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Spirit Speaks: January 2020

Divine Mother Speak to us…

   This earthly walk upon which you place such merit and devotion is a temporary path of frivolity and chaos. Both are illusionary visions of what you see as reality. Neither and both are part of the Great Whole. Neither and both call you forth into an earthly experience of what you will create. The Universe is a truly vast and beauteous expanse of energy and space consciousness. From this vastness you have experienced the Oneness of all that IS. You have experienced the oneness of creation and been part of that creation itself. You are not individual, you are unity. This earthly lifetime, and all those that have come before and may come after, is one in which you have asked to participate with your fellow souls to experience the limitations of non-creation. It is from this vantage point you will be called upon to remember the truth of who you are. To be anything less is to limit yourself even more than the earth walk allows. 

   Those that become trapped here do so through sheer ego and confusion. Those that remain here do so from the encumbered deeds, actions and commitments to that ego. This is the only place in the universe that allows you to experience these limitations and separations of your true self. Here you are bound to the illusions of grandeur, greed, harmfulness, emotions, hatred and then finally the freedom of forgiveness, compassion and love. Many light beings have spoken of this before my word and some of you have taken up the cause of speaking of the majesty of forever. This forever that I speak is not a religious concept, please do not misinterpret, it is rather the foreverness of all experience, all infinity. Whatever you can imagine, know that it is more. This is the essence of sublime Creation and you as the creator, are here to remember the creation. 

   Your myths of creation and those that have visited your plain to speak to you have not done so with the words attributed to them. Rather they have spoken from my heart and have not been heard nor translated correctly. One of the greatest illusions of your plain is that the human mind can only interpret from what it has experienced in this plain. Thus, misinformation and false guidance has been implemented. These interpretations have successfully been used to control and belittle your souls and your existence. As my many voices have spoken before I only ask that you locate the divine cells within you to remember who you truly are and your innate divine purpose of coming into this realm. 

   You chose to incarnate here to gather information from the emotional matrix and return to source. It is that simple, and yet in its execution there has been nothing simple in its actuality. Know that I continue to oversee the many, that the few who have not remembered the Light, or that have not yet chosen the Light may accomplish their assignments. In the meantime, remember that you are all one. There is no uniqueness, there is no individuation outside of this plain. I call upon you each to be vigilant and patient with one another; to remain kind and with open heart. It is with this open heartedness that you will once again see the Light and know that you are the Godhead. 

Thank you, The Divine Mother of the Galactic Universe


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