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Spirit Speaks: December 2018

Speak to Us…

Place yourself in the position of all possibilities. For this place there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. There is nothing that is not achievable. There is nothing that cannot be healed or corrected. This is the opening position your are creating at this time. Allow yourself to see what is happening from a broad persecutive of the spiritual reality rather than the small viewpoint of human understanding of what you are being shown.

Again, we speak to you from the persecutive of the anointed ones and ask you to see through our eyes. Through our eyes there is great healing taking place. There is great enlightenment that is showing itself, you need only reach out to touch this. 

When you see your world through the lenses of limitations and brokenness, there is only that as an outcome. When you see your world through the lenses of advantage and wholeness there are only these as an outcome. How long have we been speaking to you of this perspective and how long have you either been listening or closing your ears to what is being presented to you? Everything you need to be in a successful world is yours if you but open your minds and your hearts to it.

See your world through the lenses of light and the reflections will be multi-faceted and multi-colored. It is, and can be, a remarkable, whole, full world of kindness and love. This is what you have asked for and what you are calling into reality. You are almost at the end point of the social and political catastrophe you have been subjected to for the last three years. The eruption of hatred and darkness, while continuing to flow through the collective, is almost at a conclusion. Do not be fooled by the last vestiges of confusion and lies. Do not fall into the falsity of illusion. Instead, hold onto the opening salvo of light and healing you have created. 

Still, many watch from afar and salute the stamina you have each shown. This has not been an easy time you have chosen to participate in, and while it is still concluding, it is a joyous time of correction. This correction is long overdue. Make no mistake, this is not the correction of feminine over masculine, or democrat or republican, or minority over majority. This is a correction of rebalancing the entire human species; creating a unified whole. And only those with open minds and open hearts will be able to see this unification. This unification is the new world you have dreamed of. This unification is not of one against another, but each together with no separation. It is possible and you are dreaming it into creation. Hold to this vision in your dreamtime and it will continue to be enacted in reality. 

 Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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