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    • T | The Crystal Matrix

      Tourmaline Schorl Verdelite A stone of many colors and uses, Tourmaline is truly harmonious, reminding us of family connections and memory. Indicolite Indicolite, or Blue Tourmaline, is a rare color in the tourmaline family group. Pink Tourmaline resonates with this joyful vibration. Pink Tourmaline can bring balance to the feminine energies. This is the energy of Pink Tourmaline. ​

    • B, C | The Crystal Matrix

      Any of these combinations will help bring you into the physical during your practice or any other high spiritual work. black tourmaline hematite ​ Combining Creedite with will enhance and enlarge your spiritual experience while using Creedite with nuumite will ground the memories of your dream-state into reality. moldavite Crystal Balls Spheres are the beginning of the universe. Another harmonizer, Tourmalinated Quartz, is a multi-faceted stone that carries the dual tones of both the Tourmaline and the Quartz.

    • O, P, Q | The Crystal Matrix

      Citrine Rutile Tourmaline Quartz Crystal Green Black Tourmaline While Crystal Flames are not a particular mineral, they are wonderfully unique and a must-have for your crystal collection.

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