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Barite is a bringer of the peace we seek. It softens the accelerated higher vibrations currently initializing on Earth at this time. To walk with Barite is to remember that compassion is the keyword of this decade and you are the no longer the “seeker” but the spiritual warrior Earth needs.

Barite will support you as you help others to see without blinders. As false beliefs and ancestral programming are lifted, Barite will aid and strengthen your innate wisdom so that the awakening of your true self is reflected as the truth for others to see.

Barite supports you in accessing and manifesting the energy to create your dreams. Here is a stone that wants you to follow your heart and expand your world. Barite doesn’t understand the idea of restraint or staying small. When you decide to uses this stone, you will need to prepare yourself for changes and growth. Used with Moldavite, the two stones create a union of dreaming and overcoming fears, to perpetuate actualization of ideas.

Barite is also useful in clearing long trapped emotions and feelings so that you are able to move through the world with greater assurance, confidence, and calmness. If you experience shyness in your world, then keep a piece of Barite with you to stimulate new ideas and communicate your thoughts.

Barite has a soothing effect on the nervous system, so place a Barite Rose around your workplace or near your computer if you are working from home. This soothing effect also opens up the heart to forgiveness and understanding of past hurts. Barite can help to transform old transgressions or hatred into present love.



An intense healing stone. Good for heart problems; cleanses blood; increases courage. Heals anemia; soothes menstrual pain; works on blood, eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, liver, lungs, and skin. Associated with the first, second and fourth chakras.

Blue Lace Agate


Blue lace agate also known as Blue Chalcedony is soothing, cooling, peaceful; aids in communication, both speaking and listening; gives voice to your personal power (especially in conjunction with carnelian) and assists in the creation of all types; strengthens the throat chakra and cools an overstimulated third eye; calls in the sacred feminine. Works on the throat, thyroid, parathyroid, mouth, esophagus, ears, and shoulders. Associated with the second and fifth chakras.

Boji Stones

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 9.02.06 AM.png

Also known as “Kansas Pop Rocks.” Best used in pairs. Supportive and directional for shamanic time travel, meditation, and dimensional transmitting; balancing; calming; integrating; grounding; brings you presently into the here-and-now; stimulates the flow of energy through the meridians; balances the chakras. They are pet-like in that the more you use and love them, the more they will love and serve you. Use with Herkimer diamonds to balance all 12 chakras.

Candle Quartz

Candle Quartz (Pineapple Quartz) from Madagascar is a natural harmonizer. It has the ability to direct the energy of the other stones placed around it. Candle Quartz makes you feel good about yourself.   It can help in past life work and in accessing ancient memories.   Here is a crystal that carries many voices, many lives, many souls, many choices. Placed upon the heart, one is given peace and the ability to think clearly. As with all minerals mined in Madagascar.



Calcite helps align the Divine blueprint at all levels; opens new energy pathways in the brain and heart chakra; integrates your entire system; helps you feel joyous, light and at peace; stimulates creativity; helps relieve compulsive behavior and emotional stress. As an elixir, it enhances, strengthens, and electrifies the skeletal system. Use for chakras by color.



The great emotional harmonizer. rebalances the emotions; promotes courage; releases sorrow and fear; improves memory; strengthens confidence and personal voice; protects against psychic attack. Works on allergies, anger, apathy, depression, fatigue, kidneys, lower back, menstrual pain, ovaries, spleen. Associated with the second and sixth chakras.



Celestite ranges in color from a beautiful light blue to white, with some yellow and orange overtones. The most beautiful Celestite comes from Madagascar. Celestite represents the emergence of a new kind of spiritual strength. This clear stone is best used for spiritual transformation…you can work with it to access your shamanic warrior and for becoming the spiritual knower.

Where the shamanic warrior forges ahead diligently seeking their path by exploring, testing and challenging the alternatives of the world around them, the spiritual knower accepts all the paradoxes – light & dark – good and bad. They gain strength in the constant balancing of the whole – of whom they have become and in the evolution of humanity.

