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The Crystal Matrix Center offers a wide array of holipathic treatments to create health and well-being, as well as some wonderful psychics.

You can schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners directly, or call us at 323-644-7625 and we will get you started.


Color therapy is a restful and integrating experience that brings the meridians and organs into balance and peak performance, easing pain and emotional imbalance.

$90 per session

Practitioners: Patricia A. Bankins, Amayanatara


A more effective and immediate treatment for detoxifying the body than any herbal or fasting procedures. This treatment uses the safe Ionization Foot bath that received the FCC & CE safety approvals, making it the safest purifying foot bath on the market.

$75.00 single session
$55.00 series of 3 PIF

Practitioners: Patricia A. Bankins


Intuition avails us to seek answers to ongoing situations. Have your questions answered and dip beneath your own mystical layers.

Scroll down to reader for individual pricing

Practitioners: Patricia A. Bankins, Amayanatara, Lisa Roman, Richard Kahn, Sita Young


Using the Netherton Method of Past Life Discovery and Spiritual Integration, this client based hypnotic treatment is an excellent way to experience past lives, the birthing-survival process, and to release cellular memory from the body-matrix.

$180 per session

Practitioners: Patricia A. Bankins


Reiki eases soreness, aches and pains, boosts the immune system, and repairs old patterns; while de-stressing the mind and calming the emotions. Reiki works to bring healing to the whole being – body, mind, emotions and spirit.

$90 to $125 per session

Practitioners: Patricia A. Bankins, Amayanatara, Ora B. Nance-Woodley


In shamanic healing is a combination of techniques are brought to bear in helping you move through personal difficulties and growth. Initial intake and subsequent treatments last 90 to 120 minutes. Techniques and modalities include:

  • Journeywork

  • Cord Cutting

  • Block Clearing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Reiki

  • Colored Light Therapy

  • Channeled Vocal Toning

$125 per session with Patricia A. Bankins,

$180 with Amayanatara


Using crystal and/or metal toning bowls as well as channeled vocal sounds to realign the matrix of the body, creating shifts in the emotional and physical fields. This is sometimes used in conjunction with Reiki and/or colored light therapy.

$175 per session

Practitioners: Amayanatara


Combining the crystals’ bio-electric properties with Universal Light energy opens and clears the heart, reconnecting conscious mind and unconscious soul purpose. Alleviates physical discomfort and pain, and integrates the body with mind spirit and emotional self. When adding the technique of alpha dialoging, the client is able to find the core or source of any related problem to remove all remaining cellular memory embedded in the aura.

$140 per session

Practitioners: Patricia A. Bankins


For those who have obscure or recurring dreams as well as nightmares. Dream analysis from a Jungian approach can achieve answers and insight on what areas of your life the dream is trying to guide you towards.

$70 per session

Practitioners: Sita Young

Patricia Asheme Bankins

Crystal Oracle, Channeled Readings

A born intuitive, has devoted over two decades to the study and practices of Higher Consciousness. She is an international trance channel and works with her spirit teachers, Master Ti-Emein, the Ascended Master, St. Germain, Lord Melchizedek and a high spiritual hierarchy for spiritual guidance. She has studied with Blackfoot Nation & Apache medicine teachers.

Trans-Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Medicine Wheel, Sacred Geometry – The Melchizadek Method, Spiritual Chakras, Regression & Metaphor, Corn Maiden Medicine Wheel, Advanced Intuitive Studies, Akashic Records, Mediumship Channeling Studies, Altars: 

Chromatherapy, Raindrop Therapy, Regression Therapy & Past Life Integration, Reiki, Trans-Crystal Therapy

Dragonstones Crystal Oracle readings are available for $90- for 30 min/$180 for 60min
Channeled Readings are available for $120.00 for 1/2 hour



Healer, Teacher

Ayamanatara is a multi-denominational Shaman; a nationally-renowned author, healer, teacher, psychic, trance channel, clairvoyant, mystery school initiate and animal communicator. She teaches kabbalah, shamanism, meditation, various forms of healing, channeling, and personal transformation techniques; leads Sacred Space workshops; and produces programs geared specifically toward health practitioners and educators. Her main focus is on Empowerment, Community, and Equality.  A guest lecturer at Southern California University of Health Sciences, she was the Resident Shaman at Everyday Zen Relaxation Studio, and is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice, the American Botanical Council, the Sound Healers Association, and the American Society of Dowsers.


