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Spirit Speaks: September/October 2019

Speak to us…

Earthly life has never been about what can acquired, but rather about who you can become. Acquiring anything other than enlightenment will drag you into the well of encumbrance and become a weight. Each passing then will be spent unburdening the soul from what it has been carrying. While you have freedom of choice and what is free will, you are still very much subject to the alignment, or misalignment, of Divine Will and Direction because this is what you created while still part of the Divine. How do you encourage individual freedom? How can you support the concepts of kindness and life? How are you acting as a true Divine spark of Light upon your planet? These are the questions that must be asked as the planet herself is transforming and the galactic waves of enlightenment are pouring onto Earth. Each question is imminently demanding an answer.

The Sacred is in each of you as you are in It. There is no separation of thought and deed any more than there is separation between Self and the Other. We have spoken to you of this in the past. There is no other. We have spoken to you of this miracle and yet the persistence of separation is still prevalent amongst you.

In this same way there is no heaven or hell. These concepts are just that…not fact, but concepts of creating misalignment and greater separation. To conceive of one of these ideas is to place the webbing of illusion between the viewer and the participant. Neither then can observe or see what is the truth of Universal and Divine Perception. These oppositional concepts were devised to create an illusion of superiority or inferiority for the believer. They are a device to bring you closer into the illusion of permanence rather than allow you to flow freely through Creation. These concepts again create separation; and separation is always the divide between  Self and the Divine. To separate self is to be blind from the connection of all other beings. Thus illustrating the fabric of illusion placed upon Earth to create separation and take away your Divine free will. To follow another’s identity as your own is to strip yourself of Divine Creation. To follow another’s description of belief is to automatically be wrapped in the veil. To strip one’s Self of Divine Remembrance is to walk upon the path of deception and to be manipulated away from the essence of your Divine Interaction. You are powerful spiritual beings that from the moment of originating spark have been co-creators with the Divine. To shroud yourselves in illusion then is to cut off the power of co-creation. This is not just disempowering, it is endangering to your essence and can then be used against Creation as a tool of destruction. 

Use your Earthly time in the way of kindness, love, compassion and trust, rather than fear, hatred, judgement and destruction. Destructive actions, unkindnesses, these will perhaps momentarily give the illusion of protection but they are actually severing your Divine ties to the God-Head. Each cycle of correction your species moves through is one to either develop Divine Essence or to destroy it. If it is developed, the Soul is freed; if it is destroyed, the soul is locked into another cycle. You are the co-creators and you must decide what you are creating.

In these extreme times ask yourselves what it is you are truly acquiring. Is it life supporting, filled with kindness and love or is it life destroying filled with fear and unresolved anger? These are simple questions, are the answers the same?

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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