Celestite supports the Higher Heart’s position for compassion and equanimity. From this sacred place, we are able to see the world through clearer eyes and more vulnerable experience. We may try denying our vulnerability due to old fears of being hurt or rejected, denied or abandoned. With Celestite’s help, we can lift out of the lower consciousness of ego and fear to the higher concept of love and wholeness. Celestite brings us to the spiritual precipice of The Fool in the Tarot. The Fool’s position of walking off the edge of the world is two-fold: one, it is the position of total innocence, and two, it reminds us that in innocence we are fully protected and embraced when we place our hand in that of the God-Head… we can do anything with trust. Bring Celestite into your world today and be supported by the angels and spirit helpers.

Used at night for sleeping, Celestite is wonderful for astral travel, bringing inner peace, and to enhance dream recall. It is also excellently placed at the Throat Chakra for clarity in communication. It can be used for perfecting all the chakras and for bringing equilibrium to the etheric and auric realms while in the physical.


Most often found in geode form, you can place a chosen piece at your workspace to uplift your spirits and help your communicative skills at work or at home. Celestite is the main component of Angelite, and Anhydrite, and as the flower shapes in Chinese Chrysanthemum Stones.



Citrine, or yellow quartz, forms from a deep honey yellow to almost colorless. Citrine derives its color from colloidal iron hydrates within the quartz (Si02) solution. Citrine grows in Brazil, Uruguay, China, and Africa.

Associated with the Third Chakra for mental clarity, Citrine is comforting, warm and energizing and can alleviate self-destruction by supporting higher consciousness and a strong personality. Citrine supports any mental projects, so it is a great stone to use during a test or serious studies. It helps maintain concentration by supporting a clear and focused mental condition. Citrine can also be placed at the Crown Chakra as a connection to the God-Consciousness. Use this stone during meditation to help clear away the mental chatter.

Citrine is a major stone to use for creating abundance. Its cheerful yellow color is associated with gold and prosperity. Carry it in your wallet or purse, or even place it in your pocket next to your change to manifest personal riches.

Citrine can help remove toxins and may be used with medications to alleviate some side effects. This stone, because it associates with the Third Chakra, is useful with all the digestive organs (stomach, liver, gallbladder, large and small intestines) and can be a stimulant to digestion and for an upset stomach. It will also support the adrenals.

Citrine Candle Quartz, is natural yellow quartz. This recently discovered African mineral ranges in colors from a rich, honey-yellow, to a pale yellow. Combining the attributes of both Citrine and Candle Quartz, these new crystals magnify the properties of both original stones.

Citrine is used with the Third and Seventh Chakras to create and initialize Divine Abundance in the physical world. Citrine also attunes your life force into clarified thought, or consciousness, by directing God-Consciousness into the play of life with your Higher Self.

Creating abundance, affluence, and prosperity and manifesting these ideas is harmonized by Candle Quartz (often referred to as Pineapple Quartz). With this unified mineral, Citrine Candle Quartz, you can direct the energy of other stones into their own abundance. The energy of planet Earth is currently accelerated, and this new harmonic crystal is aligned with these new vibrations. You can manifest instantly. This new mineral reminds us that we can manifest abundance with the understanding that many voices, many lives, many souls have collectively joined together at this time to assist us in our transformational processes.

Used as a personal meditation crystal, or as a healing tool with yourself or others, Citrine Candle Quartz is a brilliant addition to your mineral toolbox. I have found that sleeping with a Citrine Candle Quartz will teach Universal abundance allowing me to consciously move into the day with a unique wholeness to accept my God-given rights of Abundant Living.



Charoite is a purple stone ranging in colors from deep lilac to intense violet and combining inclusions of black aegirine, clear to light green feldspar and sprays of metallic, orange tinkasite.


It is found in Siberia, Russia along the Chara River. As with any metamorphic stone, it holds helpful metamorphic qualities and will assist in creating new thought patterns and beliefs. Its purple colors move you steps closer to soul alignment. Meditating with Charoite is a wonderful way to gain new insights and open yourself to new possibilities. It is also helpful in re-regulating sleep patterns, for those of you having trouble sleeping, and can also assist in regulating fear in your dreams and to retrieve these thoughts more easily upon awakening so you may bring them into the open to be honestly dealt with.


The black aegirine seems to move through thought to bring a clearer understanding to both outward endeavors and soul maturation. And the metallic, orange tinaksite opens up the pathways of illuminations to more clearly interpret the unconscious into consciousness.



Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper and aluminum silicate growing is microcrystalline masses. It is bright green to bluish, can be opaque to translucent and has a hardness of 2.5. In its gem state, it is known as gem silica and has a hardness of 7.

