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Spirit Speaks: 2019 Overall

Speak to us of 2019…


   This is a year of expansion. Much greater than we have seen or alluded to in the past. This year will allow you to spread your wings further than you thought possible. This previous year (2018) was one of clearing the stagnant energies from both present time and the long ago past. Karma release, karma release, karma release. While many of you released ideas, family, friends and relationships, it was more a reminder for you that cycles are truly that, circuitous. Nothing in the universe is linear. Everything revolves and circles back to itself. Turn, turn, turn. The planets and moons reflect this idea constantly as does the universe as it all moves on its axis of possibility. 

   While everything is circuitous, and you see the past refracted through time, and even the veil, you must always remember to not grab onto what is being refracted believing it is still true for you today. It is much like an old photo album, you can enjoy the pictures of the past, but you are not that person any longer. Right now it is vital that you don’t grab hold of what was remembered and move backward, repeating karma, rather than moving forward into your future.

   What you were able to release in the last few years (2-5) has made it possible for the expansion and growth that is eminent this year. This year will realign your commitment to your Earth Walk. The realignment is such that you will indeed reflect your choices and actions simultaneously. What you think, you are choosing; what you choose you are acting upon, or it is acting upon you. Be careful this year of how you think and how you act. More so than any previous year this will be true for everyone. 


   The ax is about to fall. Watch for the hammer of change to be present for all of your politicians. There is no group that is free from exposure. As last year reflected the changing karma of your species, this year continues to expose the clearing of group karma. Group Karma is attached to all institutions that have immersed themselves in dogma. Belief is meant to initiate thought and growth; when belief becomes rule it creates restriction to personal growth it becomes dogma. 

    The Group will sacrifice individuals for its own life force. When institutions sacrifice individuals for restrictive ideas and greed the dogma becomes dangerous and blinding to all those that participate. This blind, unconscious, following of dogma then becomes a karmic noose strangling the individual participants. Strangulation becomes imminent death and those choosing to participate will suffer as the institutions are cleansed. 

    So, watch your churches, your schools, your politics (and politicians). Each institution is imminent (in danger) for being cleared. And, this clearing is actually the gift of freedom to reapply ideas into new ways of thinking and being. If you are still aligned with group structure, consider why, and ask yourself the questions of whether there is judgement, condemnation or danger connected to the group and what you may do/how yo may reinstate your own freedom.

The Earth…

   Earth is happily evolving into her next stage of form and energy. There is nothing you can do to change this. We have stated previously that you are not that powerful, nor that important (see blog fro, Nov. 2018). We are not saying you have no importance, we are stating that Earth is more powerful than anything that has been done to her, or that can be done to her. She is molecularly more powerful and more focused than any of you and many, many times more ancient. 

   You are her guest, and like any guest, you are subject to her rules, her whims and her decrees. Her present decree and commitment is to cleanse and grow. Her internal heat, her actual crystalline heart, is releasing through volcanic flow and emergence. Watch the volcanoes as they create growth and change. Watch the air as it becomes thickened with ash. You have not given enough thought to what will happen to the planetary surface when the atmosphere changes. You may not be in direct imminent danger, but you must be aware of how this will effect the temperatures and the air quality. Please remember, you are but guests passing through  Earth on your way to your next adventure. 

Blessings In Light,

Lord Melchizedek


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