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  • Stone of the Month: Pyrite

    Often referred to as “fool’s gold” because of its brassy gold appearance, Pyrite grows independently Pyrite acts as an excellent shield and protective defense against negative energies. Pyrite can help you see the reality behind the facade. Pyrite, because of its shiny appearance and sunny disposition, is an excellent stone for feng shui placement

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  • All Crystals | The Crystal Matrix

    Price $650.00 Add to Cart Quick View Lapis Lazuli Heart Broach Price $410.00 Add to Cart Quick View Pyrite Skull Price $120.00 Add to Cart Quick View Pyrite Egg Price $49.50 Add to Cart Quick View Champagne

  • L, M, N | The Crystal Matrix

    your healing in alignment with the Earth by using Moldavite with some grounding stones like Hematite , Pyrite

  • S | The Crystal Matrix

    The first was newly discovered last year in Peru and has pyrite inclusions. This form of Serpentine holds the harmonic vibrations Serpentine, pyrite, and hematite. While Serpentine heals the emotions, pyrite provides a breakthrough of the emotions and a shield from Similar to lapis lazuli, it is easy to distinguish because it does not have the pyrite inclusions.

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