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Spirit Speaks

January 2022 The energies you have been dealing with for these last two years are about to be extinguished; it is neither a good energy nor a bad energy, it has simply been an energy or enlightenment that has allowed you to learn about yourself, about others and about your world. In this energy there has been multiple opportunities to grow and to release. Opportunities to develop within yourself and to surrender to what you can change and what you cannot change nor alter. Some of your lessons have been gentle and some difficult yet each has allowed you the space to release karma and grow into the spiritual being you are meant to become for what is coming towards you. What this new frequency is has yet to fully reach you. You and your kind have invited what you are calling the ascension process to you from many lifetimes ago. Lifetimes of another time, another Source. Each Source is a collaboration of many souls meeting, forming, learning, allowing, and surrendering to the next faze of evolution. And so you again you will see this ascension as just one of many you have experienced as developing souls and beings. To think that your human form is all that is of true existence or substance, that it is an un-evolving manifestation is to see only a small and limited vision of what existence truly is. Existence, not life, is never ending. It is the manifestation of multiple lifetimes and experiences of ascension; opportunities after opportunities of growth. But what is this growth and what does it truly have to do with you? This growth is the development of the heart, the spark of Source, into an advanced unified field of total love for all souls. It is only this and all of this simultaneously. You who have currently chosen physical form, are obligated to repeat the mistakes of many lifetimes; remembering, forgetting and remembering again the contract or agreement you created with the ever present manifestation of higher souls. Those beings who chose not to incarnate into form, but to remain as pure spirit and oversee your growth, evolution and ascension. So many of you are excited by what you see as the coming ascension, but allow yourself to recall you have experienced ascension before, and will most likely do so again in the far future. Perhaps on this planet in this human form and perhaps on another planet and in another form. Integrate these ideas within yourself that you might remember who you have been, to know who you are and to create who you will be. But always remember you are spirit first and always. No matter what form you may be trying on, your soul and your spirit will reunite into a field of immense light filled with joy and love. This year will see many changes and much discord yet again. It is not because something has not been done correctly, but rather it is because many will still struggle with being the vibration of pure Light and will continue to falter into the diorama of illusion that you have all created in this place. This place is like a house of mirrors with false trials and false pathways. Yet, when one of you finds the way through the maze, others realize they may find their way also and so the exodus of remembrance begins. Continue to find your way and you will move more fully into the Light and your own remembrance. Continue to hold the highest of vibrations for it is in this way the ascension is assisted and your release is created. We Love You. Blessings In Light, Lord Melchizedek and the Council of Light


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