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Spirit Speaks: May 2019

Speak to us…

   You are currently being bombarded by solar waves of immense energy. Your bodies have either learned to adapt to these new frequencies, or they are struggling to do so. The Universal Mandalas of Light are shifting and changing and these current configurations are the most intense that you have encountered. Be patient with yourselves and do not loose heart. You will adapt. Any discomfort is in the struggling that is normal and unfortunately common for earthlings. Galactic Core Energies are when the Core of Existence is resetting itself to a finer, clearer vibration. This occurs every several thousand years at random times as the Godhead sees the need to adjust how lower frequencies are effecting the Galactic Whole. What you experience as current is in fact thousand and many times millions of years form the past and the vibrations are just now reaching your planet.

    Included in these new frequencies are the electro-magnetic changes to what you are calling 5G for your mobile devises. This energy is in addition to the Galactic Core Energies of physical, mental and emotional adjustment. Many of you may be experiencing sudden bouts of dizziness or queasiness within your persons. These physical sensations are the actual microwaves moving through the air and entering your bodies. Depending on your own sensitivity to these higher frequencies, you will either feel disoriented, dizzy, nauseous, angry, confused or sleepy with no other internal or external stimulation seemingly at play. As with the Galactic Acceleration, each individual will need to not only adjust as these waves enter, but discover what he or she can do to modulate the energies. There are stones that will help block the 5G; also practice meditation more frequently to learn how to move your cells at a faster rate so you do not feel surprised by these changes. These are permanent changes you are adjusting to. It is your appointment to learn how to work within these accelerations. Rely upon your Spirit Teachers and Guides to support and teach you how to continue to adjust. Being mutable in this endeavor will serve you well. Do not fall back on the old ways of being or doing, the vibrations are recreating themselves as they are being created. The vibrations are form and as such are alive and capable of shifting just as your thoughts and ideas must shift and change.

    With these new frequencies focus on what you want to create in your immediate world. Do not postpone whatever changes or corrections you have envisioned. If you are holding onto the old, you are recreating the old, if you are envisioning the new, you are creating the new. Be very purposeful in what you think and form in your mind and adjust in your emotions. There are never any mistakes in the universe…only intentions that were not completely formed. 

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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