Psychic Protection, Shamanic Practitioner Certification Program, Kabbalah, Tarot, Meditation, Sound Healing


Ayamanatara is only available for in-person readings at our Psychic Faires.

Please go to her website for more information on her services and classes

Lisa Roman

Angel Readings

Lisa works within Angelic realms of healing. With her

guidance, 11th dimension light frequencies assist in

transmuting stuck energies from our bodies and lives.

Breathwork, meditation and visualization, camaraderie with

earth elements create balance within our purpose here. Lisa

gently or sometimes not so gently navigates with us thru this

rich and humorous jungle. Her work of 35 or more years has

expanded globally. Both individual and group meditations in

person and long distance have

been mainly word of mouth. Her background consists of film,

writing, art, blended with an immense pallet for delicious

foods. Reminding us that life is sensuous and generous. Native

Los Angelino, she now resides in Eagle Rock California.

Services. Angel Readings $2.50 per minute

Ora B

Teacher, Reader

Minister Ora B. Nance-Woodley began her spiritual service work in 1987 by answering the calling to be a minister of healing. Since then her journey of learning, teaching and healing have included study in the Master Program at Christ Universal Temple (founded by Rev., Dr. Johnnie Colemon) in Chicago, IL. Minister Ora received her Bachelors’ degree in Metaphysics at the University of Sedona and is certified in several energetic healing modalities. She has taught Meditation/Visualization, Conflict/Resolution, Tapping(4styles) Leadership, Forgiveness, Public Speaking, Muscle Testing, Seichim-Reiki and is a Phlebotomist. She also holds healing clinics around the country, raising awareness of alternative medicines and their ability to compliment standard medicine practices.


Ora’s journey of creative expression began in her teens as the youngest of eight talented African American children, born on the south side of Chicago. For over 25 years Ora sharpened her talents as an actor, writer, singer and director/producer of the stage, TV and independent films in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. She has also written her first book; Diving: Poems & Prose for the Fearless Explorer and is at present working on her 2nd book on wholistic care giving. She has been an award-winning member of Toastmasters since 2007.


Simultaneously, Ora built an impressive background in the business world. Experience in Marketing/PR(Interim Management, Creative Services Co.), promotions, program directing, project managing, catering, accounts receivable & payable (Princess Cruises)and customer service coordination(Budweiser) have anchored Ora’s business savvy.  All of those skills came in handy as the Membership Chair for the Southside branch of the NAACP (2008), when creating membership drive events. She has also taught social & life skills, creative writing & drama to students in Chicago and Los Angeles (disabled adults), through non-profits, privately and the public school systems.

Currently, Ora is working on her masters in Metaphysics. Soon Ora and her husband Keith will be launching her radio show, “Sense and NonSense” on blog talk radio and YouTube channel with the same name.

I can. I will. End of story.- OBNW

Richard Kahn


Richard’s soul-centered astrological readings focus on

highlighting your strengths and helping you gain clarity

on issues or challenges in your life as revealed by the

archetypal planetary patterns and their symbols. A lifelong

meditator and Truth seeker, his keen and

compassionate insights will help you understand more

clearly what Life is offering to you, and asking of you.

Whether you want guidance about your career, family,

relationships, personal growth or just some insight into

what’s going on in today’s crazy world, Richard will

convey to you a greater, spiritually deeper understanding

of who you are and why you are here.

Services. 30 minutes $45 60 minutes $120 90

minutes $180 (MP3 recording + charts included with all


Please note: Exact TIME of birth needed for an accurate chart.

Some services require research & preparation, so please schedule

your session in advance if possible.

Reports. Travel or Relocation Report + 30-minute

consultation $60 Child’s Chart + Life Themes Report

$120 (for newborns to 8-year olds)

Sita Young

Tarot, Dream Analysis

The daughter of a tarot reader, Sita was raised in New York City and comes from a long line of psychics. An avid meditator currently working towards an M.A. in Psychology with and emphasis on Archetypes and Jungian studies. Available for events, parties and group readings as well as individual sessions. 1/2 hour $65 Hour $125 Dream Analysis (45 mins)  $70.

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