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Spirit Speaks: July 2018

Singularity or collective focus these are what you must open your mind to at this time...

    Focus on what is important and nothing else. This specific time in existence was set aside for souls to realign with what is important and only that. Each life and each lifetime has the opportunity to excel or to diminish consciousness; not merely individual consciousness but collective consciousness.  Each life and each lifetime chooses to move forward for the good of all consciousness or to stand aside and allow other galactic consciousness to take charge.

     Galactic Consciousness previously agreed to allow Earth's humans the freedom to expand at will. This was not conceived by Galactic Consciousness but by the souls choosing to incarnate onto Earth in this millennium. You have each worked for the privilege of being present and interactive with current reality. There are no mistakes. Galactic Consciousness has stepped back from the outcome of current circumstances for the good, and the empowerment, of current Earth Souls. You have such greatness in you to orchestrate the enlightenment of all newer souls. You are that powerful.

    This particular period in galactic transformation is being articulated by human form rather than by non-human form. We say nonhuman form because we are all galactic travelers and non other. What form you have chosen in this lifetime is transient and non permanent, just as all form is non permanent. The transition and existence of Soul is infinite.

    Soul is collective not singular and as such it can either be in struggle (singular) or in transformation (collective). When Soul is in collective consciousness, it is focused on what is best and of highest good for all individuals. In this state, Soul is able to transmute hardships and conflict. When Soul is in struggle it perpetuates more struggle and sends that energy out into the collective creating chaos for all those also in singularity. Singularity and struggle become simultaneous; they become self creating in the reality they are holding onto. Collective is supportive and perpetuates the good of the whole creating greater freedom and more expansive creation for all.

     Moving from planet to planet and galaxy to galaxy Soul expands or contracts accordingly. Settling in physical space creates the illusion of permanence and thus denies freedom. This lack of freedom is only illusion. The Universal Creative Expansiveness, or Galactic Consciousness, is reflecting for each of you at this time. It is holding you to your soul's agreement and its own need to expand beyond what you think you know. What you experience, you project; what you project you experience. This is a constant and yet one that is constantly forgotten.

     Allow yourself to move between thought and time and expand what you think is real and who you think you are. The more expansion, the greater the good of all the universe; the smaller your thoughts, the more constricted the universe.

     Open your minds. Open your ideas of what is. Open your thoughts of reality and the Universe. Open your hearts.

     We are all waiting.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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