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Spirit Speaks: October 2018

   The fabric of your world is changing. It is as if someone has held the folds of a cloth tightly fisted and the threads have rotted through. These threads have thinned down so that the fibers are so thin they have become transparent. And it is these threads that are finally dissolving into nothingness. 

   The duality of your planet has been a strong contributing force of this fisted, stagnant fabric. It has created an unbending, unmovable face of thought and indoctrination. Now, with the fabric of ideas and thought becoming transparent, you are seeing where the lies of centuries past have permeated your present. 

   There is no need to try to change anything nor is there a need to try and heal that which is broken. All reality is in perfect alignment with what is coming in change and growth. You may have been experiencing these growth pains personally, you ay have been finding your balance in this new paradigm. Now you will be seeing these same growth patterns manifested into the collective. If you are especially sensitive to the vibration of the collective you will be feeling the gasps and reverberations as molecules change and frequency shifts. There is no need to try to stop or block these changes. We have been speaking to you of this growth and change regularly and if you have been listening, you have been aware of the immensity of what is changing. 

   Our answer to you, as always, is to enter all areas of change with an open heart, a peaceful mind and calm spirit. These are your tools of assistance. And, it is only these that you need at this time. Listen carefully to those around you that you may hear the frayed edges of the fabric of their ideas and perceptions of reality ripping free. Hold onto what you know spiritually and assist those that come to you in pulling the last of the threads of confusion from their being that they may also be free. Free to grow, free to expand into the enormous spiritual beings they are. Show them the way. And allow yourself moments of calm and peace for the journey ahead.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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