Another heart stone, Chrysocolla eases and heals the emotions by seeing through the perspective of the heart. A bringer of Perfect Love, this stone integrates the ideal of Higher Heart into a smooth and calm emotional state. Chrysocolla works within Higher Heart to remind you of your spiritual ideal. Remembering your ideal helps to heal any splits between your conscious self/mind and your ideal/divine self so that you may again become part of the Divine Plan on earth.

Chrysocolla calms the lower chakras -base, naval and solar plexus- by grounding the energies associated with them and creating energetic balance. Due to its connection to the earth and heart energies, Chrysocolla is a very good tool for communication with the earth and her elements. This is an excellent stone for healing to learn what, and where, needs to be healed within the earth, and upon her surface; including the plants, waterways, and creatures.

Chrysocolla is a universal energy that can heal on all levels, especially with a focus in the third dimension. This stone elevates human consciousness and your understanding of what is considered mundane in the physical realm. With this stone, you can stay grounded while raising your perceptions of the cosmic and your spiritual potential. Chrysocolla is part of the Divine Plan to expand Earth’s great potential of universal and earthly love. To quote, “The love we make is equal to the love we take;” this has never been truer than now.

You can use Chrysocolla in a crisis to relax and heal the heart and other vital organs. Used as an elixir, you need only place this stone in water for a short time (5-10 minutes) to benefit from its powers that can be very concentrated. Try using your own powers of manifestation to amplify this effect.

The calmness of Chrysocolla helps you to feel that all is as it should be. Wear your Chrysocolla when working with others who need a great deal of support, emotionally or psychically, without feeling drained. You are needed now to show others your trust in the Divine Plan and that enlightenment and consciousness are very possible. In this way, they can learn to trust in the same way you have learned and now practice. Teaching others how consciousness is possible creates more individuals that can teach even more people of universal truths.

Some of the traditional sources state:
supports music and musicians.
Ease stress and hypertension.
Releases fear and guilt.
Clears the liver, relieves digestive problems, ulcers, and arthritis.



Chrysophrase draws out talents and creativity; supports independence; encourages commitment; assists in relaxation and peaceful sleep. Good for eye problems, claustrophobia, heart, nightmares. Associated with the higher fourth and fifth chakras.


Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 9.05.48 AM.png

Copper is still one of the best conduits for just about anything…thought, energy, magnification. This “stone” is excellent for arthritis, stiff joints, and other structural ailments.


Holding a copper sphere in both hands will close your circuits and regulate the body’s bio-electrical impulses, assisting in better thought processes and focus.

Metallic Minerals – Using metallic minerals in your private healing practice or in your meditations can be quite stimulating and detoxifying. Many of them are bio-electrically enhancing and will add to any environment.



Quiets the emotions and stimulates sexual and kundalini energy. Works on the bones, teeth, insomnia, nervous system; dispels nightmares. Associated with the first and second chakras.



Covalite was previously found mainly in Montana copper mining area, the latest find comes from the Andes. This Peruvian Covalite is a rich, dark blue and, unlike its US cousin, holds its structural integrity rather than flaking.


One of its best uses is to detoxify the blood. Used in conjunction with clear quartz crystal points, it becomes doubly powerful. This is an excellent stone placed next to your computer screen to repel reactive electrical impulses and protect from radiation poisoning.

Metallic Minerals – Using metallic minerals in your private healing practice or in your meditations can be quite stimulating and detoxifying. Many of them are bio-electrically enhancing and will add to any environment.


Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 9.09.51 AM.png

Creedite is a crystalline mineral growing in clear, orange, black and sometimes purple formations. The more common orange specimens resemble a pincushion or sea urchin, with prickly crystals protruding from the center formation and are very brilliant and interesting.

This is a higher chakra stone supporting the third eye, crown chakra, and causal chakra. It will give your aura a sense of expansion and fullness when used. Because of its strong structural quality, it also resonates strongly with the central nervous system and bones of the body. This interesting combination unites the spiritual chakras with the emotional, mental and heart chakras to ground spiritual clarity while in its presence.

Creedite is a powerful stone to use during a trance-channeling meditation because of its strong support for the verbalization of the incoming messages. While, because of its growth patterns, this stone is usually not worn, it can be placed next to you or on your lap during your spiritual work.

