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Lord Melchizedek: Remember

In this moment, many celebrated planets and asteroids are aligning to place themselves into the center of galactic change. There is no thing to worry about for you are those you love. The Galactic Universe has, and will continue to be, the unifying force between heaven and earth. What you know as reality is bu

t a small, localized sense of what reality actually is. It is so much more than your current knowledge. Your memories, however, can and will continue to unfold the presence of knowledge that you hold. So many of you hold Universal Knowledge. You are interspersed throughout your planet. There is no one place that holds more knowledge than another. You are each in the correct placement for what is happening. We ask again, that you do not consider ourselves as more special nor unique than any other. Each of you has chosen to act as beacons of intelligence for those that have yet to open their hearts and minds to sacred remembrance.

Remember… We have asked this of you previously and we now ask again. The remembrance must be opened to all those that can choose to see more than what is conveniently displayed before their eyes. Seeing is not believing, it is only a small fraction of identifying earthly understanding. Seeing is not to be believed, but to be noted. Believing is what you can identify within. Seeing is what you can identify from without. Universal Truth does not change, it merely grows upon itself. Identifying what is outwardly being conveyed is to catalogue the dream. You are all in the dream, and only some of you can recognize that, while others remain immersed in the illusion.

Remember… These next few months will ask each of you to decipher the difference between the two. While the planets are realigning, you are not only stationary, but being pulled and stretched in your stationary positions. Maintain your vigilance regarding resting, nourishment, and spiritual strengthening. If you have chosen to open to remembrance, then encourage those around you to reach within their depths to remember at what level they are capable. Do not judge, it will weaken your mind. Do not engage in petty riffs and arguments about illusion and untruths, it will weaken your emotional well-being. If you engage, you not only weaken your strengths, but more strongly place yourself into the dream and illusion.

Remember… We are with you on this journey and seek for the highest good of all.

Blessings In Light, Lord Melchizedek


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