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Spirit Speaks: November/December 2019

Speak to us of the animals in our lives…

Animals are on earth as continuation souls. They are here to process past lives and negotiate the difficulties of 3-D just as are you. They are doing the same as each human, but without the ability to control either their environment or circumstances. This is the ultimate act of trust in the Divine. It is being done on a much more difficult level than you are experiencing in your lives. They are here as teachers, helpmates, friends, and loved ones.

Each animal has chosen to be of service, but from the highest level of consciousness while not showing that consciousness for what it is. Think of it as silently doing good deeds without the demand for acknowledgement or reward. You have chosen your life but with the conditions of choice and control. The animals on your planet have chosen to live here with the utmost trust and open heartedness. Each animal thus is being of service to you whether you are conscious of these interactions or service. Whether they are what you consider domesticated animal, or pets, or whether they are none domesticated animals, or what you call beasts of burden or food, they are each here to create higher consciousness onto the planet.

They are allowing you the choices of kindness and love or unkindness and abuse. Without your conscious knowing, you are being tested on your actions to others at all times…even the actions towards the animals. How are you measuring up? In the same way that your thoughts, your actions and your treatment of other humans is integral to your own evolution, your treatment, actions and thoughts to the animals are also being taken into account of your purposefulness in the universe. 

They are here to help you overcome your fears, your smallness and your unconscious thoughts. How you treat each of them is how you will also being treated in future earth years and future lifetimes. Domesticated animals are merely those that have taken on the yoke or burden of working with humans more closely than other animals; non-domesticated animals are here to expand your levels of kindness and personal relationships in a more general way, but they are all working for your, and their, highest good. The animals are here to help you open your heart in ways that are still unknown to many of you. Be with those you consider your pets, are they not teaching you more than you are teaching them? Each time one of you is able to transcend the role of ruler or owner, your life expands and will be blessed for future times. Every time one of you is able to exercise or share freedom with animals your freedom will be opened and expanded. When we have said that each of you is as one, we have always meant all sentient beings, not just those who can speak or read. All the animals can think but they are thinking without the burden of expectation, they are thinking and being, but as souls of kindness and respect to all. 

We will ask you to engage in greater communication and relationship with all your relations today and of future times. Allow yourself to expand and grow beyond small thinking and being and walk in peace.

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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