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Spirit Speaks: July 2020

Speak to us of the current conditions…

In this current world situation, the leaders are either the dark mirrors of reflection or they are the light that shows the way. Understand that your democracy is not a democracy and has not been so for longer than you know; it has been infiltrated by forces of destruction and divisiveness for many decades. It has allowed each of you to live under the umbrella of illusion without the need to correct what has been wrong. You have been like children that receive rewards for good behavior and expect punishments for the bad. Thus, when times are easy and there is no struggle you have been able to allow the inevitable. When more is expected of you there is a sense of punishment within the collective and you take retaliatory actions. Neither of these are true and neither action is either helpful nor beneficial at this time. 

What was originally designed as a pure democracy by your indigenous peoples was a form of allowing the elders to guide, not to rule, from a position of experience and sound judgement. This form of collective guidance was always based upon what would be best for the greatest good. Always to maintain balance for the greatest good for all the people, not just for a few. Those who founded your nation replicated this idea to use as a template for disassociating from what they saw as the common man and yet building it with its foundation not for the many but for the few. The few were, and remain, the elite that they may be safe from those outside their realm. So your democracy has been on unsure footing from its inception and that is why the foundations are breaking apart. These foundations have been undermined by the lines of injustice, self-serving and malice, and those small, broken lines are growing and disintegrating beneath the many. 

You are in a period of recreating from the old even as it is being destroyed around you. These new dark mirrors are destroying the illusions that were built around your perceptions to allow a new form of Light and Consciousness to be created. This must occur. There is no other way to allow the many to awaken to their blindness. For those of you already awakened, we acknowledge your pain and your great sorrow, but you each chose to attend this particular meeting of souls and will play out the script that has been offered. At this time, there is no other way. 

Because there is always choice within your species, there is also the option of not what you are experiencing, but how you actively interact with the experience. This is similar to how karma is interlocked with reality. You make the choice to interweave with an experience, yet both parties have the options of how they will accept or reject the Light that is in play. We have previously mentioned there is only the Light. This remains true. The action of such a small number of you to reject the Light is the culmination of what is interplaying on your planet. While it is a small number, it is yet a substantial amount to have set the destructive course of action you will all experience. You may choose to maintain and hold the Light. This will be of essential and universal importance for many centuries in the future. Your indigenous people knew to seek planetary adjustments for seven generations. These peoples understood that holding an action for this amount of time was essential to correcting any out of balance occurrences. For us, it is a time reference of seven centuries of your timeline. As above, so below. Time is not a relative occurrence when there is no limitation of space or movement. 

You are not alone. You have many allies who are also Beacons of Light in many, many places upon your planet. Seek those others who hold the Light. Do not be subjected to the pettiness of humankind but diligently practice rising above these perceptions to continue to adjust that which is out of balance. There is much to be said for this. When more unconsciousness is presented into the populous, ask whether you will succumb to the basic insanity or will you allow yourself to step back and not be emotionally immersed in the fear  and all its dressings? We urge you to step back. This is not taking the action of not caring, this is taking the action of holding the Light that the burden of imbalance may be called to order. You are essential to being in the vanguard of the re-creation of the planet when the time is presented. Teach those that are open to the teachings, immerse those into conscious thinking and being, be an example of what the Light represents rather than what is broken and beyond repair. Look into the dark mirror of reflection and see what may still need to be cleared and released so that the golden mirror of consciousness may lead you into the future. 

You are not alone. 

Divine Mother of the Galactic Universe


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