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  • T | The Crystal Matrix

    Tourmaline Schorl Verdelite A stone of many colors and uses, Tourmaline is truly harmonious, reminding us of family connections and memory. Indicolite Indicolite, or Blue Tourmaline, is a rare color in the tourmaline family group. Pink Tourmaline resonates with this joyful vibration. Pink Tourmaline can bring balance to the feminine energies. This is the energy of Pink Tourmaline. ​

  • B, C | The Crystal Matrix

    Any of these combinations will help bring you into the physical during your practice or any other high spiritual work. black tourmaline hematite ​ Combining Creedite with will enhance and enlarge your spiritual experience while using Creedite with nuumite will ground the memories of your dream-state into reality. moldavite Crystal Balls Spheres are the beginning of the universe. Another harmonizer, Tourmalinated Quartz, is a multi-faceted stone that carries the dual tones of both the Tourmaline and the Quartz.

  • D, E, F, G | The Crystal Matrix

    One of the strong heart chakra healing stones along with Rose Quartz that teaches you to heal, Kunzitethat gives you the expression of that love and Pink Tourmaline that gives you the safety to love, Danburite allows you to maintain your personal identity while in the world. ​

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