement of the tectonic plates; the type that create earthquakes and mountains. During this movement, the crystal is broken and then heals as its growth continues.

These crystals mirror our natural ability to self-heal and grow from our many life experiences. They show us that difficult situations are our teachers, not our enemies. They show us that we are more beautiful and interesting from these many experiences rather than disfigured by them. They reflect the many choices we have been given to creatively put ourselves back together… to Re-Create ourselves as the Divine’s Image at each segment of our lives. Rather than resentment, we can create love, rather than hatred we can create forgiveness. These crystals help remember to put ourselves back together after any difficult situation and continue on with our goals of whom we are meant to be. Life’s circumstances may move us and create changes, but our deep internal strength, our Higher Self, is really running the show when we are able to listen deeply to whom we are meant to be.

Faden Quartz reminds us of how amazing we are and how amazing our journey can be when we accept our life and ourselves.


Fluorite grows in cubic, octahedral and dodecahedral patterns alongside quartz, calcite, and barite. It forms in clear, pink, green (the most common), yellow, blue and purple colorations. Multiple color variations will occur within one formation or specimen. It can be found in China, Mexico, the USA, Germany, and England.

This is a very gentle mineral that has multiple uses. Because of its multiple coloration growth patterns, it is a stone that shows us the value of family and community. Always a good stone to keep in the family room, den or dining room where the family gathers, it can keep harmonious relationships fine-tuned.

This is a powerful stone to use during global healing circles to remind the light group of the Family of Man and the interconnectedness we all share. Fluorite knows no segregation and sees only integrated spiritual awareness on both the third and the fourth dimensions. Because of this multi-dimensional awareness, Fluorite understands what can be seen in the beginnings of fourth-dimensional spiritual awareness can be manifested into third-dimensional reality.

Place a dish of small multi-colored octahedrons in the center of your group, focus your attention on a larger octahedron during your daily meditation, or keep a green cluster at your workspace to maintain harmonious focus throughout the day.

Fluorite can also bring energy to the surface. It can bring blocks or negativity to the surface of the body and assist in releasing old programs from the cells. Each color of the Fluorite can be used to correlate to a chakra. Green Fluorite can be used for the fourth chakra and heart area; blue Fluorite can be used to clear the throat area and real TMJ; yellow Fluorite can be placed on the third chakra for greater clarity and to release and remove mental stagnation or old thought patterns, and purple Fluorite can be used around the crown chakra and sixth chakra to open the spiritual awareness and communication to spiritual teachers and guides.

Purple Fluorite clusters are also an excellent mineral to use at your desk or workspace to promote concentration and enhance your intuition, especially for writers or creative people. And, a blue Fluorite will bring order to an unruly situation.


Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 9.19.03 AM.png

The chrome mica flake inclusions produce the silver or golden sheen in aventurine. Fushite aids in the elimination of servitude and assists one’s ability to be self-reflective in recognizing personal flaws. It also helps you bounce back from tense situations. Increases red blood cell count; treats carpal tunnel syndrome; works on spine and flexibility. Associated with the third and fourth chakras.



Garnets grow in a large range of colors and have a rich history tying them to ancient times. While they all have good grounding abilities, they will vary in their other properties depending upon individual coloration.

Probably the best-known variety is a pomegranate red called Almandine Garnet. It is wonderful for enhancing stamina and giving support and vitality to the base chakra. This stone will also support the heart and give a realistic vision to one’s dreams.

Green Grossular Garnets, including Tsavorite Garnets, derive their name from the Latin word for gooseberries. Grossular Garnets are found as a medium green rhombic formed crystals and relate to the 4th chakra. This grouping grounds abundance into what you creatively manifest through your dreams. When using these stones don’t allow limitation to enter your thoughts, in artistic, emotional, health or work-related endeavors. Use these stones to open your heart to plant seeds of prosperity and abundance in all that you do.

Spessartine Garnets support the 2nd and 3rd chakras. They are found in a medium orange range to clear ruby reds. Working with its ability to manifest realities, Spessartine Garnets can clear the auric field of disharmonious energies and imbalances. Working with 2nd chakra, the redder Spessartine Garnets will support your feelings to hold a true emotional authenticity. The orange variety helps keep thoughts clear from unwanted limitations and doubt.

Black Andradite Garnet, found in Mexico and Greenland is a powerful grounding stone. Without limitations, it holds magic and helps ignite Earth's plane mysteries. Use this stone when engaging the elementals in any Earth magic ceremonies or when tapping into the collective consciousness for support in community-focused endeavors.



Girasol, aka opalized quartz, is a special formation of milky quartz and appears clear and cloudy at the same time. While milky quartz has a non-transparent appearance, Girasol is transparent to translucent in appearance. This cloudiness comes is created from microscopic inclusions of fluids that have been encased inside the crystal during its growth. It has a slightly greasy luster and a cloudy blue-white color that is unlike other quartz formations. High-quality Rose Quartz has this appearance, and the best specimens exhibiting this quality are also from Madagascar. Girasol is opalized quartz found in crystallized mass form and is a cloudy blue-white color.

Girasol holds and shares the clear-light energy associated with clear quartz, but is much gentler in its nature. It has the ability to enhance emotions and mirror feelings. Because of its natural hidden inclusions, so different from Phantom Quartz, it can help one see what has been hidden from view. Used primarily around the sixth and seventh chakras and above, it provides clarity and focus to those chakras. It can be used with the Causal Chakra and above when focusing on spiritual matters or relationships. It is a great stone to carry when doing readings, healings or meditating as it can bring clarity and insight to all things unseen.

When used for healing, again it should be used when working with diseases that are mainly ‘hidden’. Girosal is great with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and used as an elixir for diabetes. All of these diseases arise from an unhappy state or unhappiness in one's situation, and Girasol is a stone of great joy and happiness.

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