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Spirit Speaks: March 2019

Speak to us…

You are all so easily distracted; by your health, your ideas, your wants and needs, your families. These are but inconsequential, temporary situations that allow you to maintain your illusions in the dream. You focus on what is wrong in your world missing the essence of what is truly transpiring. You focus on what is right in your world missing your vital essence. You have an old adage is that you ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’. This is one complete concept that you mistake and forget. Focusing on either the forest or the trees, rather than focusing on eternity is debilitating to spiritual awakening. 

Focusing on the trees rather than your awakening, while karmically responsible, allows you to complete cycles and find good merit. This is marginally important in that it will keep you on the karmic wheel and assist others in developing and evolving. You have chosen to be with particular souls at this time to assist in their evolution as they are assisting in yours. All interactions are occurring to create consciousness. Consciousness with either be accepted or rejected depending on situation and personal awareness. You must remember you cannot force personal growth on another any more than another can force personal growth onto you. You can, however, bear witness to another’s growth and patterns. In this way, learning lessons and supporting the lessons being experienced.

Focusing on the forest rather than your awakening will create such great illusion that you may not be able to identify the individual merits you are achieving. The greater, overall perspective of your world is transpiring to heal itself. Focus on the healing that is taking place, rather than on the chaos, this will benefit the awakening of all because it will allow your focus to be on the greater enlightened whole. Do not mistake another’s actions as unconscious; actions are always conscious rather the being is aware or not. Actions have consequences and consequences have either negative or positive merit. But always they have merit. Whether one is moving in what appears to be a forward or a backward movement, movement will always be movement, none-the-less. (Whether a country, or a planet, is moving forward or backward, it is still movement) From your perspective, what appears to be backward movement may in fact be forward acceleration for another. You are in the middle of the chaos, we are not. From our perspective all is exactly as it is intended to be. 

This is why we ask you to focus upon yourself and not focus on another. You are in the middle of your own movement and yet most frequently have difficulty recognizing whether your movement is actually moving and in what direction it is needing to adjust to. Always try to be neutral in your actions and your judgments. In this way, you will be able to focus inwardly into your heart center, the Temple of your own Divine Being-ness. Find your Temple and allow the breath of the Divine to fill your molecules, your whole, your actions, your needs. We love you.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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