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Spirit Speaks : March 2023


Changes are not endings but beginnings of what is to come. They indicate the journey of remembrance you have undertaken in this incarnation. They are powerful and sometimes seemingly insignificant, yet always timely as they continue to move you forward. You may not recognize their importance as they are happening. You may not recognize the importance to the next moment of your life, yet they are always signposts of momentum.

You resist change because it is different from what you are accustomed to and most times out of your control. This need for control will always hinder the changes that are upon you. So why the control?

The illusion of your own power is a strong component in the ego. It is the illusion that you can stop the universe from completing your individual assignments. The assignments that you personally chose before this incarnation. You have seemingly forgotten these choices and that is also part of the limitations of life. Your soul chose to experience numerous things to assist your growth and evolution. These soul choices indicate what changes will occur next, what will remain or reoccur for the next lifetime, and what has been completed in your karma during this incarnation. No choice is unimportant. Each choice is not only important, but beneficial to you and to the whole. As each soul makes these awakenings and evolutions, they raise the vibration of the planet and of the frequency surrounding the planet. This is beneficial to the individual and to the collective.

There are soul choices as individual experiences and collective choices in which the soul agrees to participate. These are of a broader, and most times, larger scale than the individual choices. These collective choices enable the collective to advance spiritually as both individuals and as a whole. Many times the collective choices enable what appears to be conflict in order for the collective to have awareness of greater possibilities than the individual may have the opportunity, through individual choice, of awareness. These ‘conflicts’ allow the souls to make new choices during the changes that are occurring. Also, these collective experiences unite the energy of the participating souls to enhance the vibrations and raise the planetary frequencies even higher. It is what you would indicate as a win-win.

Changes then are the raising of vibration and the consciousness of both the individual and of the group or collective. How an individual approaches change allows the collective to more open to the changes that are being represented. Everyone has the opportunity to grow and to expand their way of thinking and their way of being. Without change some of you would never remember to grow and evolve as souls. Each time you embrace the changes on your path you are not only evolving, but also teaching the collective.

We ask that you embrace change, rather than resist it. Resistance only stalls the soul in its growth. Embracing change allows the soul to expand and open the memory of Universal Experience and true infinity of purpose.

We send our love and support to you in these times of change and watch as you embrace your spiritual potential as a vast being of Light and I Am.

We Love You.

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek & the Council of Light


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