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Spirit Speaks ~ May 2021

It has been too long since we have spoken. Much has changed and the dimensions have shifted yet again. That which has chosen to remain the same will remain the same, and that which has taken on the new vibrations will continue to vibrate at a higher and higher vibration. The old, the unchanged, the stagnant will move further into its orb of decay, while the changed, that which is acclimating to the higher vibrations, will continue to evolve. We are here, fully involved, with that evolution. We seek the direct and indirect evolution of this planet and all the beings who have gathered at this time for these events.

How are you recognizing these events? They are this planet’s shift of its poles, its change of the masculine and the feminine energies into neutrality. The poles are no longer as what you have identified in north and south, they are recreating themselves into a new north-star and a new south-star. This is necessary for recognition into the new paradigm of Universal Love. Each time these shifts occur, they are resonated from deep within the Galactic Core to each planet that evolution may come into alignment with a higher purpose and meaning. Earth’s plates are shifting to accommodate these changes from within the core; and the movement of the gyroscopic core is creating the planetary, cellular growth of more land mass and ideas; the volcanoes are creating movement and internal/external change. Listen to the words…changes within the core.

These are the changes then that must also change within each person and being of heart and united mind. An actual change within the core of each of you is taking place. Must take place if you are to find comfort in your journey. To fight these changes is to fight your very nature, to fight your purpose of birth and necessity of being here, in this place, at this time. There is nothing else…only change and evolution and enlightenment. To open yourself up to the inevitable changes is to open your heart to a broader spectrum of consciousness vibration, aligned with the Divine Mother, the Galactic core of Consciousness and Love. Open yourself up. Allow your heart to lead the mind and release the entwined beliefs of the generational past. These beliefs are no longer needed as so many of you are recognizing.

You are conveniently calling it a new age. It is so much more. It is the time of multiple hearts and ways of thinking without restriction or necessity of individuation or separation. Listen to your children, they know, they are able to see into the multitudinous vibrations of change and deep nurturing. Let yourselves be nurtured. Let yourselves be loved. It is what you have sought through each lifetime and into the next.

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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