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Spirit Speaks: November 2018

Speak to us…

    Your people are on a collision course with conflict. This is not unusual nor is it impossible. It is merely the current study of movement you are enlisted in. There is neither good not bad in this process, It is only the means by which the universe resolves imbalances and encourages you to realign also. As you realign, your planet is able to readjust her frequencies and clear the hidden darkness that collects within the psyche of the humans upon her. Again, there is no ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ as you know it, there is only the means to clear energy that acceleration, evolution and ascending frequencies may realign within the universe. 

     Each planet has a unique roll to play within the Universal Law. Depending on the planets placement, age and purpose, each planet pulls, expands or contracts that the flow of universal energy might stay constant and stable. This is something few speak of and yet it is the playing out of the planets that is true. As above, so below; as within, so without. All frequencies are interrelated and none are singular unto themselves. 

     Just as you and your interactions with others effects all, so too the planets effect one another and thus the universal energetic flow. You are but a small speck of light united with all other specks of light and as such, your light is immensely important and yet unimportant all at once. While your personal speck of light is universal, omnipotent and permanent, your life is transitory within the physical form and upon the various planets you chose to inhabit. 

     Earth is undergoing a large rebalancing and must adjust to the future changes of light particles that will be arriving. She must clear the heavier elements and make way for higher frequencies for the good of all. When we state, ‘the good of all,’ we are speaking of all sentient beings and all planetary energy everywhere. Thus you are viewing the expansion of light in the reflection of shadow. If you are currently focusing on the shadow energies you are seeing a minuscule portion of reality. If you are able to focus on the light and what that may look like as it expands, you are focusing on the much larger portion of the greater reality. 

     As we have previously stated, the Shadow is only an illusion and the Light is eternal. By focusing on the Shadow, you are continuing to give it life that it does not, in the scope of Universal law, actually have within it. By focusing on the Light, you are adding to the Light and propelling it forward into resolution and healing. You ARE the Light, so to focus on anything but the Light is to negate your own spark of divinity. 

     We insist you remember your light, who you truly are, and the future frequencies that are upon you. If you are struggling with these new frequencies, we ask that you relax as the frequencies move over you and through you. Do not cling to the old, the hurts, the disappointments, the wounds. Rather, embrace the possibilities opening to you and rejoice in this new embrace of forever.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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