In this same way, Creedite can be used while accessing the Akashic Records to support you in bringing clear and concise knowledge back from the Records Room. Use this stone in conjunction with ‘record-keeping’ crystals for better access of the hidden records, and for clarity while interpreting the oracles such as the tarot or divination tools.

If you have a tendency to “float-away” during meditations, Creedite, used in conjunction with black tourmalinehematite or mahogany obsidian to help balance grounding is a great combination. Any of these combinations will help bring you into the physical during your practice or any other high spiritual work.

Combining Creedite with moldavite will enhance and enlarge your spiritual experience while using Creedite with nuumite will ground the memories of your dream-state into reality.

Crystal Balls

Spheres are the beginning of the universe. They are the starting point of all sacred geometry and the visica piscis. They are the most perfect of all shapes and through them, and around them, energy flows in a continuous and harmonious pattern. To hold any sphere is to place yourself into a harmonious fluent energy flow that allows a peaceful state of being. This experience is with yourself and with others. 


What a perfect meditation tool! Find a quiet, peaceful atmosphere while holding a sphere and you can move deeply from a light to a heavy trance state. By meditating on the mineral content and color of your sphere you can move deeply into the mineral kingdom and the gifts of the mineral sphere itself. As each mineral has its own message, so each mineral sphere will ease, soothe or energize accordingly. A lapis lazuli sphere eases eye strain after 5-10 minutes of gentle gazing. A rose quartz sphere will circulate loving energy into your hand (hold in the left hand) and through your body. A citrine sphere helps center the mind and calm your thoughts (great for beginning meditators). 


A clear Crystal Sphere, or Crystal Ball. as they are more commonly called, is the traditional scrying tool of mystics and psychics through the centuries. The technique is both easy in theory and more difficult in practice. While holding your Crystal Ball, center yourself to the weight, the feel, the energy emanating from the ball. While looking directly into the ball, soften your gaze and continue looking even deeper inside, you may begin seeing images or pictures within. There are many different ways to use your Crystal Ball as a scrying tool, this is merely one way to start the process. 


While history regarding crystal balls used for divination emerges around 1000 B.C., crystals and Crystal Balls have been used for healing, diagnosing the source of illness, and foretelling the future and soul travel through-out North, Central and South American shamanism and Australian and New Zealand natives for much longer. Ancient native cultures commonly used polished crystals for healing and divining the future. Early Celtic priests and priestesses, midwives and healers used polished crystals for scrying. 


You too can add to your divination skills by holding a Crystal Ball and seeing into the polished stone. We have a wonderful collection for you to choose from to start your collection... for fun and for scrying. 

Crystal Harmonics

In the last 20 years, numerous minerals have emerged from within the Earth vibrating with Harmonics. These crystals are working together as friends and allies to achieve unification in the world. Much can be learned about ourselves and about working with others when we listen to these unusual pieces. Harmonics, or harmony, is the sound of two or more voices singing together. These voices in general accord and are compatible with one another as to the direction the creation is taking. The aria is fuller, the symphony is more complete, the audience feels more satisfied.   

Crystals resonate with various notes or vibrations also. Each different color, each individual mineral has the capacity to sing with its own unique voice or vibration. The more minerals growing together, the more tones giving voice to melody. A human octave is the chakra system.

The essence of Crystal Harmonics is found in the very unusual Quartz Sceptres encrusted with manganese and feldspar.  All three minerals are united in fulfilling the octave within us. Feldspar illuminates the Earth and Manganese broadens perception. The quartz crystal is sceptered within the quartz covering. No discordance here, only a beautiful song of moving together with the upcoming changes. They naturally find balanced male energy!  

Another harmonizer, Tourmalinated Quartz, is a multi-faceted stone that carries the dual tones of both the Tourmaline and the Quartz. Excellent for use in personal growth meditations and for programming as growth enhancers.  Also, these are wonderful tools for using with clients in their healing process.   

Rutilated Quartz is another dual mineral species. Usually seen as Golden Rutile embedded within quartz. Rutile helps us see the path before us with integrity and ease. It helps direct the golden Divine essence into our lives as a healing and practical event.  

Any of these Crystal Harmonizers are wonderful additions to your mineral collection.  Bring the crystal music into your world and hear the orchestration of life.

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