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Spirit Speaks: February 2018

Speak to us …

   Placing yourself in the position who you view as the enemy is not an easy thing to do. But it allows you to see or sense reality from a different view point. It allows you to approach what you perceive as reality from a position of the unknown. We see all of you as neither enemies or adversaries. We see each of you as part of the whole, each doing your part to create evolution in the manner that will resonate with you and you alone. And to bring about a great change as Light Beings find their voice in your world. So many of you try to place your self as the ‘other’. We have spoken to you of this fallacy before. It does not work for any. Since the ‘other’ is yourself, you are merely seeing what parts of yourself are either healed, evolved or unhealed. It is really that uncomplicated. 

   Observe the ‘other’ to see where you have learned or grown and how it reflects upon humanity. Observe the ‘other’ to see what angers you or makes you feel uncomfortable. These are the parts that are still unstable and seeking healing within you. Look upon the parts that create judgement, anxiety, hostility, hatred…all of these are reflections of what keeps you hidden from your higher self and your spiritual freedom.

   These times of stress, conflict and unrest are present to bring you into consciousness; they are not here to create more combativeness or hostility. And yet, that is what we are seeing transpire. Watch carefully and listen with your hearts. All is being handed to you to create wisdom and love.

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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