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Stone of the Month: Pyrite

Often referred to as “fool’s gold” because of its brassy gold appearance, Pyrite grows independently as a mass, as striated cubes, as dodecahedral crystals or as a replacement mineral supplanting many other minerals forming beforehand. It is a composition mineral of iron and sulfur. Pyrite acts as an excellent shield and protective defense against negative energies. It may be worn, carried or used as a grid for aura protection and aura strengthening. This simple mineral has the ability to protect the physical body by creating a strong electro-magnetic grid in the aura to form a barrier against pollutants. This strong protective ability keeps away all forms of negative vibrations, and allay physical threats or danger. Pyrite can help you see the reality behind the facade. Acting as a mirror or reflection of the truth behind experience, this mineral promotes deep understanding of what is being said or done. It will support the intellect and enhance the memory. Pyrite, because of its shiny appearance and sunny disposition, is an excellent stone for feng shui placement. It holds optimism and energy, and it also radiates a strong energy of wealth and abundance. It can be placed in the home or office as a money cure or stimulant in your wealth corner. Using metallic minerals in your private healing practice or in your meditations can be quite stimulating and detoxifying. Many of them are bio-electrically enhancing and will add to any environment.


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