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Stone of the Month: Selenite


Selenite, a form of gypsum, grows in striations of hydrous calcium sulfate. It is found as icy clear (Water Selenite), fishtailed V's and phantomed. It is very identifiable with humans because of the similarity of saline solution composition. Water, in its truest sense, alters the nature of physical matter. Stones and minerals with a high water composition hold the ability to alter physical matter and physical reality easily and permanently. 

Selenite marries spirit and matter into a peaceable and unified field. Its striations will strengthen, energize and channel high frequency energy through the body of the crystal, effecting the auras Emotional Body. This stabilizing effect brings an erratic person to calmness and awakens or replaces those unstable feelings with true emotions. 

  An excellent stone to use for past life trauma, Selenite aligns the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies giving the recipient the ability to transmit a higher octave, or clearer, less encumbered essences into human physical experience. 

 Selenite attunes you with your personal Christed Heart Consciousness. Stroking a Selenite wand brings peaceful feelings and a sense of true well-being. A Selenite wand can be placed near a work station for clearing, or use a flat wand to clear your jewelry after your day. Selenite is definitely the stone to have in a healing pouch for refreshing energy and for bringing in angelic frequencies.

  You may also use Selenite to assist someone who is preparing to cross-over. With the person’s permission, place a Selenite Wand beneath the Fourth Chakra, directing the termination upward. The Selenite may be placed directly under the body or beneath the mattress or bed. With the Selenite directing the spiritual, emotional and physical energies toward the Seventh Chakra, the transitioning person will be given energetic assistance to release from the gravity of physical form as they cross dimensions.                  -P.B.

NOTE: Selenite moves energy through its hair like striations. You can decipher the direction by holding the stone vertically and your Heart Chakra. it’s easy to discern up or down. When the termination is pointing upward you will feel lightheaded or perhaps dizzy. When it’s being held termination down, you will feel calm and peaceful.


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