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Stone of the Month : Turquoise

TURQUOISE, The Sky Stone

Turquoise, the traditional birthstone for December, is a light blue to sky blue to medium green stone found in copper and silver mines. It is a hydrated copper aluminum phosphate and grow as microcrystalline masses or nodules. It has a hardness of 5 - 6.

Turquoises coloration depends on the amount of copper (creating green) or zinc (creating blue) growing within the turquoise. It is not considered a ‘New Age’ stone but resonates with the older earth energies and that of Atlantis. When it appears in your dreams it symbolizes a connection to the memories of Atlantis and Lemuria. Its history follows the transformation of the earth itself.

Know in the Native American culture as the Sky Stone, it is seen as a gift from the earth, and a reflection of uniting the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.

Its energies bring a sense of peace, transforming negative vibrations of fear into the understanding of the rightness of you world; and transforming the exclusion of the light into inclusion. Turquoise has a calming and stabilizing affect on the emotions. It helps your mind to remember what it has forgotten from the past. It can help you to resolve and realign any misuse of the knowledge of power that may have been abused in the past.

It is an absorptive stone and can be used to help release toxic heavy metal accumulation, and to draw our radioactivity in the body. It is also associated with the chakras, but mainly the throat chakra (5th), the Higher Heart (higher 4th), and the Naval Chakra (2nd). Turquoise is especially helpful for any chakras damaged in the past by misuse of power. And, it can be used on directly on the chakras, on the meridians, and for the subtle energy bodies.

Because it can attune to the physical body, it is powerful in maintaining the connection between the upper and lower realms during deep meditation, astral travel, and vision quests. It literally helps you to stay grounded during spiritual work.

Some of the traditional sources state:

• Turquoise is a good luck stone

• If you see the reflection of the new moon in this stone you will have good luck

• You will be protected from evil.

• Pray and throw a stone into a river for rain.

Turquoise will be 15% off throughout December.


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