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Spirit Speaks: January 2019

Speak to us…

    The time has come. Each of you sees and thinks differently from one another and the time has come for you to begin seeing and thinking as one; not just one within your families or communities, but one within the fabric of the universe itself. We speak of Galactic Consciousness. You have known of collective consciousness, and yet this has also not been utilized to its fullest. Collective consciousness is a means to inter-communication between races, and species. Galactic Consciousness is a mean of communication between the nations of the universe. 

    So many of you are on the precipice of acknowledging there is more to your world than just your planet, and now we are suggesting for you to open your minds and hearts to more than just this acknowledgment. To seriously becoming open to vast dimensional magnitude. To understand you are not, nor have you ever been, alone.

    The ability to not only consider, or to believe, but to actually know and interact with beings who have long been watching the progress of Earth. Expand your minds to what reality might be and who might be connecting with you. The distractions of Earth are many and they infuse the mind with static, confusing thought and energy and veils of misdirection. When you open your minds to hearing, and seeing, between the veils of what you consider reality you will begin receiving the messages of hope and expansion that are being relayed to your planet. This is more than reading information regarding ET or Inter-galactic contact. We are speaking to you of beginning to consider how you will actually react when these events happen. We watch you and know so many are open to expanding and yet, it is little more than wishful thinking for most. Much like the dream of presents beneath the tree on Christmas. We are asking you to reach further than childish wishes or dreams, and contemplate actual connection. 

    This connection is possible not because you have or have not done something, but rather because you are participating at this prearranged time. You must take into account the changes in your DNA already taking place for some and actualized for others. You have not taken into account the millennium in which you have slept and been complacent in your evolution. We are asking you to wake up and expand all parts of your being. 

    The beginning of this process was us asking you to open your hearts and minds to possibilities of universal love for one another. We have been patient and know so many of you who have also been acting in patience. Now we are asking you to expand these two actions to even greater possibilities and understand that they are more than possibility or probability. Rather they are true reality; the reality of Earth Beings remembering their Galactic Heritage rather than only the 3-D memories. As you begin to allow the Galactic Memories to enter your consciousness, you will begin the remembering of where you are from and who you are aligned with.     

    Again, disallow the distractions of Earth to cloud your memory. Focus. Allow your thoughts and dreams to integrate with ideas during the dreamtime. Allow these integrated thoughts to begin recognizing the overlays of Galactic Beings walking amongst you daily. Awaken to your authentic selves and begin to thrive as a healed planet begins to emerge. Realize that what feels like the dream is in fact the reality.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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