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Spirit Speaks: March 2018

Affirming that you are a conscious extension of the Divine is necessary and useful in these times. As the energies move through the galactic and intergalactic corridors, these energies bombard your planet and disturb the equilibrium of the central planetary matrix and the inner core of your people. This is to be expected. Do not be alarmed or react uncertainly day to day. The need to be constantly readjusting however is certain. 

To find your balance as these energies move through what is still referred to as third dimension is something you can focus upon. As you move from your dreams into waking, allow for the sudden and sometimes subtle vibrations to settle into your body. Only then, should you sit up and breathe deeply of the new day. As you place your feet onto the ground, settle into your body even more and send roots into the earth. Each day Earth is also adjusting to these new galactic energies at her core level. Sending down your roots and then waiting for the planetary adjustment will align you with the daily, current frequencies. This will allow you to not be suddenly off balance or out of sorts.

Seeing erratic behaviors in your environment will remind you that others have not done a conscious daily adjustment and establish you as a helpful focal point for others. Hold your own purpose and energy in each moment or situation. This will not only maintain your own level of sane actions but create a core of integrity for so many others you many encounter. 

We are with you and see the struggles, the resistance, and the acceptance.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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