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Spirit Speaks: September 2018

Speak to us…Show us the real from the unreal. How do we differentiate one from the other in these times?

    Your perceptions of reality must be taken from your perspective of who you are, rather than who someone else appears to be. ‘Appears to be’ is the key phrase when you are in relationship. So many decisions are made taken from the illusions you may have of what you see before you. The illusions come about through prior training. belief or indoctrination. They come about by force, by past life experience and by fear. These illusions block the true aspects of the soul from emerging and flying free.

    Each person must be solely responsible for themselves, allowing the same freedom of choice to others.  Consider the ties, the karma, you create when insisting someone else follows your dictates. No matter how well informed or wise you might present your ideas, they may not be the same as another’s, and they might not lead the other person to the perfect experience needed. By forcing an idea you are implementing non-freedom onto the other person; thus, blocking freedom of choice. When you allow freedom of choice, you allow the other person to exercise their free will and thus experience his or her experiencing of life lessons. You each have incarnated to create situations and experiences that will accelerate lessons for karmic release and soul growth. This is why you chose your parents, your family (past and present), your friends and all situations. Your decision to spiritually grow was exercising your freedom of choice as a soul, long before your became physical body.

    Consider how you may feel when someone attempts to interfere in your actions, or demands your thoughts to be a certain way. Rather than embrace the suggestions, you may feel an unease regarding your right to choose or you may feel judgement around your actions or ideas and feel the need to defend those ideas or actions. This defensive energy easily blocks you from the full experience before you and you will then have to re-engage the experience at another time, with other people, to still have the karmic completion. This defensiveness, or soul struggle, then slows your progress and slows the progress of the other person in the experience. Both of you may otherwise discuss both viewpoints without interfering in the individual actions. When the karma is complete, each party has the right to move on without interfering with the other.

    Consider the implications of group mentality and how that effects you, your thoughts, your emotions, and your reactions. There is currently great divide your society. We see the assorted factions taking sides, with no one being what you may consider right. Each division is not considering the other and yet is fully vocal in wanting the other side to concede. This does not work any more successfully in the larger perspective than in the singular. Forcing another, whether it be individual or group, to believe or act according to the predesigned script of right or wrong has never served anyone. Indoctrinating another at any age before independent thinking has been implemented is a way to create group karma as precedence over individual karma. Thus creating more illusions and future individual struggle. Part of the current divide is to dislodge group mentality from individual, freeing many form the contrived whole or group.

    Consider instead the opening of the heart, to trust that each person, and each side is moving through their exact moment of perfect karmic conditions and all will be meeting as one in the end result. If this is not easy for you to see perhaps you are not seeing all the pieces from a larger perspective of reality. You may be seeing it from directly in front of you and not from afar. 

    Allow others to grow as you would wish for them to allow you to grow; growing strong, growing wise, growing unencumbered by expectations or predesigned beliefs. This is the challenge currently before you. You have chosen this time in which to experience your life. Be neither one who rescues, nor one who needs to dominate by being a bully, nor one who extorts love by being a victim. Each of you are able to be your own hero and fully participate in your life.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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