Selenite Heart

2.5" x 2.5"

3.76 oz / 106 g

Every order receives unique Selenite Hearts


A kindred spirit with humans; Easily & permanently alters physical matter and reality into a peaceable and unified field; Strengthens, energizes and channels high frequency energy through itself; Calms erratic personal energy; Awakens true emotions; Excellent stone for past life trauma; Bringer of pure white light; Seals the Aura; Brings clarity of mind; Holds angelic energies; Draws in White Light.


"Selenite is one of the most important and essential crystals one should have in their collection. It helps to clear and charge you, your surroundings, even your crystals. Best to use after tough situations or during sleep for cleansing rest. 2 unique hearts included in the purchase. A beautiful gift for couples, best friends, or parent-child relationships."

Selenite Polished Hearts (2)

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