• Patricia

Spirit Speaks: June 2020

The current road has been difficult by not impossible. You are seeing the results of what your species has created both in consciousness and unconsciousness. These are the two parts of the whole. There are no others, only degrees of these two. When humanity split from full consciousness into fragments, these two became parts, created and influenced a new paradigm on your planet. This was not the first time that separation was created from the Divine, but we are hoping it will be the final lesson that souls need to eliminate the necessity of separation. With each added fracture of the whole, with each added fracture of the two halves, more and more discord has been created until few of you recognize that separation has even been created. With this separation, we can only observe from afar, hold eternal energy, and allow your species to fulfill your destiny in the fabric of creation.

The struggle of separation is one that has followed consciousness through the galaxies for much longer than your kind. It is here to allow re-consciousness, and the souls that impart that consciousness, to identify the innate strengths and weaknesses within the consciousness itself. As we have grown, evolved, transmuted, transformed, so have you and as you have grown, evolved, transmuted, transformed, so have we; this is the first proof of connection. You are us, and we are you. Again, we embrace and applaud all who participate in evolution and transformation.

By now many of you have recognized the part you are to play, as you have recognized the part you have played previous to this moment. Many of you have heard the voice of creation and recognized that you are being asked to recommit to your original contract on this planet, or to acknowledge the completion of that contract. For those of you that have acknowledge completion, we embrace you and celebrate your work here and welcome you home. For those who will and have recommitted, we celebrate your powerful souls and spiritual fortitude. We applaud the strength it is taking for you to continue upon the platform of physical life and fully support your choice. 

Your strength will be needed and applied in the coming days and months, into the next five years. The contract of the planet is being amended and rewritten and your input is necessary to create a world of wholeness without the illusion of separation and disease. You are not only here to overcome the confusion of the initial separation, but to overcome the galactic struggle of dominance and power and aggression. This is not a final stage of soul evolution or of humanity's part in that evolution, but it is a powerful moment to clear, heal, correct and transmute the separation that was created at the beginning of your kind. 

Where in the very recent past, what you call ancestral healing, has been rapidly advancing and resolving. That healing has led the way to opening the deep ancestral wounds and scars you are seeing transform before you now. We say to you that you are strong beyond measure and ready for the unsettling tide of conflict currently upon you. You have done the work and will prepare the way for those coming after you. We hold you tightly to our field and know that this is right.

Divine Mother of the Galactic Universe