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Spirit Speaks: April 2019

Speak to us…

   You are waiting for arrival, you are waiting for what you call disclosure. These things are already evident in your daily lives. We walk amongst you. We are as you in the same way that so many of you are us. There will be a great connection in June and you must be watching. Do not place your expectations on what you think it is supposed to look like or what you have already been told to watch for. Watch instead into the heavens and notice the arrival of accelerated frequencies upon your planet. 

    As we have stated, be aware of frequencies. These frequencies have been made apparent to many already. These energy changes are being felt in the tingling in the your body, the dizziness you have been experiencing, the illusions of seeing through veils of fog, and yet the day is clear. These energies are being noticed with the atmospheric changes in wind and water. These two elements hold the imprints of thought and emotion. As the frequencies accelerate, the wind is responding and forcing the element of fire to combust. As the water recharges, with both the galactic spark of acceleration and your responses to these changes, it is reacting to changes. Water holds thought. Water holds emotions. You must, at this time, learn to harness and thus control your thoughts and emotions if you want to become masters of these changes. You cannot only harness these elements but master them and create healing for those that are still holding back. As we have spoken, there are still many who came to earth to experience, but not participate. There are those that are not contributing to the new frequencies, and not managing to hold the energies. They will be manifested elsewhere soon, but not to worry, as this is the way of change and growth not only upon your planet, but within the Universe itself. 

   What you have read, what you have been told, is but a small portion of what you can achieve. Hold to your own evolution and do not question why it is you rather than another. It is you because you chose to be one who leads the true new age into existence. Some of you are resisting and experiencing minor health issues such as headaches, stiffness, palpitations, anxiety. These are all manifestations of resistance rather than deep illness. Be aware of what you can change to liquify your body rather than solidify your body. You must learn to stay fluid. The old heavy dissonance of deadness needs to be pulled from your cells in order to enable you to truly, cellularly, lighten and accelerate. 

    As for recent news of disclosure, ask yourself what needs to be disclosed within you. As you correct your vibration, the physical will become the non-physical and the non-physical will become real.

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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