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Spirit Speaks

Spirit Speaks

This year has been one of gifts, growth, struggles, joys, the unexpected. It is a way to reset the ordinary into the non-ordinary. As we have stated, you are consciously choosing the Light, or not choosing the Light. Being of human content, the normal distractions are those of such great disturbance that without assistance it is difficult to see outside yourself. As we have previously spoken, your belief that what you think you see is the only truth is a strong and demanding one. Yet these beliefs multiply and develop and permeate all thought and then ideas and actions. While this is useful in maintaining the ordinary of your experience, it is not the entire or the whole of which we are able to see from our prospective.

The further you move from the point of distress, the less distress will be experienced. In its opposite, the further you move from happiness, the happiness does not diminish yet it becomes clouded by the next piece of perspective that arises. Such is the landscape of perception. It is only as clear as the one that is seeing it, and only as accurate as the distance from perception. Your sun, from afar it is revered, it is seen as a source of life force for your planet. However, up close, it is all consuming and destructive. Again, it is always of perception, distance and objectivity that one must observe the essence of reality.

The growth, the struggle, the gifts, the losses that have been experienced this year are in keeping with each ones ability to see-through the filters of individual perception, acceptance and release. There has been much to release, both personal and non-personal. There has been much to embrace, both personal and non-personal. There has been much to digest, transmute and then transform…both personal and non-personal. This is exactly what this year has been about…perception, realignment, acceptance. It has allowed each of you to see within the depths of yourself to know what you are created from and what you cannot only sustain, but grow through. You would not have been given these opportunities of growth and adjustment if a higher or more intense solar vibration was not moving through both your planet and yourself. Take the breath of release and feel the pressure build, clear, and release from your being. Your being is transient and will only have this opportunity to release and become one with the universal greatness before it must move to its next experience. Each experience is just that, impermanent, transient, elusive, remarkable.

Do not waste your time on petty thoughts or actions, don’t waste your time on anger and retribution, do not waste your time on blindness to the spirit of the universe of which you are a major component. All your experiences have been prescribed by you before your first breath. Pay attention to what you have written for your life and be of gratitude and positive actions.

How you have moved through this year will greatly determine how the coming year, the next 13 months, will affect your consciousness and experiences. Changing consciousness, or changing a course, is not impossible even at the final moment. But the longer you avoid changing course, if it is needed, the more difficult the alterations will become. Not all of you are being required to alter your life, many of you are being held as sacred witness to the unfolding events. Put your house in order and continue to prepare for the raising of vibration and consciousness. These conditions will continue until all nonessential ideas and energies have been cleared to make way for the opportunity of enlightened consciousness and well being, kindness to all sentient beings, and peace.

We leave you in Light and total Love,

Divine Mother of the Galactic Universe


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