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Stone of The Month : Malachite

Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral . It grows with opaque, light and dark green banding. It forms in masses, rosettes, botryoidal configurations, compact fibrous laminated structures, and in rare forms of stalactites and needle like crystals. Found worldwide, most of the specimens come from Africa, as well as the Ural Mt. (Russia), parts of Arizona, New South Wales, France, and Israel. Used since ancient times, Malachite was inlaid into Egyptian headpieces, and pulverized into powered for paints, healing powders and make-up.

Malachite has multiple uses; this is a stone of transformation on many levels. It can be used to change situations. While this stone is considered a good heart chakra stone, Malachite can be used for clearing and activating all the chakras. It can be used for clarifying the emotions and for recalling any negative experiences that you may have undergone, in particular, past life experiences. Self honesty is a key factor with Malachite. It can support you in looking deep within any condition, action, or situation. Use your Malachite for locating the root causes of aforementioned conditions, including repetitive or chronic conditions that are connected to past life overlays. It imparts an affect of responsibility and takes the user from any belief of either being a victim or of acting as a perpetrator, both of which are old, unnecessary beliefs.

Since Malachite is not translucent, but reflective, it can absorb its environment. You may use your Malachite with herbs and plants to infuse them with more intense healing energies. You can use your Malachite to absorb disease from the body by placing it on the part of the body you wish to release from disease. Because it is absorptive, remember to clear it by smudging, running Reiki energy through it, or placing it on a selenite slab, but never salt water as it is a soft stone and can be unstable. Then, recharge your mineral by placing it on a quartz cluster for 3-5 hours, and/or placing it in the sun to recharge it even more.

Malachite is a good stone to use for business and financial security. Its multi-colored variations and ribboned appearance reminds us that there are many layers to any situation and many levels open for us to work upon. Nothing is given to us as only black and white, good and bad. Every situation is one of multiple layers that, with patience, we can unwrap and use as a spiritual lesson for growth and personal development.

Using Malachite as a spiritual Geiger counter, to lead to the next discovery along the path, will ease the journey. Because this is a mineral of deep proportions and possibilities, always sit with your guides and spiritual assistants before working with it to ensure this is a good time to start the endeavor of self discovery and growth. Ground yourself into the realities in front of you for the best outcome with this stone.

Malachite grows with Azurite and with Chrysocolla, and many times will show the properties of both. When growing with Azurite, it can be used for healing Higher 5th Chakra, the spiritual equivalent of 5th Chakra. In meditation, focus stimulating Higher 5th by filling it with Azurites deep blue color, and letting the Malachite release any stagnant energies blocking your abilities to express your spiritual truths. When growing with Chrysocolla, the stone may be used as a focal point for healing planetary discord; bringing peace to hostile regions, support for cleaning oceanic oil spills, and correcting erratic weather patterns.

Lastly, Malachite is a rich and seldom utilized mineral that every crystal aficionado and crystal practitioner should have in their collection.



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