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    • U, V, Z | The Crystal Matrix

      Zoisite with Ruby combines the richness of the green healing energy of the Zoisite with the stable security of Ruby. Use a Zoisite with Ruby for grounding your earthly soul purpose with your physical life expression. ​

    • R | The Crystal Matrix

      Ruby Ruby, a form of corundum, ranges from a clear, deep, raspberry red, to a more opaque star ruby frequently that is cut as a domed cabochon and reflects a six-pointed flare effect, or star, on its surface. Natural, or rough ruby crystals that grow as octahedral, are the most common. Ruby supports the opening of the Heart Chakra. Believed to contain the bloodline of humanity, Ruby often symbolized the sun. Ruby will stimulate and ground deeper mental concentration.

    • D, E, F, G | The Crystal Matrix

      They are found in a medium orange range to clear ruby reds.

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