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Stone of The Month : Spheres

Spheres are the beginning of the universe. They are the starting point of all sacred geometry and the visica piscis. They are the most perfect of all shapes and through them, and around them, energy flows in a continuous and harmonious pattern. To hold any sphere is to place yourself into a harmonious fluent energy flow that allows a peaceful state of being. This experience is with yourself and with others.

What a perfect meditation tool! Find a quiet, peaceful atmosphere while holding a sphere and you can move deeply into the light to a heavy trance state. By meditating on the mineral content and color of your sphere you can move deeply into the mineral kingdom and the gifts of the mineral sphere itself. As each mineral has its own message, so each mineral sphere will ease, soothe or energize accordingly. A lapis lazuli sphere eases eye strain after 5-10 minutes of gentle gazing. A rose quartz sphere will circulate loving energy into your hand (hold in the left hand) and through your body. A citrine sphere helps center the mind and calm your thoughts (great for beginning meditators).

A clear Crystal Sphere, or Crystal Ball, as they are more commonly called, is the traditional scrying tool of mystics and psychics through the centuries. The technique is both easy in theory and more difficult in practice. While holding your Crystal Ball, center yourself to the weight, the feel, the energy emanating from the ball. While looking directly into the ball, soften your gaze and continue looking even deeper inside, you may begin seeing images or pictures within. There are many different ways to use your Crystal Ball as a scrying tool, this is merely one way to start the process.

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