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Spirit Speaks: 2020

January 2020

    This is a year of joyousness and purposefulness. Each of you will find this purposefulness in different ways and showing from different directions. Because some may need to move into another dimension, there will be losses of loved ones and friends. Look into how you may be of greater service to those that are seeking to grow and evolve. 

    This is a time to find the next perfect positioning in your life and in your world; your next perfect direction that you can find your next perfect place in the universe. Look into how you may be of the greatest service, how you may be useful without succumbing to the limitations of servitude of the self or to your ideals. What is important is to be fully committed to yourselves and to one another, so that you can move on this journey together and to join in parallel patterning and journeys.

   Everyone is as they are supposed to be. Remember this as it is what needs to be embraced so that all individuals may evolve as they are meant to evolve and as they are capable. Allowing for the individual to evolve and grow is what needs to be focused upon not what you think should be occurring. Of import is that  you are souls having a physical experience, not the other way around. 

     Your reality is currently reweaving itself. It is like tearing apart the fabric of the old and reweaving it in a new way, into a new pattern. All souls want to sing the song of the soul but most have no reference point other than what has been recreated through belief systems and encouraged with the development of the ego. This means that each person then sings the song of the ego or the song of the wound. Without knowing of a new way, the person then tries to sing his or her song, but doesn’t have the correct, or balanced, instrument to sing a new and enlightened song. These persons are seeking a song but don’t have the words or way to do so. Know that there is a freedom in the song of the soul when it is sung from consciousness, but without the true idea of what consciousness actually is the song is identified for the idea of freedom from what they know as oppressive. Everyone wants to feel better, to feel more free, but with such pain, with such history of pain and trauma, the ego will sing the melody of discordance rather than harmony.

    Watch the month of April as an important time to be doing ceremony to focus on the parts that are incomplete or not yet in harmony. The Soul/Spirit split is important to reflect upon at this time. Last year and the year before was about focusing on ancestral trauma. If you were diligent, you addressed ancestral belief systems, actions and history of abuse that needed to be healed. Each time you addressed a piece of this history and processed the healing within, you also opened the immense possibilities for all others in your line to heal…past, present and future is always interwoven and connected. Now, it is time for you to bring the Soul and the Spirit together. The merging will create healing and the correct song of the souls to emerge so that you are better identified within yourselves.

    The split of Spirit/Soul needs to be recognized within yourselves so that you may be example to others. When you have found yourselves as whole, you don't need these other entrapments or labels to understand how whole, complete and perfect you have become…the exact essence of the I Am. Understand this is what the first quarter of 2020 is about - to connect the Soul/Spirit to see the unification, and to infuse this unification as the strength and direction that will lead you forward. That’s what you've all been working on, so that you can help others become whole and united within themselves.

    The ancestral traumas that have been gardened and projected back four and five generations and then passed on as reality and belief systems have with each reincarnation, perpetuated the fracturing of the Spirit/Soul persona. This has fractured the whole person and split the individual apart enormously all around the planet. Hold yourselves, the examples of healed wholeness, to show that the healing can be done, that there is no wound that is to great to be healed. On occasion, those you love must move off the energy of Earth to continue their growth and evolution. You may call upon those who have passed on, see if they would like to assist or help in some way to ease the burdens of those that are still trying to heal. This will enable these crossed-over souls to add to their evolution.

    Expect turbulence starting around August and September as your elections become a focus of your nation. Please know these energies, from our perspective, are truly irrelevant …it has nothing to do with reality. You are sitting in 3-D but 5-D, 6-D, 7 and 8-D are the true reality we are asking you to stay focused upon during these turbulences. The illusion is being rewritten. See these energies as galactic scrubbing bubbles, much as an effervescence moving through the 3-D, they are trying to move the stagnation out of your reality. 

    Know that we all care about the people and the animals that are in your plain. Know also, that the turbulence is here and it is important to maintain your development to adhere to the work that you’ve done rather than the distractions around you.

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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